Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – 11-15

Jung-Gi and his family gradually adjusts to being poor with Maru turning into a part-time-job-aholic with Bom. However, this new partnership leads Bom into running into her older sister and just as Ahran is hiding creating a new artificially sweetened wine from her mother. Things don’t end up well – Bom gets fired and Ahran ends up running away in disgrace.



Bom enters the restaurant just as Mi-Dal declares that she’s a wicked step mother. Jung-Gi sees Bom and drops all of the rice cutting the conversation. Jung-Gi goes to get a new bag of rice where he wonders how Bom had this story to her…

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At the same time, Sun-Young accuses Jiah of planning everything. Jiah snaps back that it was all Sooho’s idea and he asked her for help getting money for a new guitar. Jiah even trips Sooho as he tries to run away… So he ends up literally locked in his room with a box of water bottles.


Bom runs into Maru and then brood together in the park about how hard it is to be a young person in Korea. Bom notes that their generation is known for being “7 give up percenters”… They have to give up their dreams, love, job, etc. Maru smiles and thanks Bom for helping out. He gives Bom a box of chicken in gratitude.


Bom brings her box home to eat with Mi-Dal and Bae-Dal. The adults are left the hook since Bom explains that she was angry about how badly her mother treated Jung-Gi and she didn’t hear something weird.


At the same time, Jung-Gi apologizes to Maru that he could not protect Maru’s inheritance… Maru had to give up everything so that they don’t inherit the debt. Maru smiles that the land was never his in the first place; so, he does not mind losing it.


Jung-Gi’s sister fails at getting her mom to leave the house and runs to get Jung-Gi. The grandmother cries that she’s only there to help Ahran who is second in Gookhee’s eyes. She even drags Jung-Gi in to see Ahran when Ahran works on her project. Ahran tells her father that the only way he can help is to disappear from her eyes…


Gookhee comes home and tells everyone to leave. Jung-Gi promises to not go come back and live at the house but asks Gookhee to file that Paran has gone missing. He adds that they cannot let Ahran live a lonely life any longer and Ahran hears it all…

Jung-Gi takes the paperwork to the police station but turns away at the last minute…

Meanwhile, Bom finds her hair pin from her dad’s uniform. She does not recognize it but takes it anyways assuming it was for her little sister.

Things take a turn for the worse when Jiah uses Bom’s shower and then takes Bom’s new jacket to borrow. Mi-Dal sees this and asks about the deeds she saw the other day. Jiah answers truthfully that they lost all of their land and properties because they were covered by liens. So, Mi-Dal realizes that her guests were not secret millionaires and tears into Jung-Gi for the cost of room and board. His children have the chance to overhear this and we see how this may become a plot tension later on.


As for Ahran, she broods on what her father yelled to her mother about and goes in to ask her mother to file that Paran is missing…Then at the office, she takes one of Taeho’s colleagues aside and asks him to develop his idea, which was to use non-organic sweeteners to make the next line of their wine. By not being limited to organic sweeteners, they can lower their prices and compete against a larger market. The only problem? It would be against their company’s ideals.


Later that evening, Bom and Maru go on a high-paying but difficult project job – cleaning Gookhee’s company. Bom is responsible for cleaning Ahran’s office and someone told her the wrong instructions that she can clean the coffee table but not Ahran’s desk. So, Bom ends up tossing Ahran’s precious bottle of sample wine, which was made by tossing their company’s tradition of natural fermentation.


Taeho is unaware of this and decides instead to take Ahran on a rooftop date where he set up the whole place with candles and a tent. He reminisces about when they were first hired and how they got drunk up their to prepare for their job. So, Ahran gets an idea to test the new wine on him and he offers to grab it.


Taeho finds the office empty of bottles but runs into Bom. They realize that there was a mistake and end up digging through the company’s main trash room for the bottle. In the interim, Ahran gets worried that Taeho is not returning and finds Maru in her office looking for Bom. She asks him for the bottle and gets more frustrated when he cannot answer her questions about what happened to it since he did not clean the office. She ends up yelling at him and accusing him of being a corporate spy.


Taeho returns to the office with the bottle and saves Maru. Unfortunately, Ahran does not even apologize. He and Bom trudge home after this hard day’s work and it’s already the morning.


When they arrive at home, Mi-Dal assumes that they spent the night together and slaps both Maru and Bom. What the two children did not know is that Bom dropped her phone before work started and no one knew where she was all night.


Bom tosses her pay at her mom crying that she was digging through the trash all night so that she can help pay the loans. This calms her mom down and Mi-Dal almost apologizes by telling Bom that Bom should have said that first.


Meanwhile, Ahran does a blind test of the new wine with Taeho’s team. Everyone picks the new wine as being their favorite except for Taeho who wonders that it tastes too easy, making him feel like it’s different than the characteristic taste of their wines….Ahran decides to launch the line at their new branch opening.

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Time for some romance! While Gookhee originally picked up Ahran’s phone, her secretary offers to return it to Bom and it winds up in Taeho’s hands. He and Bom are pleasantly surprised at the coincidence and agree to call it even since Bom helped find Ahran’s wine and Taeho found her cell phone. Taeho notes that the job must have been hard and offers to give her a job in the new opening branch, which Bom eagerly accepts.

Ahran chances on seeing the two acting friendly and it rubs her the wrong way. She recognizes Bom as the girl who begged for another chance even though she never it made it to the mandatory intern training. She glares at both the memory and jealousy.

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Just in case we forget about Jiah, she gets her own scene where she throws another tantrum. Jiah sees two ten dollar bills on the floor of the restaurant and jumps at the chance of free money. However, Jung-Gi sees this and berates her for basically stealing from the restaurant.

Jiah turns to Jung-Gi and screams that life is so hard for her now that she’s resorting to taking free money. She runs out barefoot crying about her hard life.

The ever faithful Maru goes after her and talks her down in the neighborhood. He patiently listens to her crying about how weird their family is because she’s still registered as Gookhee’s child instead of her own mother’s since Korea goes by the father’s family registry. Of course, she also complains about being poor. Maru calms her down and promises to make things better since he and their father are working hard to get back on their feet. Once she’s calmed down, he also tells her not to be so hard on their father.

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The next day, Bom goes to the part time gig where she barely stays awake to stalk up the new branch store. She continues to call Maru since they were supposed to do it together and ends up only getting through to Jung-Gi. Since Maru is still fast asleep, Jung-Gi decides to go and help Bom out on Maru’s behalf…

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Then Bom chances upon Ahran’s new line of wine. She reads the label and gasps to find out that it was not prepared in the traditional manner. Being that this is a drama, Bom even sighs out loud that the company disappointed her since it was known for their traditional wine fermentation.


Ahran overhears Bom and recognizes Bom as the troublemaker who was flirting with Taeho. She tells Bom off as a disgruntled ex-intern and orders that Bom leaves. Bom tries to defend herself but it only makes Ahran madder and Ahran tries to shove Bom… Ending up falling while pulling some of the new wine bottoms down with her.

And, thus, Jung-Gi runs to his elder daughter’s rescue at the expense of his younger daughter. Bom has to walk off in shame as both of her biological parents fuss over Ahran. Gookhee notices the wine bottles but Ahran just states that it’s nothing and tries to get up. She ends up putting her hand on more broken glass and Gookhee gets distracted.


Everyone returns to Ahran’s home where the grandmother cooks porridge and Jung-Gi refuses to leave. Jung-Gi fusses over Ahran until she falls asleep.

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In the morning, Jung-Gi tells his mother off for continuing to stay over at Gookhee’s place. He also tells Gookhee that she might not have any right to say anything but Ahran looks lonely. Gookhee angrily responds that Jung-Gi has no right after leaving their family and Jung-Gi walks home dejectedly. He sees Maru and Jiah cleaning up the restaurant and yells at them for doing something no one asked. He tells them to pick up their pride as he will figure out a way to send them back to school.


Meanwhile Sooho finds his way to the restaurant and tells her to take responsibility for making him lose everything to his parents. He barges into the restaurant to eat some free food. Jiah is not a fan and gets her revenge by calling Sooho’s mom to their restaurant.

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As for Ahran, the webs tighten around her. She’s happily blooming among all the attention she’s receiving for her hurt hand when Gookhee hears from the factory that Ahran ordered the production of their new wine line which includes artificial sweeteners. Gookhee confronts Ahran but Ahran lies that it was just a test run for the employees not for sale.


At the same time, Bom and Maru get a new project. The only problem? The job is carrying boxes up six flights of stairs because the elevator is broken. Maru tries to cancel it but Bom refuses because the pay is good. She tries her best but ends up having to stop. Maru smiles and tells her to rest as he finishes up. Afterwards, the sweetie gives her half of their pay explaining that they agreed to go 50/50 on the pay. Bom chastises him and gives him back some of the money so that she only takes one third of the pay since he did most of the work.


Then Mi-Dal finds a picture of Bom when she was a child in Jung-Gi’s room. She does not think much about it and reminisces about what Bom was like when she was little. Jung-Gi later realizes that his picture is missing but does not even think Mi-Dal took it.  The plot thickens!


Back at the company, Gookhee hears from the factory manager that Ahran ordered the production of the new line. She confronts Ahran who tries to lie her way out of the situation by saying that the factory manager misunderstood. Gookhee storms back into her office and remembers each instance in which Ahran lied to her…


Ahran runs in after Gookhee and tells Gookhee that she only wanted to prove that she could succeed with the project. Gookhee replies that Ahran was thinking in the wrong way. Ahran cries back that her mom does not understand; she only did this to save their company. Gookhee tells Ahran that Ahran was not thinking about the company but her own greed.


In the short interim, Taeho runs in to take Ahran to the the hospital. Ahran screams at him that she does not know if he fits her since he did not help her on the new project… Which led to this huge mess.


An emergency board of directors meeting is held. One of the directors asks Gookhee to make Ahran take responsibility for all of her actions which could have ruined their company. But then Ahran interrupts to declare to everyone that the research shows that consumers are satisfied with wine made with artificial sweeteners… Gookhee does not listen and only orders that Ahran is dragged out of the meeting.

So, Ahran leaves her resignation letter on her mother’s desk and leaves.


Meanwhile, Mi-Dal finds the lost diamond ring in her daughter’s clothes and tries it on. Instead of giving it to Bom or Maru’s family, Mi-Dal happily waltzes around wearing the diamond ring… Oh no…


In a short side subplot, Sooho’s credit cards are cut up and his father tells him to go live out his dreams without the support of his family…

Back to our little spoiled princess! She has no where to go; so, she ends up screaming at the top of her roof while people search for her.


Things are bad for Bom as well. She is so stressed about the debt that she looks into job fliers for scamming companies that rip other people off. Maru sees her and yells at her in disappointment that she would even consider a job in such places. Bom screams that Maru does not understand and stalks into the restaurant. Maru follows her to apologize but we all know it takes time to cool off.


Maru runs into Mi-Dal who yells at him about all of their electricity and water use to give her time to take off the diamond ring…


He sees Bom again when she’s off to run to a part time job that a friend introduced her to. Maru’s first reaction is to worry about which part time job Bom is going to. However, Bom does not react well because she’s so sensitive. She tells him to stop getting involved in her life and to stay out of her sight. Maru gets hurt and offers to move out in response.


Maru suggests moving out to his family but Jung-Gi tells them to reconsider… To save up more and make their situation better before taking extreme reactions. Then Jung-Gi gets a call from his sister that there’s an emergency and immediately runs out.


Jung-Gi arrives at Gookhee’s house to find out that Ahran ran away. He begins shouting as soon as Gookhee walks out of her room for not taking Ahran’s feelings into consideration. The grandmother also aggravates the situation by accusing Gookhee of being the problem – losing both Paran and Ahran.


Gookhee has no idea where Ahran might have gone to. So, Jung-Gi goes through Ahran’s things and finds a family picture from the past when they were at a beach. He rushes over while calling the emotional and crying Ahran. But Ahran does not pick up.

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Jung-Gi shouts for Ahran as he walks around the beach. It isn’t clear from the scene if Ahran hears him… She just keeps on crying.


Enough plot development and character introduction to chart out the preliminary subplots and character motivations!

First the subplots:
– Bom/Maru romance
– Ahran /Taeho / Bom love triangle
– Sooho / Jiah side romance
– Ahran/Bom rivalry in/over the company PoomGilDang
– Corporate takeover / Traditional values v. New values being played out through Gookhee v. Ahran
– Bom’s birth secret
– Bom’s debt / complicated relationship with Mi-Dal
– the lost/found ring (might actually just be a short tangent for the Bom/Maru romance)
– Kilsoo’s responsibility for losing Bom

Next, main characters and their motivations/predictions for the future:

– Bom… It’s unclear if she’s going to stay the happy and optimistic protagonist or if she turns into the I-Need-Revenge protagonist. She was fortunate enough to have a loving adoptive father who instilled values and gave her a sense of security and identity. She is still vulnerable because her mother has anger management and insecurity issues, which could make anyone question her values. One thing that might turn the tide would be a serious and sad loss or if Mi-Dal betrays Bom for money before Bom can find her parents.

– Maru… He’s your average good tempered and good looking male lead. Additionally, he and Bom definitely seem to have a cute, muted chemistry when they are together. Their smiles are similar as well as their physiques. However, he does not seem to have that much depth of character yet. We have not seen anything to wrench our hearts in his favor. I hope that the future episodes show us his growth from this naive and sheltered boy into a man who steals the viewers’ hearts away.

– Ahran… I cannot tell if she’s the antagonist or of she’s going to be another Heejung from Everything Will Be OK. So far, Ahran’s character and acting leads me to guess that Ahran will turn into a simple female antagonist…Even though we feel a little bit of pity for her because she obviously felt like her mother never paid her enough attention after the loss of Paran, Ahran really has not suffered or gone through adversity for us to root for her success. It just feels like a grown woman who has not finished growing up and is throwing a tantrum for attention. Even in the end of Episode 15 when Ahran cries at the beach, I felt like her reaction was unnecessary. She made a mistake and the worst that would happen is that she starts from the bottom of her company or gets fired. Either would be great for the plot…

-Taeho… though he has better specs than Maru, there is something dry and missing from his story and acting. I’m not sure if his acting is too muted or if the writing has cornered him into this performance. The jury is still out on Taeho. For now, I definitely feel more empathy toward Maru and hope that whatever conflict rises between Maru and Taeho, Maru wins!

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