Everything Will Be OK – 89

Time for everyone to regroup and take stock off the changed situation. Almost everyone is shaken up by something or another. The question is where do things go from here?



Heejung suffers from nightmares of hitting Ki-Chan and wakes up to her mother. She cries that she almost killed her brother but Soon-Im just assumes Heejung is exhausted. Heejung tries calling Ki-Chan but he’s pretty curt.

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Meanwhile Ki-Chan finds Kayoon in the kitchen when he drops by to deliver the vegetables. Kayoon asks him to try the katsu since she needs another person to try it. Ki-Chan smiles and congratulates Kayoon on succeeding in remaking her father’s sauce. Kayoon tells Ki-Chan that he won’t tell Hyunjoon but he’s going to still fight Heejung since Heejung caused her family to suffer.


Hyunjoon remembers all of the weird instances with Heejung and grimly drops by in the morning. He pretends that he only stopped by to drive Heejung since Heejung cannot drive. He explains the accident about how Heejung hit Ki-Chan ignoring Heejung’s glare.


When Minwoo runs out, Hyunjoon looks at him with different eyes. He accepts Minwoo’s invitation to join for breakfast and implies to Heejung that he’s making life difficult because she has the recording files and is trying to take over his company. He threatens to come every day and tell every secret to her mother…

Heejung glares at him asking why he’s doing this. Hyunjoon just wonders what would have happened if he had stayed with Heejung in the past. He asks if Heejung really tried to hit Kayoon and wonders why.


Soon-Im’s arrival at Ki-Chan’s office means that Daeho finds out that Heejung is the one who hit Ki-Chan. Soon-Im worries out loud when Ki-Chan comes in but Ki-Chan just laughs and picks her up to show how healthy he is. He asks why his mother is so worried and hears that Hyunjoon was by.


Hyunjoon drops by Heejung’s office to interrupt Ki-Chan and Heejung worrying about him. He tells Heejung that he is giving the apartment to Jingook since a child should keep his father’s last name. This reassures Heejung that Hyunjoon has no idea about the truth.

At the same time, Jingook celebrates about regaining the house and then calls the police to give a tip. He notes that Heejung was the one who introduced the scammer to him.


Jingook happily goes to work when the thugs arrive. They kick Jingook to the side but Grandmama runs to Jingook’s excuse. The thugs yell at Grandmama and Dongsook runs out to help. She threatens to call the cops and asks the passerbys to film the thugs. This causes them to slink away.


Dongsook delegates Jingook to her store since he’s not much of a help. There, he and Nari post online the accusation that Hyunjoon’s restaurants stole the recipe from Kayoon’s family. Kayoon also gets the ball rolling by bringing the sauce to the police and asking them to investigate the franchise restaurants.


Lucky for us, the characters actually use their brains. Daeho wonders why Ki-Chan got hit by Heejung and Young-Tae suggests that Daeho check out the Blackbox footage. So, Daeho goes and offers to chauffeur Heejung around. During the drive, he also tells her to quit her job at any time since he and Ki-Chan’s company is doing well and can take care of Heejung and Minwoo.

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After he drops Heejung off, he plays the Blackbox and gasps.

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Heejung gets a call from her brother asking about her father minutes before the police come to investigate. Luckily for her, Daeho took out the memory card and destroys it in the park.


The police take Heejung in for questioning on the basis that it is suspicious that Heejung would be tied to Jindo and get involved in an accident with Kayoon. As the questioning goes on, Kayoon arrives with her own Blackbox memory card. Kayoon confirms that she was almost hit but notes that the incident had nothing to do with the stolen sauce.

Ki-Chan also arrives to hear the police basically piece together the whole story. He asks if Heejung did not try to run Kayoon off the road and then resorted to trying to hit Kayoon with the car. He guesses that Ki-Chan saw the scene and ran in to help Kayoon.


Oh dear. How would Daeho feel knowing that his own daughter almost killed his son. Additionally, Daeho is smart enough to know that the issue between Ki-Chan and Heejung can only be Kayoon. A wise and stable person might not blame Kayoon but any other person can easily jump to the conclusion that his children would not have an issue if Kayoon had not gotten involved. That is my guess for why Daeho then goes to make a ruckus at Kayoon’s restaurant.

One thing that I really appreciated in this episode was how Dongsook threatened to film the thugs and asked the passerbys to help. That was what I wondered about in the past episode; why didn’t anyone threaten to instigate the netizen police? Korean society may have it’s issues but the prevalence of the Internet and access to it allows for those without any influence or money to ask strangers for help through popular portals… If Kayoon and her family record the situation, the thugs cannot continue to bully her family. They would have to resort to a crime, at which point the police can get involved.

My last thought from this episode was a question about Hyunjoon. I have no idea why he reacted in this way. He helped Jingook get custody over his son. Just what is Hyunjoon planning?

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