Everything WIll Be Ok – 82

Stakes are raised as the focus shifts to the scammer…


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Ki-Chan steps in front of Kayoon to protect her and tells his sister to leave Kayoon alone. Heejung cries back out that Ki-Chan needs to wake up because he will always be on Hyunjoon’s radar if he stays next to Kayoon. Soon Kayoon jumps back in to tell Heejung to leave them alone since she finally realized her dream.

This statement stops Heejung as she sneers that Mansoo is disabled and the family is bankrupt. She asks Kayoon how Kayoon can be happy with such a small neighborhood restaurant. Kayoon answers steadily that she has no desire to compete with Heejung’s and Hyunjoon’s new line of restaurants. So, Heejung turns and stalks off.

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By the time that Heejung returns to the company, she’s calm. She tells Hyunjoon that there is nothing he needs to be scared about from a small restaurant with four tables. However, Hyunjoon is not convinced and reminds her that they are vulnerable if Kayoon manages to redevelop her father’s sauce.


Mansoo, Jingook and Grandmama continue to crack garlic. Jingook and Mansoo complain about stopping since Mansoo approved of the restaurant. Grandmama sighs that they should finish the job once they take it. Then on a lighter note, she jokes that she had wondered if the smelly task would have helped Mansoo regain his sense of smell…

Mansoo petulantly gets up while Jingook bursts into giggles. Grandmama sighs at how carefree Jingook is and asks if he does not feel anything after hearing that Ki-Chan set up a restaurant for Kayoon and continues to look for the scammer. She off handedly asks if Jingook really did not accept the bribe.

Jingook angrily answers that he didn’t but pricks his finger due to his nerves… He later goes to Heejung to ask her to stop Ki-Chan from looking for the scammer. Heejung snaps that Ki-Chan is too busy helping Kayoon with her new restaurant and asks if Kayoon developed her sauce yet.

Jingook confirms that Kayoon has not found the sauce. Heejung then reports the same to Hyunjoon.


But their meeting gets interrupted when the scammer messages Heejung to come down. The scammer tells her that he knows she’s started a line of restaurants with the sauce that he stole. He threatens to blow the whistle on their opening day if Heejung does not pay him $100,000.


The two don’t realize that Hyunjoon had followed and watches from the corner. So, Hyunjoon sees the scammer get angry and attempt to strangle Heejung. Hyunjoon quickly rushes in and pulls the man off of Heejung, conveniently forgetting that he also strangled Heejung himself.

The two go back to her office where Heejung explains that she needs money. He asks her why such a smart woman would do such things and Heejung answers that it’s for her son.


At the same time, Jung-Eun walks by and sees Jingook walking into Heejung’s apartment neighborhood. She goes over and catches Jingook and Dalja. However, Dalja lies that she just arrived. Luckily, Minwoo perks up that Dalja has been living there the whole time.

But the stupid and shameless woman just tells Jung-Eun that she should divorce Jingook if she cannot handle it. She walks into the room with Minwoo. Jingook is useless as usual when all he can say is his mother is weird (not selfish and having dual standards for her son compared to Jung-Eun?)

Heejung then comes home and snaps at Jung-Eun to leave without making a fuss. She nonchalantly notes that Jingook should have told Jung-Eun sooner.


To make matters worse, the useless piece of idiot tells Jung-Eun to understand his mother! As if Dalja is being completely reasonable being demanding and defensive while Jingook is living off of his in-laws and Jung-Eun is the one working her butt off to make their living expenses. Yes.

I manage not to throw my screen and Jung-Eun cries about the situation to her sister. Even Grandmama overhears because they are in such a small apartment and Grandmama eavesdropped.


Meanwhile, Daeho also cries over soju. He sighs that he feels so guilty about his friend losing his dream because of the fight he had with Daeho…

Ki-Chan gets depressed and goes to see Kayoon. He pulls her into a back-hug and tells her that it’s like a dream for him that she’s with him. Kayoon turns around to hug him close and Hyunjoon confidently sees.


By the time that Ki-Chan is leaving, Hyunjoon is still there. Hyunjoon asks if this is all Ki-Chan wanted. He also notes that he does not have to do anything this time and tells Ki-Chan to go to a specific parking lot by 3pm yo see why it is all his sisters fault.

The next day, Ki-Chan finds Kayoon in the restaurant waiting for him. He promises to give her the couple ring soon.

Guests visit to congratulate Kayoon and Ki-Chan!

Back at home, Grandmama sucks that she’s not leaving to visit Kayoon if Mansoo isn’t. Then the topic changes to Grandmama still cutting the garlic… Mansoo ends up sighing and helping her and boy, is he fast!


Grandmama tells him to prepare himself as Jung-Eun might get a divorce. She explains that it’s because of Jingook’s mother living at Heejung’s place… The children, though, show up together to congratulate Kayoon. It’s a complete festive affair with old friends and family over pizza (since they can’t serve the katsu without the sauce).

Meanwhile Heejung goes to meet with the scammer. The secretary notes that Kayoon is opening her restaurant today and goes to visit with the team leader.

The secretary orders donkatsu and an awkward moment occurs as Ki-Chan has to explain that they don’t have katsu. The team leader jokingly asks if it has anything to do with meat and Nari mutters that it’s the sauce that is the problem.

Then it’s time for the meeting to occur and Ki-Chan leaves first. However, Kayoon also gets a random text about the meeting and quickly leaves, too.

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Heejung and the scammer meet ten minutes early to make the handoff so Ki-Chan arrives only after the scammer is walking off. He sees Heejung in her car and runs out to chapter the scammer.

At the same time, Mansoo worries about Kayoon when he wonders if Kayoon got the meat delivery. The thought reminds him of meeting the scammer (Hwang Jindo) as the meat producer who worked with Jingook. He calls Kayoon and tells her the same.

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Back at the park, Ki-Chan manages to stop the guy and threatens to toss the bag of money into the water if the man does not confess. The Jindo thinks that Ki-Chan is after him because of the robber and confesses to that crime when all Ki-Chan knew was how Jindo scammed Jingook and Kayoon’s family for money. Ki-Chan pauses and orders that Jindo confess who hired him… Jindo answers that Ki-Chan saw the woman himself and Ki-Chan realizes that it’s Heejung. Ki-Chan pauses in shock as Kayoon arrives.


Jindo also sees the opportunity and takes out a knife to stab Ki-Chan before running away. Kayoon calls for help and the police take Ki-Chan to the hospital where Kayoon asks Ki-Chan if Jindo did not say anything. Ki-Chan pauses but ends up answering that Jindo did not…


Star crossed lovers indeed. At this point, it would be difficult for any family to accept Ki-Chan of they had been the victim of Heejung’s antics. As a quick refresher, she is the reason Mansoo both went bankrupt and lost his sense of smell. The family had to sell everything and lives close to poverty with even the grandmother finding ways to make money on the side… Additionally, Heejung first broke Jung-Eun’s engagement with her pregnant announcement. Even if you love the guy, can you accept being families with someone so selfish? I’m not sure I could.

On a side note, I’m not sure what Hyunjoon expects to accomplish. He might not be trying to accomplish anything since he’s just a two dimensional character at the point. He is the evil rival who does not even try to win Kayoon’s heart.

Finally, we only have around 20 episodes. Will we see Kayoon bring honor back to her family? There is a lot that the writer has to get done in the last quarter of the series. Kayoon’s family needs to find stability and happiness again. The truth about Minwoo needs to come out. Kayoon and Ki-Chan’s relationship or end thereof needs clarification. And Jung-Eun’s and Jingook’s relationship needs to find closure as well.

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