Everything Will Be OK – 93

Jingook goes to jail while Hyunjoon goes to ask Daeho for his permission to marry Heejung.


Jingook does not understand the situation and tries to run out to Heejung’s office. So, the police stop him and threaten to put him in handcuffs. All Jingook does is cry that he’s not going to give up this easily. The smaller dogs cry loudest.


The secretary reports to Hyunjoon and he wonders that it feels weird to be doing this to someone who raised his own son.  Kayoon arrives but before she can say anything, Heejung arrives. Heejung asks if Kayoon is trying to tell Hyunjoon like she did when Ki-Chan almost died. Kayoon tells Heejung that she will not tell anyone but Heejung should at least tell Jingook.  Heejung replies that she cannot tell Jingook since he would tell Hyunjoon and his mother…Kayoon does state that she will prove that Jingooks words were not lies.


The police officer tells Jingook that he should not live the way he does…having a good degree but not having a job…having been under investigation for bribery and then getting an apartment out of Hyunjoon after blackmailing him so much.


The secretary comes and offers to drop the case if Jingook uploads an apology stating that everything was a lie. Jingook reads it and rips it off. He notes that he will be set free after 48 hours before the trial…even if he’s jailed, it cannot be long for defamation.  The secretary reminds him that there might be a civil case afterwards. Jingook snarls that Hyunjoon can take the apartment away again if he wants.

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Meanwhile, Hyunjoon and Heejung arrive to greet Daeho.  Daeho begins by being direct. He notes that Hyunjoon looks normal so he does not understand why a rich person like Hyunjoon would want to marry Heejung who has an ex-convict as a father…


Hyunjoon just smiles haphazardly and the family gets ready to eat.  But, Ki-Chan hears the news and runs home. He demands to know why Hyunjoon arrested Jingook.  Daeho hears the news and orders that they cancel the case immediately. He tells Hyunjoon that Hyunjoon does not know Jingook…Even though Jingook seems like he has nothing, he took care of Heejung and her baby when Daeho was in jail. Jingook then called off his engagement and married Heejung, helped Heejung get a degree and also raised Minwoo properly.  Daeho notes that they can continue this meeting after Hyunjoon and Heejung set Jingook free.

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Jingook finishes some more questioning and gets to use the phone. He calls Kayoon and notes how frustrated he is.  Kayoon hands the phone over to Jung-Eun and he tells her that he’s getting punished for being bad to her…(Which he is.) He tells Jung-Eun that he is fine and will see her soon… He then goes into the holding cell and thinks about everything that has happened with Heejung.

The village idiot Jung-Eun goes home to the witch Dalja and finds her asleep in front of the television…Grandmama also hears that Jingook made another mistake and grumbles that she does not even want to hear it.  She goes in.

Dalja wakes up and snipingly asks Jung-Eun if she was happy to go home… Of course, who wouldn’t be happy after not having to deal with you? Luckily, she does not wait for an answer.  Jung-Eun asks Dalja to convince Jingook against continuing with the legal fight against Heejung as he cannot win against Heejung.  Dalja does not understand and only rails harder when she hears that Jingook is in jail again.

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Meanwhile, Hyunjoon and Heejung put Minwoo in bed. He sighs that he feels like he did something he should not have done back in the past. He asks Heejung if there is anything she wants to tell him. Heejung just tells him to leave since it’s getting late. Hyunjoon shows a little bit of vulnerability as he asks Heejung if this was her only way…What would she have done if Jingook also turned against her. Heejung looks up in shock and asks what Hyunjoon is thinking about.  Hyunjoon does not clarify and agrees to leave.

We are going to skip over Dalja getting mad at Jung-Eun for not seeing Jingook and for thinking about going out to work while Jingook is in jail… Yes, because the world is free and no one needs to make money…


Jingook’s imprisonment forces Kayoon to go on the offense. She agrees to do the broadcast and they film the next day. Ki-Chan shows up to deliver the meat when the reporter recognizes him as the shrimp guy. She starts to ask him questions and Ki-Chan heartily answers that Kayoon’s sauce is the same as Mansoo’s. He even adds that the sauce has been the same for over 25 years; he tasted it when he was 9 at Mansoo’s small restaurants.

The film crew leaves, which gives Ki-Chan and Kayoon some time together. Ki-Chan sighs that he’s most worried about Minwoo since he believes Jingook is Minwoo’s father…They can’t just tell Minwoo all of a sudden that Jingook was never his father; it would crush the child.


Kayoon gets a warning from Jung-Eun that Dalja is planning on taking Minwoo back. Ki-Chan rushes off and even Heejung is called.  Luckily Minwoo and Soon-Im are not home by the time that Heejung and Dalja arrive.  Dalja threatens to sue but Heejung sneers back that even if there are two suits the suits are of different caliber.  Dalja seems to give up since Minwoo is not in the house and Ki-Chan arrives.


Dalja falters out when Soon-Im comes home with Minwoo.  Soon-Im quickly holds Minwoo from going out and goes home only after seeing Dalja leave. However, the children don’t hear her coming in and she easily overhears them fighting. She hears Ki-Chan tell Heejung to come clean and Heejung yelling back that it’s only right for her to marry Hyunjoon since Hyunjoon is Minwoo’s biological father.  Soon-Im loses her grip on the door and falls near the couch sobbing in shock.


And now Soon-Im knows. The question is will she tell Daeho? When will Jingook and/or Dalja find out?

Returning to today’s episode, another good episode carried along by a strong subplot.  I loved how Daeho turned out to be Jingook’s biggest supporter – he basically put Hyunjoon’s visit on hold until Jingook is released. This was great on many folds since that means Jingook won over Hyunjoon (regardless of Hyunjoon’s status). Additionally, this shows that Daeho may be pretty straight forward but he’s a great judge of character. He could have let Heejung push him into ignoring Ki-Chan who is the younger child. However, Daeho paused the meeting (and the wedding preparations) because he did not want to ignore Ki-Chan’s accusation that Hyunjoon always pretends to be innocent when things hit the fan.  By conditioning the rest of the meeting on Jingook’s freedom, Daeho has made it clear he’s not going to stand for Hyunjoon’s/Heejung’s antics.

On a side note, as much as I loved Daeho being the trustworthy and reasonable dad-figure. I loved the scene with the police officer where the officer basically called Jingook out for being the idiot that he is. About time!

Since we are probably nearing our winding down…Let’s recap our loose ends and see how well the drama does in resolving all of the issues:

  1. Heejung/Hyunjoon/Kayoon love triangle. (Will this ever get resolved? Or do they stay as unresolved obsessions?)
  2. Kayoon/Ki-Chan (Obviously the external circumstances need to allow for everyone to bless this union since the union involves baggage…AKA Jung-Eun/Jingook and Heejung.)
  3. Hyunjoon/Minwoo/Jingook (Not even sure how they are going to resolve this one without someone going cray about being lied to…A certain two people…But most of all, what are they going to do about Minwoo? At this point, it might be best to leave it as Hyunjoon being Minwoo’s step father until Minwoo is old enough. Since Hyunjoon is always around, he can always step in if Minwoo needs biological help such as a transfer…)
  4. Dongsook/Mansoo (It’d be nice if they officially got together)
  5. Young-Tae / Nari (Another nice have but not necessary)
  6. Jung-Eun/Jingook (Dalja)… Basically, unless something happens with Dalja to change her into a less insufferable mother-in-law, I will not be convinced that Jung-Eun is better of being divorced.
  7. CEO Yoon v. Kayoon et al (the battle of the sauces)
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