Everything Will Be OK – 75

Happy New Year DRAMAFEED Readers!!! Ringing it in with some Korean daily dramatic drama~~~Kayoon runs crying back to Ki-Chan for some unfathomable reason and Dongsook gets her present! ^^



Heejung sees Kayoon and gets up. Kayoon just answers curtly that the CEO must be resting. She asks for her greetings to be conveyed to the CEO and leaves.

Hyunjoon quickly follows and tells Kayoon that his father has given up. He also acknowledges that he was cruel to Heejung. However, he uses his background as an excuse. He notes that he was born into a strange environment and only knew the warmth of a family after meeting her. He asks her for more time. Yet, Kayoon isn’t convinced and she walks off.

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Heejung sees everything and runs after Kayoon. Heejung tells Kayoon that a spurned lover can become cruel. She warns Kayoon not to be so flippant since Kayoon’s whole family might be hurt if Hyunjoon decides on getting revenge. Kayoon asks why Heejung even cares and Heejung answers that she felt sorry for how ignorant Kayoon is.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan calls the village and hands over the shrimp business. He texts Kayoon to let her know as well.


Kayoon decides to visit the grandmother for some fresh air. The grandmother enthusiastically invites her in for dinner.


Of course, luck would have it that Ki-Chan is in the village as well. He grabs a meal with the other village council members before getting a call from the grandmother. He hears that Kayoon is over and finds Kayoon drunk.

Ki-Chan prepares the bedroom for Kayoon. However, Kayoon only whines back that Ki-Chan should not have just handed over the business. Ki-Chan answers that it was too difficult for him.


Kayoon starts to drunk mutter about how hard it was for her. She continues that she found out that Hyunjoon was a bad man… So, she ended the engagement. Then without really changing her expression that much or moving her body that much… Kayoon wonders if Ki-Chan also thinks that Hyunjoon might seek revenge.

Kayoon also hits Ki-Chan and asks why Ki-Chan doesn’t offer that they get back together. Ki-Chan sighs and apologizes that Heejung has done so much, he cannot ask her to return. Kayoon starts crying at these words and Ki-Chan hugs her…When the grandmother comes home, there are two shoes in front of the guest room.

Kayoon wakes up before Ki-Chan does and decides to walk towards the water by herself. When Ki-Chan wakes up, he finds even her blankets folded. Ki-Chan runs towards the pier after her but it’s too late. Kayoon has gone home.


Kayoon goes straight to her room while Ki-Chan drives home alone in his new car. He finds Soon-Im at his house and hears that Dalja is taking care of Minwoo again. He confides in his mother that Kayoon broke her engagement.

Soon-Im asks if Ki-Chan wants to get together with Kayoon. Ki-Chan staltingly answers that Kayoon suffered too much because of him.

At the same time, Jung-Eun and Jingook wake up after Grandmama calls. Jingook tells Jung-Eun that he slept late and knew that Kayoon stayed out the night. The two cutely fight until Grandmama comes in and agrees that Jung-Eun grinds her teeth as Jingook was saying. Jingook happily gloats that he was right but deflates when Grandmama snipes that Jingook is one to be happy after making them bankrupt and losing custody over his child.


Daeho and Young-Tae go off to visit Dongsook. The two are adorable together! Dongsook snipes that useless customers arrived until Young-Tae explains that Daeho is there to buy some herbal drinks for Minwoo. She quickly hands over some boxes and even gets a ride to the restaurant.

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Dongsook runs into Kayoon in the hallway and happily finds out that Mansoo bought her a present. She goes in to demand her present and gets a diamond necklace. She quickly sits down and tells Mansoo to put the necklace on her since she can’t at her age. He grudgingly obliges and Jingook walks in on this lovey-dovey scene! >_<

At the same time, Daeho arrives at home to take his wide on a drive. However, no one is at home except for Dalja who is wearing Soon-Im’s new coat and looking through Heejung’s clothes. Daeho quickly takes the coat back and tells Dalja not to go through other people’s stuff.


Meanwhile, Heejung reports to the CEO. She has recruited the assistant chef for their new franchise. However, she notes that they have one final problem – no one knows the recipe for Mansoo’s sauce.


It’s lunch time at the restaurant and Kayoon gives everyone their dish before going in to help her father make some more sauce. She doesn’t see that the assistant chef follows to see Kayoon put away the latest batch in the store room and lock it. The assistant chef calls Heejung right away to report.

At the same time, Hyunjoon is focusing on his broken heart and his rejected ring instead of what Heejung might be planning. The secretary tells him about Heejung’s stealing Mansoo’s recipe and the suit against Jingook being dropped. Miracle?

The secretary announces it to everyone so Heejung calls Dalja immediately. She implies that she helped make it happen and asks for Dalja to rip up the declaration Heejung signed giving up her custody rights.

Jung-Eun also calls Dalja but Dalja is still annoyed and snipes that Jung-Eun is slow. Jung-Eun tries to invite Dalja for a meal but Dalja rejects on the grounds that Jung-Eun’s family should apologize first.


Hyunjoon arrives at the restaurant and meets with Jingook first. Jingook happily takes Hyunjoon to the VIP and asks about Kayoon being out all night to take care of the CEO. When Hyunjoon looks up in shock, Jingook realizes that he made a mistake and runs to Kayoon. He tells her that Hyunjoon is there and asks if she wasn’t at the hospital all night..


Disappointment continues as Heejung session to have short term amnesia. Hyunjoon just tried to choke her in the prior episode and in this episode, she’s off consoling him lovingly. Of course, it could be the battered woman’s syndrome but I don’t feel comfortable with this painting of the relationship when it’s not clear to the viewers that it is a case of battered woman’s syndrome or something else. Otherwise, we take a very independent (if conniving character and gut her independence).

Other than that, this was another episode which was meant to further the plot. Let’s see how the love triangle/square plays out in earnest!

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