Everything Will Be OK – 85

Kayoon’s family bands together just in time to hear that Heejung has started a legal action to terminate Jingook’s parental rights.


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The confrontation between the two men is short as Hyunjoon sneers about Ki-Chan still buzzing around Kayoon. Ki-Chan answers that Hyunjoon has no right to be there as well and runs off to hand out more flyers.

Meanwhile, one of the customers tells Kayoon and Jung-Eun that they heard the restaurant was delicious from the guy passing out flyers. When Kayoon sees how many typos there are on the flyer, she texts Ki-Chan to confront him.

Ki-Chan comes up with his remaining flyers and explains that he ordered the flyers prior to the breakup. Kayoon just tells him to stop.


Hyunjoon and Heejung are also called into the CEO’s office because the CEO has learned about them deleting some security footage. Heejung turns on her pen voice recorder and goes in… Only to get betrayed. The CEO pretends not to know anything about ordering Heejung to steal the sauce and Hyunjoon follows along.


Afterwards, Heejung tells Hyunjoon to fix the situation. However, Hyunjoon answers that he does not have to. Heejung reminds him that the company was only able to raise their revenue thanks to her and the CEO has even acknowledged her efforts.


Meanwhile, Kayoon’s family holds a meeting where Kayoon explains the situation. The family decides to fight against Heejung’s restaurant… Except, later Jingook tells Jung-Eun to stop speaking I’ll about Heejung who is the mother of his son. Jung-Eun asks how Jingook can still stand up for Heejung and another fight ensues. Can this couple stay together to the end of the series?


At the same time, Heejung worries about her mother not coming home and calls her father. Daeho tells her that Soon-Im is sleeping at his place and lies that Soon-Im does not know what Heejung has done yet. Then Ki-Chan comes home and the parents apologize for being harsh without knowing all of the facts.

Later that night, Mansoo finishes drinking and goes into the kitchen to get some water. He finds Kayoon working on the sauce and gives her some words of encouragement – it also took him years to develop the sauce.


The next morning, we get some good news! Kayoon prepares cups of water with salt, sugar and vinegar. She has each person drink the water and asks about the flavor. Each member has no idea what is in the water except for Mansoo who gets every cup right. That’s when Kayoon and Jingook tell Mansoo that smell is only a part of taste; they believe that Mansoo’s sensitive palette can be retrained without the sense of smell.


Kayoon goes to work and sees Ki-Chan because he’s brought her vegetables. She tells him that he can stop and walks in. Ki-Chan follows her in and reminds her that she’s being unreasonable since she knows his company is a good supplier; it will take more effort to find another reliable company…

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As for Daeho and Soon-Im, they go to apologize to Mansoo and Grandmama. Daeho explains that Heejung is a result of his failure at parenting and asks Mansoo to forgive Heejung… Daeho promises to do whatever Mansoo wants in return.

Jingook interrupts this meeting by announcing that he is also planning to request full custody of his son from Heejung since he thinks Heejung is not a good role model. It makes sense but Daeho and Soon-Im are not happy to hear this.


Mansoo has found some resolve as he goes to the restaurant to help Kayoon. Dongsook sees this since she checks on Kayoon daily and was just about to call Mansoo about how Kayoon is understaffed. ^^

Onto our Jung-Eun/Jingook/Heejung triangle. Jung-Eun comes to the company to file for her pension and ends up running into Heejung. Since Jung-Eun is exhausted, she offers to step aside if Heejung still wants Jingook back. Heejung scoffs and answers that she would never want Jingook back. Instead, Heejung asks Jung-Eun for help – by giving Jingook an ultimatum – Jung-Eun or Minwoo. Jung-Eun answers that she cannot since she understands how much Jingook loves Minwoo. Heejung replies that Jung-Eun just seems to lack confidence in her relationship.

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So, Jung-Eun goes home and asks Jingook the hypothetical. Except, Jingook responds badly by answering that he would rather just break up with Jung-Eun since he didn’t know she was such a girl. What the! Jingook tells her that they should divorce and Jung-Eun runs to the restaurant crying.

Jingook calls his mother who reassures him that they can just live the three of them – him, Minwoo and her… Jingook sighs and hangs up.

Jingook goes into the living room where Grandmama placidly asks if Jingook has reported to his mother. Jingook sighs that he hates everyone including his mom, Jung-Eun and Heejung. When Grandmama asks what he’s talking about, Jingook tells her about how Dalja wrote a declaration that he has been missing and a horrible son to get an apartment.


Just then, the court summons about Heejung’s action to get full custody and change Minwoo’s last name to her last name arrives. Jingook goes to the restaurant and gives the letter to Kayoon asking what he should do. He notes that if he sees Heejung now, he might kill her.

Speaking volumes of their family, Kayoon, jumps to help him. Jung-Eun tells Jingook to get a lawyer and Kayoon offers to go meet Heejung herself.

Kayoon calls Heejung and gets told to meet at home. Heejung goes home first and tells Dalja to go pick up Minwoo…

But when Kayoon arrives in the parking lot, she gets a flashback. She remembers the clues…like Hyunjoon’s mom talking about the other girl… Kayoon goes in and gets straight to the point. She asks if Minwoo is Hyunjoon’s son.


Jingook. Jingook. I understand that he has no one to rely on but Jung-Eun but how could he demand a divorce first? I mean he has done nothing to help Jung-Eun and he jumps to “let’s get a divorce?” Yes, it was wrong of Jung-Eun to even ask the hypothetical. However, Jung-Eun is young and she has never been a biological parent. Jingook cannot expect Jung-Eun to have to same amount to have the same amount of devotion to Minwoo as Heejung does. Additionally, he of all people should realize how much stress Jung-Eun has been under. I’m sorry but Jingook’s character has fallen so low, I don’t know how it can be rehabilitated at this point.

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