Everything Will Be OK – 69

Kayoon’s family reels from the news that their burgers did not have meat and the fact that Jingook accepted a bribe.



Mansoo answers the call where the other side tells Mansoo that the burgers don’t have meat. It gets worse. Because there was no meat, the factory has also been shut down as the machines are broken.

Kayoon asks Jingook if he did not confirm delivery of the meat first and he realizes something is wrong. He goes into the locker room to call Heejung but she ignores him.

At the same time, the representative calls Ki-Chan to offer him the prime time slot. The representative even offers to decrease their margins if Ki-Chan agrees to only work with their channel.


Kayoon arrives at that moment and Ki-Chan overhears Kayoon explain that their meat supplier defrauded them. He remembers what Young-Tae said and calls his past driver for contact information.

Meanwhile, Kayoon asks the home shopping representative to refund all of the orders. She promises to pay all of the damages.


Afterwards, Kayoon gets up and leaves. She gets a call from Jung-Eun who is worried about Jingook not answering his phone. Kayoon explains that they might have been defrauded. Jung-Eun responds in surprise that Ki-Chan introduced the guy to Jingook.

Kayoon looks over to the side where Ki-Chan is waiting for her. She hits him with her bag and demands to know if he had to go this far. Ki-Chan glares at her and asks if she really believes that he would do such a thing. Kayoon backs off…

Ki-Chan tells Kayoon that she has to press charges with the police. Meanwhile, he tells her that he’s going to look for the scammer himself.


At the same time, Grandmama teases Dongsook about Nari pretending to be Mansoo’s daughter. She tells Dongsook that if she were Mansoo’s mother, she wouldn’t approve of Dongsook but she’s only the mother-in-law. She wishes Dongsook the best.

Mansoo comes home and asks Dongsook if she would still like him if he became bankrupt. Dongsook automatically answers that she only liked him for his money. Mansoo gets hurt but Dongsook has no idea about the impending doom.


On the side, Jingook goes to beg Heejung for help. She tells him to pretend that he knows nothing about anything or the money. She also hands over a USB with the menus that she prepared so Jingook can pretend that he’s working on.

Jung-Eun still does her best even though Jingook is not answering her calls. She goes to bring Dalja water and even quietly listens to Dalja complaining that Mansoo is ordering Jingook around like a slave when he’s not paid for his efforts. She goes back to her room to find Jingook at home but he goes straight to bed.


Kayoon goes home where Hyunjoon is waiting for her. He yells at her for taking actions without consulting her. He reminds her that they could have just lost around $200,000 but now they are looking at $1,000,000 in damages since they are refunding instead of delaying shipment.

They go to Kayoon’s father where Mansoo notes that he filed a charge with the police. Hyunjoon pauses and cautiously wonders if things won’t get more complicated if Jingook took a bribe… Mansoo immediately answers that Jingook is not the type to accept money.

Back at Ki-Chan’s, Daeho wonders about Ki-Chan not coming home. When Young-Tae tells him that Ki-Chan is likely looking for a scammer, Daeho’s first reaction is to grab Young-Tae by the cuffs thinking that he got scammed. Young-Tae quickly adds that it’s Jingook this time.


In the morning, the CEO reams into Hyunjoon for the mess. He refuses to pay any damages and leaves it to Hyunjoon’s company and Mansoo’s company. Hyunjoon tries to bring up canceling the investors’ meeting scheduled for later that day but the CEO ignores him.

After the meeting ends, Hyunjoon runs into Kayoon outside the office. He lies that they called off the investor meeting.


Kayoon and Heejung go off to have coffee. Kayoon tells her that she believes Heejung about Hyunjoon being the whistle-blower… However, Kayoon notes that she’s going to stand by Hyunjoon since you have to stay with each other during hard times. She also asks Heejung if she’s holding up okay without her son. Heejung answers that Kayoon should focus on the problem in front of her. Awwww, friends!

Meanwhile, Nari has figured out the corporate world. She takes a short break to go tell her mother about the news and Young-Tae hears because he drops by at the same time. Dongsook realizes that Mansoo was asking about himself the other night and freaks out.


At the same time, Jingook asks his mother what he should do. Dalja calls him an idiot for taking the money through his account instead of through cash.


Jingook takes Mansoo to the police station where Jingook lies that he has no idea. But then another officer brings the account logs and Jingook cries that he was told that it’s normal. The officer asks Mansoo if he’s going to press charges against Jingook. Mansoo sighs and tells the officer that Jingook is not just an employee but his son-in-law.

Back at the company, Heejung tips the reporters that something is wrong and Jingook appears to have taken cash. When Hyunjoon comes in, she pretends that she was asking about the article about Hyunjoon’s wedding.


Kayoon goes to work and finds Ki-Chan asleep in her car. He tells her that he couldn’t find the guy but he heard something troubling. The scammer’s method of operation was to cut a piece of the full amount back to the employee who helps him…

Kayoon takes in the new information but doesn’t connect it to Jingook. She thanks Ki-Chan and Ki-Chan replies that it’s fine as long as Kayoon does not marry Hyunjoon. However, he doesn’t elaborate.

When the two walk out, they are bombarded by reporters and Ki-Chan pulls Kayoon close.


Interesting. I wonder if it is the same with DRAMAFEED readers but Ki-Chan is playing a modified noble idiot and I don’t find the plot device as irritating as I usually do. Usually, the noble idiot knows much more than their romantic counterpart and decides to suffer alone in helping the romantic counterpart. The most infuriating aspect of the noble idiot is that such situations clearly could be resolved with less angst if the noble idiot would have just confided in his/her romantic counterpart.

In OK, Ki-Chan knows the truth about Hyunjoon and Minwoo, which would be a deal breaker for Kayoon. Yet, he decides to keep it to himself and look like the u happy spurned ex-lover as he helps Kayoon from the background while continuing to warn Kayoon that she cannot be with Hyunjoon. This alone would be infuriating.

However, in this case, I’m not as annoyed. Why? Because, Ki-Chan has a good reason to keep this secret. It isn’t fully his own choice to spill the secret since economically, the Yoon family has much more power and influence than the Kang family. Ki-Chan himself saw how Jingook’s family was able to take Minwoo from Heejung and Jingook’s family is no where as connected or powerful as the Yoon family. He knows that there’s a large risk that Heejung would lose custody over her child or get limited custody for lying about Minwoo’s true father and keeping the whole father’s side in the dark. It ultimately becomes a decision that Heejung has some say in.

With the change of Ki-Chan becoming a modified noble idiot, or basically a character with his hands tied, I feel much more invested in the series. It also helps that Ki-Chan’s business is growing, which makes it more of an even playing field. Ki-Chan is no longer the guy that Kayoon has to protect to help out financially, with a product recipe, or from the background getting him customers. Instead, we can focus on the main love triangle. After all, Heejung never showed that she changed her heart to love Jingook. She’s still living like a spurned woman, only showing vulnerability to Jingook when she wants to manipulate him.

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