Everything Will Be OK – 76

Kayoon and Ki-Chan begin to see each other while Home Shopping decides to go after Mansoo’s restaurant.


Ki-Chan also walks around thinking about Kayoon worrying about Hyunjoon. This kid really doesn’t want to make money does he?


Meanwhile, Kayoon goes to meet Hyunjoon. She thanks him for cancelling the charges and then states that she has no right to be with Hyunjoon now. Hyunjoon looks shocked and Kayoon notes that she spent the night with Ki-Chan.

Hyunjoon refuses to accept it. He tells Kayoon that he does not believe anything happened. He also adds that even if something happened, they can’t break their engagement when there may be more damages due to the Jingook incident. Kayoon glares that Hyunjoon truly disappoints her and leaves.

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Kayoon stops by the bank and finds Ki-Chan waiting for her on a bench. He asks if everything is fine. Kayoon answers that things are good but she thinks it’s best if they don’t meet for a while since he cannot help her. They get up to leave as a happy couple and Kayoon even asks for Ki-Chan’s scarf. Time flies and they reach Kayoon’s neighborhood where the two playfully bicker like the never broke up.

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Hyunjoon is about to go crazy and sees this scene from the shadows. He immediately calls more Secretary Kim who was probably off of work. Back in the office, Hyunjoon tells Secretary Kim to contact home shopping and inform them about the dropped charged against Jingook.

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He also orders that Secretary Kim make it clear that it was Mansoo’s fault and YB Foods and Hyunjoon’s company are washing their hands of the affair. He finishes by declaring that he only has money so he will make money work for him.


Meanwhile, Heejung comes home where Soon-Im is worried about Dalja staying at the sauna. Heejung invites Dalja to stay at her house. Dalja happily comes out during dinner and agrees to stay for a couple of days. But Heejung notes that Dalja should rip up her declaration in exchange. Dalja replies that the declaration was stored with the rest of their stuff… So, Heejung offers to accept a new declaration from Dalja promising not to ever bring a custody action against her again. This does not sit well with Dalja and she leaves in a huff.

At the same time, the rest of the restaurant family finds out about the broken engagement. When Soon-Im finds out, she asks Heejung if it had anything to do with Heejung. Heejung denies it.


Kayoon’s family discusses the next steps over breakfast. Mansoo explains that he promised to pay all the damages. Jingook looks up with worry and notes that it’s not right for Mansoo’s company to shoulder all of the liability. Grandmama snaps back that it was all because Jingook took that $40,000.


Jingook hangs his head and goes to work first. He sees Dalja and tells her the news that Kayoon’s family is about to be hit with financial troubles as well.


Secretary Kim arrives at Mansoo’s restaurant to terminate the contract. Secretary Kim notes curtly that this means Mansoo’s company will be solely on the hook for any subsequent damages.

After he leaves, Kayoon tells Mansoo about how Heejung stole their recipe. Mansoo answers that Heejung is a troubled but is not a thief.


Hyunjoon also asks his father about the new franchise plan. CEO Yoon orders Hyunjoon just to follow. So, Hyunjoon confronts Heejung. Heejung answers that she gets equity in the new franchise if they succeed.


The rest of Hyunjoon’s team hears the news about the broken relationship. Everyone knows that the news means that Jung-Eun’s family’s restaurant becomes liable for everything. She runs into Hyunjoon’s office to ask how Hyunjoon could leave when they have not even found out the truth behind all of the suspicious circumstances such as why the factories ran without an order from the restaurant (which would mean that YB Foods is liable since Heejung is a YB Foods representative). However, Hyunjoon sighs that he’s also going through a hard time and asks her to leave.

Dongsook runs over to the restaurant as soon as she hears from Nari. Just as she calms down, they get an official notice from Home Shopping that they will continue to press charges. Kayoon decides to go and speak with the Home Shopping representative herself.

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At the same time, Ki-Chan goes into his office and hears that a newspaper wants to interview him as a successful entrepreneur who then gave the whole company to a village. During the interview, he sees Kayoon walk by.

Kayoon speaks with the representative who tells her that it would be best if she just settles. Kayoon answers that they can find out the truth through the courts.


The representative runs into Ki-Chan and Young-Tae in the lobby and explains the situation to them. Ki-Chan furiously yells that Kayoon is correct and Home Shopping has no reason to sue Kayoon when the restaurant did nothing wrong. The representative pulls Ki-Chan aside while Young-Tae explains the background to the reporters. Kayoon hears Ki-Chan yelling and comes over. She tells him to calm down.


Starting to get interesting here. Hyunjoon is turning into the two dimensional evil second lead, 70 episodes in. At the same time, the writers seem to be chipping away at Kayoon’s independence making her need a white knight in Ki-Chan… While I am happy that Ki-Chan is becoming decisive and has stood up economically, I do hope that the writers don’t take away all of Kayoon’s independence. While her character has been unsuccessful in eliciting an emotional reaction, Kayoon’s character still has the basic respect of being able to work, save, and take care of herself without leaning on the male characters…At least it did until the Home Shopping fiasco.

Also, this episode was curiously devoid of Heejung. Usually, I would be disappointed that we didn’t see more of her scheming. However, I think the storyline of Hyunjoon changing and Ki-Chan joining the fight directly was engaging enough that I did not miss Heejung until the end! Very satisfied with this episode!

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