Everything Will Be OK – 78

Hyunjoon turns to the dark-side as he orders that Heejung steal the secret sauce from Mansoo’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Daddy Yoon also blocks Ki-Chan from debuting again as a model.


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Mansoo slams the papers on his desk and yells at Kayoon in frustration that CEO Yoon just called. He explains that CEO Yoon just threatened to let the news go forward unless Kayoon and his family give up the trial from Home Shopping and pay the settlement… Kayoon asks for some time and goes to speak with Hyunjoon first.


Heejung smiles to Kayoon that she better be careful. She notes that Kayoon might be on the hook for additional damages if YB Foods suffers and loss of good will because of the scandal between Ki-Chan/Kayoon/Hyunjoon. Kayoon goes straight to Hyunjoon to ask if he knows the situation. However, Hyunjoon is placid. He confirms that he is doing this for revenge and would be willing to help her out if she needs money.

Kayoon is unable to hide her shock and cries that she had trusted him. However, she now knows that Hyunjoon was lying to her this whole time – he never meant to cancel the investor meeting. Hyunjoon smiles that he does not have to since the company has another restaurant chain lined up. Kayoon understands his implication and asks if Heejung and YB Foods are going to copy their training system and recipes. Hyunjoon just asks in return if Mansoo’s restaurant was that special.

Kayoon stands up after declaring that she will fight this. However, Hyunjoon encourages her to check on Ki-Chan first since it was easy to crush Ki-Chan.

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Kayoon tries calling Ki-Chan but he does not answer. Ki-Chan is busy as he was shooting modeling shots for the mall. Yet, YB Foods sent over the stopped article and the shooting is truncated. Representatives explain to Ki-Chan that they cannot use Ki-Chan as a model when YB Foods clearly is out to destroy Ki-Chan because the risk to the mall is too high.


Ki-Chan returns to his office where Kayoon waits. He pretends that he only had a shooting interview but did not make it. Kayoon tells hims to tell her the truth and he sighs that he’s fine with everything if this is the price off winning her over.


Kayoon returns to the restaurant where her father is resigned. He sighs that the CEO even threatened to end Jung-Eun’s career as well as ruin their restaurant… He decides to sell all of his property, the restaurant and the house to compensate for the settlement. The assistant chef overhears this and texts Heejung the news.

Jingook also stops by Hyunjoon’s office and asks for a favor. He asks if there is any way that Hyunjoon can help Jingook with a place to live for himself, his mother and Minwoo. Hyunjoon does not change his expression and smirks that he’s not Jingook’s servant.

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Jingook goes to complain to Heejung. Heejung does not let this opportunity go without scheming herself. She tells Jingook that Dalja can continue to stay at her place and she would even help Jingook financially if he needs. Jingook is finally not an idiot – he demands to know if Heejung expects him to give up custody over Minwoo in return for money. Heejung confirms and Jingook storms out.


Jingook tells the situation to Dalja, who runs out to tell Soon-Im and Daeho. So, Daeho runs over to Mansoo’s office. Of course, he cannot get straight to the point that he came over to offer help. Instead, Daeho announces that he heard that Kayoon broke off her engagement. Yet, he declares that he would never accept Kayoon who is older than Ki-Chan and was already engaged. Mansoo easily accepts it and Daeho asks in shock if Mansoo is not going to try to convince him otherwise.

Mansoo does not even bother to answer Daeho’s question and Daeho continues that he’s willing to help out when Mansoo decides to marry Dongsook. Mansoo yells at Daeho to leave. So, Daeho shouts that he can help if Mansoo needs him before getting kicked out.


After kicking Daeho out like that, Mansoo goes to break up with Dongsook. He tells her that he likes her too much…but he has to move soon and is about to go bankrupt. So, he feels that it would be best to break up now.

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Nari goes to whine to Young-Tae and Ki-Chan.  Hearing that Kayoon and her father about to go bankrupt because of Hyunjoon, Ki-Chan stomps over to Hyunjoon’s office. He begins by punching Hyunjoon in the face and announces that Hyunjoon will never break Ki-Chan and him apart.  Ki-Chan leaves with Heejung following but Ki-Chan tells Heejung not to worry about him.

The sibling meeting is interrupted when CEO Yoon walks by. The CEO asks if Heejung is ready for the investor meeting. Heejung answers that they are prepared but they do not have the sauce. Hyunjoon takes this opportunity to snipe at Heejung that this is amateur of Heejung if she wants to convince the investors without Mansoo’s restaurant. CEO Yoon agrees and tells Heejung to obtain the original sauce and destroy Mansoo’s restaurant in the process.

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Heejung fumes and waits for Hyunjoon in his office. When he returns, she screams that Hyunjoon is asking her to steal from Mansoo. However, Hyunjoon just smiles that this would not be the first time. He tells her to steal the sauce or be prepared for everyone to find out that it was Heejung that manipulated the scammer into defrauding Jingook. He even smirks that she won’t be able to keep custody of Minwoo at that point.

So, Heejung meets with the fraudster again. She tells him the schedule of how the restaurant runs and orders that he steal the sauce as well as shut off the refrigerator in the process.

Meanwhile, Mansoo goes home with Jingook and Jung-Eun to tell Grandmama. Surprisingly, Grandmama is quite calm about the whole matter. She worries instead about the younger folks and Mansoo tells Jung-Eun to look for a separate apartment with Kayoon.


Back at the restaurant, Ki-Chan enters to have some donkatsu. He shares the moment with Kayoon as he encourages her to try her best since he will be here to support her. Then he gets a call from one of his friends who tells him that the fraudster was seen. Ki-Chan runs out to capture the fraudster…when the fraudster is actually parked at the restaurant.


The fraudster breaks all of the security cameras. Kayoon hears something but regains a false sense of security when Mansoo enters the office instead. The thief then goes to the storage room (somehow having the key?) to take the sauce. Mansoo walks in on him and a scuffle ensues. During the fight, the thief hits Mansoo on the head with a dipper and runs out.


What an interesting dilemma. Heejung has to protect no matter what. However, we see her first reaction to Hyunjoon’s request that she directly steals from Mansoo. At first, it does not seem much different than what she did to Jingook. Yet, one can see how she differentiates the scheme against Jingook and stealing the sauce from Mansoo. Tricking Jingook still gave Jingook a chance to avoid the problem by not accepting dirty money or dealing with a shady man. Additionally, she knew that Hyunjoon would likely save Kayoon if things got too bad. Here, she knows that Hyunjoon is no longer protecting Kayoon’s family and ordering a burglary directly… Her conscious has to find it distasteful.

Next – Hyunjoon. What the HECK? Hello, evil minion? We have literally a one episode transformation from static second lead with no chemistry to evil minion hiding behind the shadow of his father? Does the drama just give up on any male lead rivalry? I really do not know how I can even comment on this situation as it was so abrupt, non-organic and weird!

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