[TEASER] Heaven’s Promise


Lined up to replace Everything Will Be OK is Heaven’s Promise, a makjang-looking melodrama!


According to Koreandrama.org, this series will be about one woman who desires to avenge her twin sister.  Why?  Her twin worked her butt off to support her current boyfriend who turned around and dumped her for a rich girl once he became successful.


This stars Lee Yoori (both twins), who has been around since 2001.  She’s appeared in other dramas such as Super Daddy Yeol Precious Family, and Loving You.  The jerk-hat? He’s going to be played by Suh Joonyoung, who has been in Hello, My TeacherThe DevilSharp 3Tears of Heaven Six Flying Dragons, among others.  The other woman is played by Park Hana, who has been in Empress Ki and Apgujeong Midnight Sun. Finally, what looks like our protagonist’s future (and better love) is played by Song Jongho (who plays the heir to the company which made the other woman so appealing).  Jongho has been in a lot as well, a couple of which being, Tazza, Prince’s First Love, The Princess’ Man, Reply 1997, and The Girl Who can See Smells.


Among dramatic music, an umbrella falls in the rain as a car screeches to a halt. Words flash by: the connection which is cut by death…The one promise with heaven…Then Yoori looks at herself in the mirror and promises that she will always make the other happy.


A little more meat in this teaser.  Taejoon happily plays around with Nayeon when they are both young and innocent. He even seems to promises to Nayeon in a church that he will love her forever. Then he joins the professional world and we see Nayeon tell Taejoon not to worry about her but to focus on his career so that he can achieve his goal…hmmm is there another secret?…Then Sejin (rich girl’s dad) hands over something to Taejoon and explains that it’s in the best interest of his daughter (probably to get rid of Taejoon)… The crash… Dohee (Yoori as the vengeful twin) promises to get revenge.


Will I watch this? I don’t know. It is convenient since it starts right after Everything Will Be OKHowever, I do want to try some other channel’s dramas since I have mainly been following KBS these days.

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