Everything Will Be OK – 81

A little bit of angst and Kayoon gets back on her feet.


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Kayoon looks up in shock and asks how Ki-Chan could have thought of such a thing. Ki-Chan smiles that he knows she was the one who leant him money when he hit rock bottom as well. Kayoon comments on how the chairs and everything are from their old restaurant… Ki-Chan confirms and tells her that he set everything aside when they packed up their old restaurant.

Kayoon hugs him close and thanks him.

Meanwhile, Jingook stops by to pick up his mother for lunch with Jung-Eun. Daeho cutely asks if Jung-Eun knows Dalja is living with Heejung. After he walks away, Jingook tells Dalja to come home since Kayoon found out. However, Dalja refuses to live in the small apartment with Grandmama and Kayoon.


Dalja is snarky all throughout dinner and flat out tells Jung-Eun that she does not want to move in with Jingook. When Jung-Eun has to leave for a phone call, Dalja sighs that Heejung bought her the new fur coat with her bonus and wonders that Jingook divorcing her was a mistake.


Later, Daeho hears from Young-Tae that Ki-Chan set Kayoon up with a new restaurant and goes to visit. He teases Jingook by asking him loudly where Dalja lives before going in to talk to a grumpy Mansoo. Daeho tells Mansoo to call him if Mansoo wants to drink and to cheer up. Mansoo has no idea and gets furious when he hears about the restaurant.


Mansoo runs to the restaurant where he starts to throw all the furniture around. He shouts at Ki-Chan to leave and accuses Kayoon of having no pride. Ki-Chan leaves to give them some privacy…

Mansoo continues to yell that they went bankrupt because of Ki-Chan’s family. But Kayoon insists that they can start over again… Mansoo isn’t convinced and reminds Kayoon that she does not know how to remake his sauce.

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Daeho runs over as well and checks if his son was not beaten. Daeho tells Ki-Chan to stay on the side and tries to calm Mansoo down. Mansoo grabs Daeho by his collar and announces that they are family enemies… He adds that the reason why he’s hit rock bottom is because of Heejung and has a right to be angry at Daeho just like Daeho used to attack Mansoo all the time as well.

Soon-Im hears about the fight and rushes over to Mansoo’s place. Grandmama smiles and welcomes Soon-Im, telling her that she heard about Ki-Chan helping their family. But when Mansoo arrives, he tells Soon-Im to leave.

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Ki-Chan and Kayoon clean up the restaurant when Young-Tae and Nari stop by. Nari fawns over the good news but gets called back into the office.

Nari promises to keep the restaurant a secret. However, when she goes back to the office, she works happily announcing that they have to do well or get called a failed imitation. Her teammates look at her suspiciously when they hear her words and ask her who could call them a copycat when Mansoo closed his restaurant… Thankfully, Nari doesn’t announce that Kayoon opened up her own restaurant. Instead, Nari answers that Kayoon is Mansoo’s protégé and is likely not just passing the time. Her words worry Hyunjoon who orders the secretary to look into it.

Meanwhile, Dalja complains to Soon-Im about Jung-Eun buying her cheap noodles and only giving her a $100 allowance. Soon-Im encourages Dalja to return to Jung-Eun’s apartment because Soon-Im feels bad about lying to the Geum family… Dalja snaps back that she can’t since she has to make sure Heejung does not remarry with Hyunjoon.

Soon-Im angrily tells Dalja that she has no right to say such a thing. Dalja yells back that there were reasons she forced Heejung to get a DNA test when Heejung was pregnant. Soon-Im stares at Dalja in shock but Heejung’s arrival interrupts the budding fight.


Heejung hands over an envelope and explains that she knows a non-profit organization that helps poor elders by giving them apartments. She notes that Dalja has to prove that her circumstances are dire to qualify… Dalja reads the declaration, which states that Jingook is under investigation for fraud and has been unable to be contacted for over a month… Soon-Im notes that it is not the truth but Dalja happily signs.


Soon-Im asks Heejung if she can really find an apartment for Dalja. Since they are alone in Heejung’s room, Heejung laughs that the declaration is going to be submitted to the court so that she can gain full custody of Minwoo and bring him over to their family tree.

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At the same time, Jung-Eun asks about Minwoo and offers to go visit where Dalja is staying. Jingook quickly changes the topic to Kayoon’s restaurant…he wonders why Ki-Chan is helping when the Kang family caused their problems in the first place. Jung-Eun replies that Jingook is technically wrong since the problem occurred when Jingook accepted the bribe. Jingook defensively responds by saying he never received the bribe but Jung-Eun just asks how the scammer knew Jingook’s account number. Even though he is the reason everyone is suffering, he has the audacity to complain about how uncomfortable it is to live with Grandmama and storm out.

Jingook runs into Hyunjoon outside and brings him into the apartment. Grandmama glares while Jingook asks if Hyunjoon is happy for bankrupting them. Jung-Eun cries and pulls Jingook aside…

Hyunjoon asks how Mansoo is doing. Grandmama starts to cry and beat Hyunjoon. She asks how Hyunjoon could do this to their family when they were so good to him.

Hyunjoon mumbles that he was hurt. Grandmama scoffs and reminds him that he was the one who lied to Kayoon about everything first. She shouts for Jingook to see the guest out. Jingook comes out and announces to Hyunjoon not to pity them as they are going to start another restaurant.

Hyunjoon leaves and yells at his secretary to look into this. Kayoon also arrives and Hyunjoon asks her if she’s opening the restaurant with Ki-Chan. Kayoon confirms before walking in.


Kayoon goes to talk with Grandmama who sighs that she feels so much better after beating Hyunjoon. Kayoon smiles that Grandmama did well and sighs that they just need to make the restaurant a success. She adds that Ki-Chan is even looking for the scammer who caused the first problem.

It’s sad the next day when Grandmama brings home 20 kgs of garlic. She explains that she receives $15 for peeling the garlic. Mansoo hears this asks why Grandmama is being so stubborn when he’s already embarrassed about the situation. Grandmama answers that their reality is that they need money…tellingly, she notes that if Mansoo is going to forbid Kayoon from opening the restaurant, he should at least help with the garlic.


Mansoo probably knows what she’s doing. But he goes into his room to throw a tantrum anyways. He stops before throwing his family picture and with dramatic music, calls to Kayoon.

Mansoo sighs that he could not help but get drunk because of CEO Yoon’s threat to ruin Kayoon’s life. Kayoon replies that she’s also scared about not living up to his father’s expectation. Mansoo slides over a suitcase with professional chef knives and explains that he has been saving for when she became a chef. He tells her to do her best.


So, Kayoon happily runs to the restaurant. Meanwhile, Hyunjoon angrily tells Heejung that she was right – Kayoon is starting a restaurant which Ki-Chan set up for her. Heejung predictably rushes to the restaurant to accuse Kayoon of taking advantage of her brother.


Thankfully the angst did not last long. Also, I appreciated Mansoo’s explanation that he was running away to alcohol because he was scared about CEO Yoon’s threats…

The only thing that is left is for Kayoon to develop her own chef’s identity…

On a side note, Heejung and Hyunjoon are really two sides of the same coin. Both are preparing evidence on the other side’s weakness and waiting for the right time to attack. Both are parents of Minwoo even if Hyunjoon has no idea yet. Also, both had difficult childhoods. I wonder what it would be like to explore that relationship since we already know Jingook loves Jung-Eun more than Heejung whom he just relies on and gets manipulated by. The Heejung/Hyunjoon relationship would definitely give another interesting layer to the drama.

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