Everything Will Be OK – 83

Ki-Chan has to come to terms with the knowledge about Heejung caused all of Kayoon’s suffering.


Heejung walks back into her office in a daze knowing that Ki-Chan saw her face…


At the same time, Mansoo tells the police that the robber was also Jindo. Kayoon also arrives and notes that someone sent her a message where she saw Jindo…


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan tells the police that he did not know the person who told him the tip about Jindo to protect Heejung. He explains that he has been open to all kinds of tips and this one was from a stranger. The police accepts the explanation and Ki-Chan leaves with Young-Tae.


Ki-Chan then goes to the office to meet with Heejung. After everyone leaves, he demands to know how his sister could do such a thing. Heejung cries back that all she did was order that Jindo steal the sauce and that she did it because the higher ups ordered her.

Ki-Chan tells her to go to the police and confess. Heejung screams that she cannot since she’s in charge of the latest project.


From the side, Hyunjoon listens in while laughing in his office. He takes the time to walk out and announce to Ki-Chan that this is why Ki-Chan can never be with Kayoon. Hyunjoon blames the whole thing on Heejung by saying that all he did was help Heejung when Jindo attacked her; he is not involved at any level more.

Ki-Chan declares that he does not care if it is his own sister; he will tell the police so that Heejung and the whole company gets its comeuppance. With that, Ki-Chan walks off.

After he leaves, Heejung screams at Hyunjoon for being such a coward as to order that she do the dirty work and pretend that it has nothing to do with her. Hyunjoon sneers back that it’s over for her and he has no idea why his father trusted her so much. Heejung answers by shouting that Hyunjoon has a jealousy problem, being jealous of her getting CEO Yoon’s approval and being jealous of Ki-Chan getting Kayoon’s love. Hyunjoon bites back that Heejung is just a tool that should do what the people above her tell her to.

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Kayoon calls Ki-Chan to ask if he’s okay. Ki-Chan lies that he is at home but keeps quiet. Kayoon tells Ki-Chan that she loves him and thinks they should say it more often as she was so scared when Ki-Chan got hurt.

Later Grandmama visits Dongsook and buys one of her herbal drink products. She tells Dongsook to deliver it to Mansoo since Grandmama does not know much about the product and Mansoo does not listen to her.

Kayoon has no idea that her news of Jindo bring back in Seoul and being the robber shocking Jingook and just assumes Jingook is not paying attention. Dalja also visits the restaurant just in time to hear Kayoon yell at Jingook for using the window cleaner on the table instead of the disinfectant. Grandmama comes to Kayoon’s restaurant and asks Dalja to have a seat before dismissing Jingook.


Grandmama explains that the children are worried about Dalja; so Grandmama called to check in. Grandmama asks if it is reasonable for for an ex-mother-in-law to live with ex-daughter-in-law. However, Dalja is not a bit repentent. She announces to Grandmama that if Grandmama does not like her and Jingook, they can just have the children divorce. She notes that Jingook has already suffered enough because of them and she has no intention of forcing the children to stay together when the family became bankrupt because Kayoon had an affair.

Dongsook must have overheard the commotion, because she runs in to Kayoon’s defense. She snaps at Dalja that the whole predicament occurred because Jingook took the bribe in the first place. But all Dalja does is huff and deny it. When Heejung calls, Dalja even calls Heejung “baby” and announces to the group.

Jingook pulls his mother aside when she comes out and begs his mother not to make a mess out of his life. Dalja just tells him not to worry since Heejung is doing great these days.

Dalja rushes home and finds Heejung waiting for her anxiously. Heejung snaps that Dalja is late for the children’s movie and asks her to leave immediately.


After Dalja leaves, Daeho and Soon-Im arrive. It turns out Heejung plans to manipulate Ki-Chan through her parents. Heejung sobs in front of her parents that she made a mistake and Ki-Chan plans to turn her into the police. She even defends herself that she did nothing more than what her supervisors ordered her to do… Then she wonders what will happen to Minwoo if she has to go to jail.


Daeho goes straight home and beats Ki-Chan up. He tells Ki-Chan that there are things family should not do, which includes turning family into the police for making one mistake…Ki-Chan begins to cry that his sister is a monster but does not elaborate. Heejung won this round; Ki-Chan cannot go against his father.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im is different than Daeho. She asks Heejung what Heejung did to make Ki-Chan react in this manner. Heejung just quietly answers that if she told her mother, her mother would leave her as well. Heejung instead goes into her room to call Ki-Chan to confirm that he won’t turn her in. Ki-Chan promises that he won’t but he also notes that he will take care of Minwoo if something ever happens.

Meanwhile, Grandmama tells Mansoo about how Dalja appears to want Jingook to get back together with Heejung. And, at the same time, Kayoon asks Jung-Eun how she feels. Jung-Eun sighs that she no longer believes in the passionate love like she used to… However, Jung-Eun also notes that she thinks a divorce would be worse for their family.


Ki-Chan broods over the couple?/engagement rings which he bought for Kayoon. He knows now that there’s another obstacle in their way and sighs before putting the box back into his drawers.

Ki-Chan goes to see Kayoon at the restaurant where he’s visibly stressed. It’s surprising that Kayoon acts like she doesn’t see him about to cry… They close up and Ki-Chan gets close for a kiss.

Time passes and it’s time for both the franchise restaurants and Kayoon’s restaurant to open. Kayoon happily comes to work where she finds out that kitchen already made the vegetables delivery. Then Dongsook comes in and apologizes to Kayoon to bring her bad news. Dongsook tells Kayoon that Heejung’s group seems to have stolen Mansoo’s sauce as Nari just told her.



So, now Ki-Chan knows why he and Kayoon cannot be together. And, the last few seconds alludes that Kayoon will also make the connection. If Heejung stole Mansoo’s sauce, Heejung is the reason that Mansoo lost his sense of smell and they had to sell everything… Both of them now know that Heejung has basically ruined the family’s life.

Another interesting wrinkle is that now both Ki-Chan and Hyunjoon have lied to Kayoon. Hyunjoon lied about Heejung and canceling the investor meeting. However, Ki-Chan has lied about not knowing anything more about the robbery. Of course, Ki-Chan’s motivation was to protect his family but I don’t believe that excuses him. In a way, Ki-Chan has basically told Kayoon that his family will always come before her and her family. That’s never a great start to a loving relationship.

On the side, Dalja what the stuffing? This lady is one of the most audacious characters in this drama that I am starting to wonder if she’s just delusional. She is living at the mercy of her ex-daughter-in-law whom she made life a living hell. Additionally, her son is living off of her current daughter-in-law’s family and she thinks she can tell the family off for just yelling at her son? When she brought up divorce first, a part of me was happy. If Jung-Eun divorces Jingook and Heejung does not take him back (she won’t; he’s always going to be a liability to her and Minwoo), Jingook and Dalja will have no one to turn to! Satisfaction.

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