Everything Will Be OK – 84

Kayoon lashes back by breaking up with Ki-Chan and determining to get revenge.



Kayoon turns around to find Ki-Chan there and demands to know what he is doing. Ki-Chan tells her not to go in since she will only confirm what she already knows. He also notes that the people are not the type that would apologize… She’s not going to find her answers here.


Kayoon does not answer and enters anyways. Kayoon goes inside to see Heejung, Hyunjoon and his father. She even joins in the opening toast where the CEO pretends that they are all friends.


Heejung invites Kayoon into a private room to try their dishes. There she finds out for the first time that her assistant chef was there. She tells the assistant chef that she’s impatient as usual… For example, the meat was flipped to quickly and the sauce is not perfect.

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Hyunjoon and Heejung defend their chef by laughing that Kayoon is too picky. Kayoon then accuses them of stealing their sauce but Hyunjoon and Heejung pretend not to know what Kayoon is talking about. They respond that a lot of chefs use the method of mixing the current sauce with the prior day’s sauce. They insist that that is where the similarities end.

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Kayoon promises to prove that they stole the sauce and leaves. She first stops by the CEO and tells him the same…she tells him that she will never forgive him for threatening to ruin her and her sister’s future. The CEO smiles that Mansoo already tried fighting him and gave up. He asks if Kayoon has not learned her lesson.


Kayoon returns to her restaurant and finds Ki-Chan preparing the ingredients. She declares that she is going to fight with Heejung and the restaurant. She asks him if he cannot testify to the police that Jindo told him Heejung ordered the robbery. Ki-Chan softly answers that he cannot.

So, Kayoon tells him that they are done; he is her enemy. She notes that the restaurant is his so she will leave. But Ki-Chan stops her and tells her that the only way that she can win is to develop the original sauce and prove that Heejung’s company stole it. He reminds her that she helped him when he needed it most as well.

Kayoon looks him straight in the eyes and tells him that she will accept the restaurant as a breakup gift. Ki-Chan sighs but accepts. He knows that she needs space and leaves for her.

Ki-Chan meets Soon-Im outside the restaurant. She came to congratulate Kayoon on her opening the restaurant. Ki-Chan asks his mother to please help Kayoon since he cannot.


So, Soon-Im goes in where Kayoon is overwhelmed because her employee called in sick. Soon-Im automatically puts on an apron and begins to help.

After they finish the day’s work, Kayoon apologizes to Soon-Im. She thanks Soon-Im for all of her help and notes that she cannot accept more help because of her current situation with Heejung. Kayoon sees her out.

Soon-Im goes across to Dongsook’s shop and asks Dongsook to tell her what everyone knows but her. So, Dongsook does.

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Meanwhile, Daeho hears about Ki-Chan getting stabbed from Young-Tae and hovers over him when Ki-Chan comes back to the office. Poor Young-Tae reassures Ki-Chan that the stabbing incident was all that he told Daeho. So, Daeho pretends to leave and eavesdrops where he hears about how Heejung stole Mansoo’s sauce and… Caused the injury as a result.

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Daeho calls Heejung out and takes her to the river where he throws her toward the water. He asks how she could do such and thing and like most Korean parents declares that they should just both die together. Heejung has nothing that she can say other than she’s sorry and Daeho ends up leaving by himself… Leaving Heejung to sob over the knowledge that her father also believes that she’s a monster.

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At the same time, Soon-Im walks out of Dongsook’s shop in a shocked daze. She feels like she cannot go home and goes to Ki-Chan’s house instead. As soon as she sees Daeho, she falls to the ground.

Heejung has little time to nurse her heart from her life falling apart. Hyunjoon has called her in for a meeting. His news is that the CEO wants Kayoon’s restaurant shut and this franchise to stay a success. Heejung coldly tells Hyunjoon that he was also filmed on the security cameras at their company so the first thing that Hyunjoon needs to do is erase the footage of Jindo.

Heejung goes home and finds both Jingook and Dalja at her place. Dalja is in the HAVE-JINGOOK-MARRY-HEEJUNG mode. She tries to ask Heejung whether Heejung would accept Jingook back if Jingook divorced Jung-Eun. Heejung just tells Dalja to leave with Jingook. To make her point, Heejung walks out and tells her son firmly to say goodbye to both Dalja and Jingook.


Back at the company, Daddy Yoon orders that Hyunjoon destroy Kayoon’s company. He reminds Hyunjoon that if Kayoon develops the sauce and accuses them of stealing it, the whole company will suffer. He notes that Hyunjoon can help by visiting the restaurant every day to confirm that Kayoon has not succeeded in redeveloping the sauce.

Meanwhile, Grandmama convinces Mansoo to accept Ki-Chan again since Mansoo also approved of the restaurant Ki-Chan gave to Kayoon. Mansoo begrudgingly agrees and calls Ki-Chan to invite him over. However, Ki-Chan lies that he cannot because of work.screenshot_2016-01-09-18-23-10-resized-640

At the same time, Hyunjoon goes to Kayoon’s restaurant and orders the katsu. He also asks her to sit with him since there are no other customers. Kayoon reluctantly does but the discussion gets tense as Hyunjoon asks about Ki-Chan.

Hyunjoon ends up leaving without really eating the katsu and runs into Ki-Chan below handing out fliers to passerbys.


This was another development episode. It was there to set up the conflict for future episodes and it did it well. Now all of the characters know what is going on except for the Minwoo secret. It’s just a complicated mess of subplots.

I don’t have much to say about this episode as it went quickly. The acting was strong from the veteran actors such as Daeho and Soon-Im. You could really see their pain when they realized how low Heejung has fallen… Of course, as parents, they cannot but feel partially responsible.

I should also note that Heejung has the heartbreaking sobbing act down. Even as I think that Heejung deserves to see how disappointed her parents her… When I see Heejung sob like she does… My anger even melts away to pity. Not many actresses can do that. I wonder if Heejung would do such a good job with the main female lead role and hope that she gets one soon!

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