Everything Will Be OK – 74

Happy New Year’s Eve! Kayoon breaks the engagement and Hyunjoon starts to see how old his father has become.


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Kayoon dramatically slams the ring on the table and announces with the same usual expression that they are over. Hyunjoon asks if it is because of the fallen business relationship between their fathers. When Kayoon denies it, Hyunjoon jumps to the conclusion that it’s because of Ki-Chan. Kayoon doesn’t answer and leaves.

The secretary enters and stops Hyunjoon before he can run after Kayoon. The secretary hands over a phone as Restaurant K is calling about Hyunjoon’s company buying it out. Hyunjoon hangs up angrily shouting that it’s nonsense and runs after Kayoon but it’s too late.

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So, Hyunjoon goes to Mansoo for help. But Mansoo first tells Hyunjoon that Mansoo was not the one who first brought up breaking the franchise contract. Then he sighs that he has no mind to push Kayoon into the marriage again.

Hyunjoon walks out in a stunned state and runs into Jingook. Jingook tells Hyunjoon that Kayoon spoke to Heejung…


Hyunjoon tries calling Heejung but she ignores him. Instead, she remembers how she suffered because of Hyunjoon. Before long, Hyunjoon is at Heejung’s apartment.

Heejung lies that Hyunjoon is there for business and brings him into her room. She tells him that she told Kayoon all about how Hyunjoon asked her to erase her child through the secretary.

Hyunjoon freaks out and even chokes Heejung, asking her why she’s always after him. Heejung confirms that his father told her to break up the engagement. She even asks him if he’s interested in why she keeps acting like this… If he wants to know what he did wrong.

However, Hyunjoon turns around and states that he does not care.


At the same time, Kayoon gives the news to Grandmama. Mansoo also comes home and announces that breaking the engagement is better than a divorce later on.

Grandmama follows Mansoo up to his room to ask why Mansoo changed his heart. Mansoo explains that CEO Yoon showed that he’s heartless… Mansoo does not trust that CEO Yoon will treat Kayoon well.

Grandmama tries to tell Kayoon to think of only Hyunjoon. However, Kayoon answers that she can’t try anymore.


Jingook and Jung-Eun come home with some Korean hobbang (a sweet Korean dessert). Grandmama throws the packet back at Jingook telling him that he’s a weasel.

Jingook takes his rejected dessert and goes back into Jung-Eun’s room. Dalja calls and we find out that it was her idea. Jingook pretends that Grandmama liked the dessert and then finds out that Dalja is at the sauna again. He offers to get a monthly rental apartment but Dalja yells that Jingook needs to hold on until Mansoo helps with with a non monthly rental apartment.

Jung-Eun goes to check on her sister and finds out that the marriage is off. She encourages her sister to take heart and goes back to Jingook. She suggests that they get a monthly rental but Jingook isn’t convinced.


At the same time, Ki-Chan arrives at Heejung’s apartment and finds out that Hyunjoon had stopped by. Heejung tells him about spilling the beans to Kayoon and Kayoon calling off the wedding. However, Heejung adds that Hyunjoon is not the type to let Kayoon off easily.

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The next day, Daeho and Ki-Chan wonder about starting up the seafood supplier business again. Daeho sighs that he’s bored.

Ki-Chan notes that he’s thinking of giving the shrimp business back to the village next to the sea. Since increasing the shrimp production is a headache, they might as well hand it off.

Young-Tae is shocked but Daeho is easily convinced. ^^

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On the side, Mansoo finally gets Dongsook a sparkly present. However, when he goes to Dongsook’s shop, she’s there with another middle aged man whom she introduces to Mansoo as the franchise owner of the herbal drinks.

He looks surprised and angry to see her with other gentlemen. He then walks out without making plans for later. Dongsook runs out after him to meet up after the herbal franchise owner leaves but Mansoo huffs off after telling her to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Jung-Eun looks into rentals in Korea and gets depressed at how expensive it is. Her supervisor advises her to stay as long as they can since everything is money once they leave.

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At the same time, Dalja calls Jingook and suggests that he gets back together with Heejung. Jingook refuses but yells in frustration after he hangs up…

Dalja then calls Heejung who invites Dalja over the next day. Heejung promises to speak to the CEO about Jingook.

Heejung meets with the assistant chef and asks about Mansoo’s katsu sauce. Luckily, the assistant chef does not know.

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Finally, Hyunjoon also finds out about his father’s plan to convert a bankrupt restaurant into an Italian restaurant with Mansoo’s recipes when he sees the report on his father’s desk. He confronts his father about it. The CEO confirms and advises Hyunjoon to break his engagement with Kayoon since it’s not useful to the family. Hyunjoon angrily refuses and declares that he is no longer his father’s son.

Hyunjoon stomps up with those fighting words but his father shouts at him and accuses him of trying to get revenge for Hyunjoon’s mother. Hyunjoon agrees and promises to not to go to his father’s funeral.


CEO Yoon gets hurt by those words and literally flops into his couch to let us know that he passed out. The scene changes to the hospital where Hyunjoon tells his father to take care of his health. The CEO responds that he hated Hyunjoon from Hyunjoon’s birth… Prior to his birth, the CEO could do whatever he wanted but Hyunjoon never did what his father wanted.


Hyunjoon walks out in a daze and falls into a chair near Heejung. She asks if Hyunjoon was worried about his father passing. Hyunjoon sighs that he is still ready to fight his father but it seems his father gave up too early. Heejung smiles as Hyunjoon cries and consoles him that she understands since her own father returned to her as an old man and not her enemy.

Kayoon arrives in the hallway just as Heejung is consoling Hyunjoon and pauses. She has time to see Hyunjoon crying while Heejung looks on with concern.


Are we finally returning to the main conflict of the Heejung/Hyunjoon/Kayoon love triangle? All of the blocks are in place! We have Heejung love-hate-loving Hyunjoon with Minwoo. We have Hyunjoon obsessed with Kayoon although he has a background of being the unwanted child. And, we have Kayoon who finally found out that her fiancé, whom she does not love, had another complicated relationship. Additionally, Kayoon’s family is near the brink of bankruptcy and barely muddling along…

Additionally, I’m pretty disappointed in this episode for resorting to the use of force. I am not sure if they want to paint Hyunjoon as mentally unstable and violent. If so, okay, I hadn’t expected a daily drama to turn so dark. However, if it was just an isolated use of a weak plot device to paint Hyunjoon as evil and Heejung as sympathetic, the drama staff dropped the ball on this one. Good writing could easily paint Hyunjoon as psychotic without him physically choking Heejung in her own home. Hyunjoon could have made life miserable for Heejung at work or become obsessive about Minwoo. This scene would not have been necessary.

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