Everything Will Be OK – 79

The gauntlets are thrown and the stakes are raised in the love triangle.


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Meanwhile, the fraudster meets up with Heejung to hand over the stolen sauce. She pays him and he tells her that someone was hurt. Surprisingly, Heejung looks worried and asks if it was Kayoon. She seems a little relieved though still worried when the fraudster explains that it was Mansoo instead.


The fraudster tells her to hope that Mansoo wakes up or he becomes a murderer and she an accomplice to murder. He turns around to go back to his car when Ki-Chan arrives and another scuffle ensues. The fraudster gets overpowered and pulls out a knife. Heejung steps in by flickering her headlights which distracts Ki-Chan and allows for the fraudster to get away.

Heejung also drives away and Ki-Chan sees her car. Having an intuition, he calls his mother to check if Heejung has arrived at home. Soon-Im confirms that Heejung  has not.


However, Ki-Chan does not have time to brood as Kayoon calls and tells him about the burglary. Ki-Chan rushes over to the hospital to support her before going to Heejung’s and confronting her about her involvement. Heejung understandably denies it but suspiciously guesses that a robber entered the restaurant when Ki-Chan only stated that Mansoo was hurt. Ki-Chan slowly notes that if Heejung was involved again, he won’t be able to see Kayoon ever again. He asks her again if she had any connection. Heejung repeats that she had nothing to do with this incident.


Kayoon meets with the doctor who tells her that Mansoo should be fine except that he lost his sense of smell. He also notes that the sense of smell will not be coming back…


Jingook returns to the restaurant to set up and finds out that someone turned the temperature up on the refrigerators. All of the sauces and meat have gone bad. Kayoon rushes over and confirms that they should toss everything. She hears then that their assistant chef quit because she was scouted away.

Meanwhile, Heejung and Hyunjoon go into a meeting with the CEO as Mansoo hears from the doctor that he lost his sense of smell.


Dongsook hears from Grandmama that Mansoo is in the hospital and rushes over too. She tries to get him to try her herbal drinks and guess the ingredients but Mansoo just snaps at her to take it away. While she is there, Mansoo gets a call from his real estate broker and confirms that the house has been sold as well as puts the restaurant on the market. He next calls Kayoon to close up shop since Kayoon cannot make the sauce by herself.

Kayoon tells Jingook and asks him to prepare the papers to legally close the restaurant. Finally, when Dalja calls, Jingook has the sense to tell his mother to stop being deluded when she asks him to get an apartment as Mansoo sells all of his properties.


The evil trio ends the investor meeting successfully as all of the investors agreed to sign on with the new restaurant. They celebrate when the secretary comes in to report that Mansoo lost his sense of smell because of a burglary and had to close his restaurant. Hyunjoon glares at Heejung and demands to know if she was involved. Heejung looks bewildered but stubbornly repeats that she has no idea… The CEO laughs that Heejung is right, they don’t need to know.

Hyunjoon goes to the hospital to generally apologize but then gets nervous when Mansoo recounts the story about how he saw the robber’s face…


Daeho finds out the news through Young-Tae the grapevine! When he hears that Mansoo lost his sense of smell, Daeho falls over in shock and guilt since Daeho was partially responsible for Mansoo’s first head injury. Ki-Chan knows why his father is acting this way and reassures his father that this is not Daeho’s fault.


Ki-Chan goes to see his mother who tells him to help Kayoon. She finally tells him that the money she lent him was actually from Kayoon.

Ki-Chan goes to the restaurant and silently helps Kayoon pack everything up… Kayoon finishes in the kitchen and goes to the office where she finds Hyunjoon. She angrily asks why he would even see her father.


Hyunjoon calmly tells her that he can help her monetarily if she needs it. Kayoon refuses it. Hyunjoon smiles that he was not the one who betrayed Kayoon but someone else. Outside the office, Hyunjoon repeats the same thing and tells Ki-Chan that Ki-Chan and Kayoon can never be together because of Heejung.

Later, Kayoon and Ki-Chan lock up and Kayoon sobs. Ki-Chan pulls her close and tells her that they can start up together again.


A time jump of one month later, Kayoon is spotting a new hair style and Mansoo has become a drunkard…Kayoon tries to replicate his father’s sauce but she failed again. Mansoo gets frustrated at the situation and tosses the sauce into the sink.


A complete change in circumstances for Mansoo’s family. They went from having a successful restaurant with backup land to likely living in a rented house with nothing. The backbone of the family (Mansoo) can no longer take care of everyone as he has… All he can probably do is provide for the rental deposits. The setting is now ripe for the younger folks (Kayoon and Jung-Eun) to show us what they are made of. After all, until now, they were able to live off of Mansoo without really worrying about their own livelihood.

The next biggest plot tension looks like it’s going to be whether Kayoon chooses Ki-Chan’s support and love or Hyunjoon’s money. It’s a hackneyed concept but most stories are rehashes of similar plot devices. It’s up to the writer to convince us to care about Kayoon and the others.

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