Everything Will Be OK – 80

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Mansoo asks why Kayoon is still trying when they lost the restaurant. Kayoon yells back that she wants to help him refind his sauce. But Mansoo yells that it is all hopeless.

Grandmama comes in to yell at Mansoo to get a grip. She reminds him that his daughter is suffering because of his alcoholism. Mansoo growls that he knows and wishes that he was blind so he did not have to see. He stumbles off.

Back at the company, the secretary reports on Kayoon’s family about how Jung-Eun and Jingook got jobs while Kayoon stays at home to take care of her father. Hyunjoon asks about Ki-Chan and Heejung snaps that Ki-Chan is not turning to modeling because he does not want to deal with Ki-Chan.

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Meanwhile, Ki-Chan finds the fraud at a pool bar and runs after him. But the fraud gets away and calls Heejung down. He demands to know why Ki-Chan keeps showing up everywhere he goes. Heejung pretends not to know and asks in return that the fraud promised to flee to China. He snaps back that he did not have enough money and asks for more.

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Heejung goes to see Ki-Chan in his office. Ki-Chan first asks if Heejung heard from the fraud. Heejung screams that she has no idea what he’s talking about. Ki-Chan sighs that he will continue to search for the fraud then for Kayoon’s sake.

Daeho comes back to the office and Young-Tae warns the two. By the time that Daeho walks in, Heejung is talking about the new restaurant venture that YB Foods is creating.

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Kayoon goes to the police to request that they pay for the damages for the lost sauce and meat. However, the police answer that they have no liability and they have not found the fraud. She comes out to see Ki-Chan and they go to a near cafe.

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Grandmama gets Mansoo to help out in the kitchen by grumping about starving to keep him productive. Then Jingook comes home and Grandmama asks him how hr was able to change his clothes when he worked… Jingook laughs that she must be mistaken and runs to his room. However, Grandmama is unconvinced and tells Mansoo about how Jingook’s socks font even smell in the laundry as if he has two homes…

Mansoo laughs that it is probably help from Dalja and Grandmama accepts it. But then incurs Grandmama’s wrath when he does not have an appetite.

Our suspicions are then confirmed because Jingook calls to ask his mom to take care of his dirty clothes. We see that she’s still living with Heejung even though Soon-Im does all the work. She hangs up when Daeho comes home…

Daeho is direct about Dalja being a nuisance so Dalja suggests that the longer she stays, the more time Daeho can spend alone with Soon-Im.

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However, unbeknownst to Dalja, Ki-Chan tells Kayoon that Dalja has been living with Heejung for over a month. He drives Kayoon back home. Kayoon has Ki-Chan about the Christmas gift he was going to give her before they were interrupted by Hyunjoon and guesses that it was a couple ring because it was small enough to fit into his pocket. Ki-Chan avers and tells her that he will give it to her when she succeeds with the Geum sauce.


Young-Tae and Nari go to visit Dongsook but Young-Tae has to keep Nari in the dark about the store in front of Dongsook’s store… It turns out Ki-Chan rented/bought it with $100,000 for Kayoon and Dongsook knows about it.


Later, Jung-Eun comes home and offers to give a living allowance. Kayoon answers that she does not need it so Jung-Eun can save the money to move out with Jingook. She then asks Grandmama if Dalja cannot move in with them. Grandmama agrees begrudgingly and Kayoon orders Jingook to bring his mother to their house and stop lying to Jung-Eun.

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Then it gets time for dinner but the family realizes that Mansoo left without his cell phone. Kayoon runs out to check all of the nearby pubs for her father. When she finds him, she reminds him to have some food with his alcohol…

Mansoo sighs that she should stop trying to develop the sauce and get a regular job. He also wonders if it should not have brought her into the kitchen in the first place. Kayoon smiles that she respects her father, so he should try his best to regain his strength.

Hyunjoon comes over to visit but hides when he hears Kayoon. So, he sees her help a drunk Mansoo home from the shadows.

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Later that evening, Grandmama asks if it’s true that Ki-Chan fixed up the house before they moved in since that is what she heard from a neighborhood store owner. Kayoon does not answer as both of them know the truth. Grandmama also asks if the engagement was broken because Kayoon was seeing Ki-Chan or if it was Hyunjoon’s past. Kayoon answers that it is all in the past; she just could not forgive Hyunjoon for all of the lies he told her… Grandmama seems to know now as she also mutters that she liked Hyunjoon without realizing what a scary person he is…

At the same time, Hyunjoon drinks and grumbles that Kayoon should have lived happily after breaking up with him.

The next morning, the secretary reports to Hyunjoon that someone is buying up their stock… However, the person has less than 5% and does not need to be disclosed…

We don’t have to wait long since the scene changes to the CEO thanking Heejung for a successful launch of the new Italian restaurants. He offers her a reward and Heejung requests stock.


Kayoon goes to visit Ki-Chan and he smiles that he found a great restaurant! He asks her to close her eyes and brings her into the store across from Dongsook and she opens her eyes… To see the same but smaller version of her restaurant! He smiles that it’s their restaurant.


Heart. Fall… Thud. Ki-Chan just won me over. There is so much about his gift. He took the time and effort to make it look exactly the same (albeit on a smaller scale) as Kayoon’s old restaurant… He’s giving her both a chance to continue her dreams as a chef and a bit of her past.

The scene was great on another level as well. The simple script and the acting by both Kayoon and Ki-Chan were spot on! I could see Kayoon’s happy surprise and Ki-Chan’s pride in giving her this chance. I wanted to root for them so much! This is why we watch daily dramas, no? For a daily dose of a story where I can get sucked into someone’s life knowing that at the end of it all, good will succeed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m happily back on the Kayoon/Ki-Chan ship and ecstatic to know that I finally see some chemistry!

On a side note – Anyone else think that Kayoon’s new hairstyle frames her face MUCH better? She looks younger and prettier!

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