Everything Will Be OK – 91

Dalja forces Heejung’s hands and she takes Hyunjoon’s bait. New allies?


Heejung does not jump for joy at the proposal. Instead, she stands up in shock and asks if Hyunjoon has gone crazy. Hyunjoon offers a simple explanation that he can provide security for Minwoo in exchange for the blackmail recordings.


A flashback explains more of Hyunjoon’s reasoning. The attorney notes that Hyunjoon could adopt Minwoo after marrying Heejung… By adopting his stepson after one year of marriage.


Heejung is suspicious and asks Hyunjoon what he’s scheming. Hyunjoon explains that she cannot testify against Hyunjoon who would be her husband… Additionally, he offers that she would be the wife of the CEO of YB Group with Minwoo becoming the heir to the company since he likes Minwoo. Heejung just sneers and walks off.


Jingook and Dalja has no idea about Hyunjoon’s plans…they start scheming about making it so that Heejung can never stand in court and ask for custody over Minwoo again. Jung-Eun overhears and stares in shock at their harshness.

Meanwhile, Heejung stops by the restaurant and notes that she heard her father made a mistake the other day. Mansoo walks off noting that he does not want an apology from her and leaves the two girls to talk.

We turn to Soon-Im where there’s some good news! Soon-Im asks Ki-Chan to look for a bigger house so they can all live together. Ki-Chan smiles that he will look in Heejung’s neighborhood.

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At the same time, Heejung sighs to Kayoon that she has no one to turn to since she’s a burden on her own family. (Convenient amnesia since both girls just forgot that Heejung almost ran Kayoon over just a couple of episodes before…) She notes that Hyunjoon gave the house back to Jingook making her own custody of Minwoo get precarious… She also wonders if Jingook would ever know how guilty she feels toward him…

Then Heejung tells Kayoon about how Hyunjoon offer to marry her in exchange for the blackmail recordings. She declares that she’s going to reject the proposal since she already entered into one loveless marriage… She does not want another one.


Back at the office, Hyunjoon tells the secretary about his proposal and his plan to adopt Minwoo after marriage. He declares that he will destroy Heejung after he adopts Minwoo and asks the secretary to keep it a secret that Heejung was the woman from the past.

Heejung returns home and hears from Soon-Im that the family plans to get a four bedroom home so everyone can live together. Heejung notes that she might get married before they move in together. Soon-Im looks surprised and Heejung quickly adds that she’s joking, she would never marry Hyunjoon.

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In the morning, Ki-Chan drops over the delivery and asks Kayoon why she never answered his offer to run away together. She tells him that she would have if he asked her before… She wanted to run away so much at the pier but he told her that he does not want to see her hurt. She notes that they need to protect their families.

Meanwhile, Jung-Eun stands up for Heejung’s rights and suggests they return Minwoo to Heejung as they promised. Dalja accuses Jung-Eun of not caring since Minwoo is not her own son. Dalja is at it again…


The press stop by Kayoon’s restaurant. They come from a program that investigates rumors in the food industry. Kayoon tells them that their restaurant is confident in their menu and does not want to resort to insulting other restaurants.


Afterwards, Mansoo and Kayoon tell Jingook that they do not want to go on television to substantiate his rumors that Restaurant K stole their sauce. Kayoon explains that they were also hit by rumors and do not want to fight dirty…


But then Hyunjoon calls Kayoon to meet since they know her restaurant is also getting love calls from the press. He notes that things might get out of hand if Kayoon and her family is prosecuted for defamation. Kayoon answers that he can do whatever he wants as she’s not afraid. Then she changes the subject to Hyunjoon’s upcoming marriage with Heejung. She tells him that she does not mind Hyunjoon marrying but she does not understand why it’s Heejung. Hyunjoon replies that he does not care as long as it is not Kayoon.


Dalja gets bored sitting on the sidelines as well. She runs over to Heejung’s apartment and threatens to tell the police that Heejung paid the swindler. She laughs that Heejung would never be able to get custody over Minwoo if she is found guilty of being connected to the swindler. Heejung screams at Dalja to leave her and Minwoo alone but Dalja just shoves Heejung aside and leaves.


It’s at this vulnerable moment that Hyunjoon calls to ask about Heejung not coming to work. Heejung agrees to marry Hyunjoon on one condition – he immediately brings Minwoo to her. So, Hyunjoon does.

When Dalja arrives to a house without Minwoo, she freaks out. She again accuses Jung-Eun of not caring because it’s not her son and even raises her hand to hit Jung-Eun!

At the same time, Hyunjoon happily reads a book to Minwoo and the two fall asleep together. Heejung walks out to find them sleeping together and something moves in her heart…She lets Hyunjoon bathe Minwoo and even prepares a meal like Hyunjoon and she are a loving couple.


Ki-Chan hears about Hyunjoon’s proposal from his mother and furiously runs up to the apartment. When he enters, he sees Hyunjoon in lounging clothes as he had just bathed Minwoo. Ki-Chan shoves Hyunjoon against the wall and demands to know what Hyunjoon is planning.


Thank goodness that daily dramas do not keep you in suspense long and we are able to find out what Hyunjoon is planning. Otherwise, Hyunjoon’s actions really are irrational. From a protective little brother’s perspective, Hyunjoon is the most dangerous person in the world to Heejung… who never got over Hyunjoon and really cared for him. I do not even think that Ki-Chan realizes just how much Heejung cared about Hyunjoon.

While the drama has definitely painted Heejung as not your average innocent or naive protagonist. The portrayal of her character receiving help from Hyunjoon in his running to her rescue by bringing Minwoo back to her … and her quick change of heart to even make food instead of immediately kicking Hyunjoon out makes me worried for Heejung’s character. The show has made it clear that Heejung never got over Hyunjoon. Since we know that Hyunjoon is not proposing out of love, the only way Heejung can continue to fight Hyunjoon on equal grounds if she continues to hate him for leaving her and Minwoo. If he wins her over, he can completely destroy her.

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