Everything Will Be OK – 87

CEO Yoon resorts to force, which forces Kayoon to turn to the dark side. But can she handle the veteran – Heejung?


Hyunjoon lurks behind to hear Heejung accuse Kayoon of using Heejung’s weakness. But Kayoon evenly tells Heejung to go home since Minwoo should be cold. Heejung stalks off and Hyunjoon comes back over to ask what Heejung was talking about. Kayoon just changes the subject to why Hyunjoon is always lurking around her restaurant to get him to leave.

But when Hyunjoon goes back to his car, we see what happened through a flashback. Hyunjoon was visiting Kayoon when Minwoo walked out and fell. He scraped his hand and started crying when Hyunjoon rushed over and took Minwoo to a pharmacy to get some medicine…


Hyunjoon drives over and offers to drive Minwoo and Heejung home. Minwoo excitedly gets in which forces Heejung to follow silently. Ki-Chan gets to see this and freaks out.


Ki-Chan rushes straight to Kayoon at her restaurant. He begins by asking Kayoon why Heejung got in the car with Minwoo and Hyunjoon. He implies that Kayoon told Hyunjoon.

Kayoon cries out that she did not tell anyone though she feels bad when she sees either Jingook, Dalja or Jingook. She even adds that she was shocked when she saw Hyunjoon with Minwoo as well. Then she goes back into the restaurant where Kayoon’s family congregates.

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Hyunjoon even puts Minwoo to bed. He then wonders that it was the first time that he laughed in months. He asks Heejung to thank Minwoo for him and then goes to say goodbye to Soon-Im.


Meanwhile, Dalja returns to Kayoon’s house. To her credit, Grandmama is polite to Dalja. Dalja turns against Heejung and tells Grandmama that Heejung is horrible for turning on Dalja when Dalja did all of the housework to stay next to Minwoo. Jung-Eun offers to sleep with Dalja that night and even shows Dalja that they brought over Dalja’s pajamas as well.

Dalja sings a new tune and thanks Jung-Eun for being such an angel. She asks Jung-Eun to not abandoned Jingook (as if she was not the one suggesting a divorce)…


At the same time, Mansoo tells Jingook that he can write a declaration in favor of Jingook as well. He can attest that although Jingook is not the smartest guy, Jingook is not the type to abandon his mother or his child. Jingook smiles that it is true and thanks Mansoo.

Grandmama finds Kayoon tinkering in the kitchen and sighs that she hates Dalja but cannot say anything when Dalja is so pitiful when it comes to Minwoo. Kayoon sighs that Heejung has her reasons, too but does not elaborate. Then she smells the fermented fruit and gasps because it smells like the ingredient that her father used to include…


The next morning, Hyunjoon calls Jingook to let Jingook know that he’s returning Jingook’s apartment. Dalja gets so ecstatic that she invites Kayoon’s family to live with them since the apartment is bigger than Kayoon’s current home.


Jingook goes to get Dalja’s stuff and tells Heejung that he wants to take Minwoo back. Heejung tells him that she won’t let Jingook. So, he sighs that he will tell the media about Heejung stealing the recipes and sauce. Heejung glares that if he does, she will upload Dalja’s sex tape. Jingook sighs that if it comes to this, he won’t give up on Minwoo… He can turn himself in to the police and testify that Heejung introduced Jindo (fraud) to him… That should be enough to get Heejung in legal trouble…

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Heejung backs off but goes to rant to Hyunjoon. Hyunjoon smiles that this is not the time for Heejung to worry about a house… Heejung walks out to hear that the police are there investigating the deleted security tapes. Heejung gets called into the CEO’s office where the CEO angrily tells Heejung that the police are stubborn. The CEO orders that Heejung turn herself in and notes he would compensate her.


Heejung stalks into Hyunjoon’s office and tells him to stop this. Hyunjoon smiles and asks why. So, Heejung explains that she is no longer the naive girl that Hyunjoon called naive. She plugs in a USB and let’s Hyunjoon hear the recording where Hyunjoon orders Heejung steal the sauce. She notes that if she goes down, he goes down with her.

Heejung walks out smiling and the secretary goes to Hyunjoon. Hyunjoon snarls that Heejung recorded the conversations in the CEO’s office…but Hyunjoon tells the secretary not to tell the CEO since the CEO would throw Hyunjoon away as well…


During this time, Nari looks in to submit something and overhears Hyunjoon tell the secretary to do what is necessary… Later, thugs go to the restaurant and make a ruckus. So, Dongsook calls Ki-Chan who rushes over while Young-Tae calls the cops.

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When Kayoon finds out what happened, she calls Heejung and goes over to demand the incriminating evidence that Heejung has against Hyunjoon and his father… Heejung refuses so Kayoon bites out that she will tell Hyunjoon if Heejung does not hand over the blackmail evidence.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan tried to follow but loses Kayoon. Ki-Chan goes to Hyunjoon but finds that Kayoon and Heejung are not there…


Heejung offers to pay Kayoon off with a new restaurant and house. But Kayoon does not accept and leaves. Heejung anxiously runs after her…and the two girls end up driving dangerously together with Heejung trying to make Kayoon stop. Finally, Kayoon pulls over and begins to walk away.

Heejung loses it when Kayoon neither listens or stops. She returns to her car and drives straight at Kayoon.

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Luckily, Ki-Chan sees Kayoon in the street and recognizes his sisters car. He runs across the street to stop Kayoon and gets hit by Heejung’s car instead…


Wow! The suspense in the last part was amazing! I wish the other 80 episodes of this drama had been similar…

One thing that I can acknowledge is that the writer made it clear that Kayoon had no other choice before resorting to violence. She knows how many people are being hurt and have been hurt by Heejung’s lies. She also knows that Heejung is the reason her family is now struggling to make ends meet and her father had to give up his life’s dream… She also knows that Hyunjoon’s father would stop at nothing to crush their little restaurant. Against this backdrop, Kayoon cannot help but believe that Heejung’s blackmail evidence is the only thing that can stop Hyunjoon’s family before her own family gets more hurt.

On the flip side, the drama’s portrayal of Heejung’s character is surprisingly convincing, too. We have seen Heejung gradually get more antsy and impulsive when it comes to Minwoo as her secret becomes harder to hide. Additionally, she harbors recent wounds of having Minwoo being taken away from her by less powerful people than CEO Yoon. So, Heejung begins to get influence and power without the accompanying emotional stability making her a wild card. With this portrayal, I was not surprised to see Heejung flip and drive at Kayoon although I had hoped Heejung would drive past dangerously close just to scare Kayoon.

I cannot wait to see the next episode.

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