Everything Will Be OK – 77

Hyunjoon is a sore spurned lover and the paparazzi soon find out that the recently announced engagement is over due to a love triangle. Once the news is out, even though it’s stopped from being published, CEO Yoon gets involved.



As the reporters continue to take pictures of Ki-Chan with Kayoon, Ki-Chan angrily accuses Hyunjoon of taking out revenge on Kayoon through home shopping. Kayoon reassures him that they are going to fight it and Ki-Chan hands over his gloves…which also gets caught on camera.


Then it’s time to film the next episode. Kayoon watches it from her car on her cell phone. She tears up but smiles that at least it’s going well for Ki-Chan.


Heejung reports to the CEO who asks why Hyunjoon changed his mind about protecting Mansoo’s restaurant. She pretends that she has no idea… She does go to ask Hyunjoon why he’s attacking Kayoon in such an immature manner. Hyunjoon answers that he has no idea what she’s speaking about and she should worry about her brother instead. Heejung realizes that Kayoon is back together with Ki-Chan and Hyunjoon is lashing out through their company because of it.


Heejung goes out and let’s Jung-Eun know. Jung-Eun runs into the office to ask why her restaurant is getting sued. She asks Hyunjoon why he’s doing this when he promised to help her find the real culprit that let the factories run.

Hyunjoon placidly answers that it’s not his problem when Jingook took in dirty money. Jung-Eun spits out that Kayoon is not seeing Ki-Chan and she does not know why Hyunjoon changed so much. She runs out to pack her stuff. But Heejung comes along and asks her if this is the right choice when her family is having financial problems.

Kayoon prepares kimchi while Grandmama mutters about how lonely Hyunjoon must be. Jung-Eun comes home with her box and demands to know if Kayoon is back together with Ki-Chan. She notes that Hyunjoon is doing this because he believes so.

Kayoon tries to reassure Jung-Eun that they can fight the lawsuit. But whines thay she can’t help but worry when she’s been kicked out of her house and assumed everything would be solved if Kayoon marries Hyunjoon…

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At the same time, Ki-Chan returns to the office and gets a call. He awkwardly lies about the caller to his father and Young-Tae. But then, he sneaks out to call Kayoon who answers that she’s busy… When he hangs up we get the hint that he might have received a modeling offer.


We move back into the side story as Nari and Young-Tae do what they usually do – lie to each other about how much fun they are having. In reality, Nari is with her mother who is preparing to go on a date with Mansoo. As for Young-Tae he’s on his way to Dongsook’s store as well. But on the phone, both lie that they are having fun in the city…Until they run into each other.

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Dongsook leaves the two lovebirds to watch over her store as she goes to Mansoo. The family (including Grandmama) welcomes her and Jingook gets ready to leave so that he can pretend to be Santa Claus. He goes and visit’s Minwoo’s who’s happy to see Santa and tells him all about being good this year. Then “Santa” sneaks out and Jingook takes off the costume to return as his father.

Heejung thanks Jingook for being a good father. When Dalja also arrives, Heejung tells them that she is going to Ki-Chan’s place to spend some time with her own family. She’ll be back by 9:30pm.


Heejung goes to Ki-Chan’s place where the family celebrates with cake. Daeho surprises everyone by confessing that he was so bitter in jail. He had written Soon-Im’s and Heejung’s name in his book of enemies. However, even though he has not been out of prison for that long but all of his anger is gone…

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Daeho gets so excited, he even goes into the room to call Mansoo. Daeho tells Mansoo that he wanted to beat Mansoo up but now he forgives Mansoo. He also takes the time to brag that Ki-Chan is doing so well that Kayoon is not suited for Ki-Chan…all while, Ki-Chan is shopping for couple rings for Kayoon and him.

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As Hyunjoon broods about Kayoon and Ki-Chan together, Jingook puts his son to bed and gets ready to go back to Jung-Eun…Dalja starts complaining again about why Mansoo hasn’t offered to buy Jingook an apartment. Heejung arrives before Jingook leaves and even offers to let Dalja stay the night since the city is busy. Both Jingook and Dalja are left in shock as Heejung goes in to see Minwoo.


Later Ki-Chan calls to tell Kayoon that he’s in the neighborhood and has something to tell her. She agrees to meet up and they meet in the park. Ki-Chan happily tells her that he has been given an offer to model for the Korea Mall. Kayoon lights up and agrees that this would be a great opportunity!

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Ki-Chan follows her home to give her the ring but Hyunjoon interrupts…He’s drunk and he tries to stop Kayoon from going into the house. Ki-Chan stops Hyunjoon and orers that Kayoon goes in first. Ki-Chan stops Hyunjoon and this results in a fight between Ki-Chan and Hyunjoon…all of which is caught on camera by a paparazzi. Jung-Eun and Jingook arrive at that moment and sees the camera lens. They break the fight apart.


The next day, a tabloid tries to print the material but it’s stopped by YB Foods. CEO Yoon yells at Hyunjoon that he knew something was wrong when they cancelled the engagement. CEO Yoon also sends a copy of the pictures to Mansoo and threatens to take revenge unless Mansoo settles with Home Shopping – to make Mansoo liable for additional damages, make Mansoo go out of business, and make it so that Jung-Eun is never hired anywhere else. CEO Yoon is nice enough to explain that this is all for Kayoon playing with Hyunjoon.


So, CEO Yoon plays the bad guy card while Hyunjoon falls behind and lets his father do the dirty work? Something about how the plot is enfolding makes it more cowardly. First, Hyunjoon is not fighting his own battle; he’s hiding behind his father. Second, he’s not trying to woo Kayoon over; he’s just trying to win her sympathy. Third, he’s taking revenge on the woman he loves, which basically means that he has given up. Cowardly.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan is definitely back into puppy-love mode. He just started to see Kayoon again, who literally just broke out of an engagement. The guy does not understand what Kayoon means when she asks that they try to limit their time to together for a while as other would judge them. Heck, I’m on their side and I even judge the practicality of how fast they are going. Kayoon has not been out of her engagement for more than a couple of days and Ki-Chan wants her to wear a couple-ring? At least, I’m assuming it’s not an engagement ring. It makes no sense unless the writer wants us to assume that Kayoon really never loved Hyunjoon and literally just played with him for convenience-sake.

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