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As Kayoon’s restaurant starts to pick up, Hyunjoon begins to play the role of Heejung’s beau nicely.


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Ki-Chan goes to play with Minwoo do that Soon-Im can talk with Heejung alone. She tells Heejung to tell Hyunjoon the truth. But, Heejung responds that she cannot after all that Hyunjoon did to her. She leaves before her mom can press any further.

Ki-Chan comes in next to tell Soon-Im that he cannot approve when Hyunjoon told Heejung to abort Minwoo in the first place. He adds that Hyunjoon still had not forgotten Kayoon and all parties know about it.


Hyunjoon finds out that Heejung ran off because Dalja tried to take Minwoo away again. This time, he furiously rushes over to Dalja since he feels loyalty to Heejung now. He asks her why she’s taking out her anger on Heejung.

Dalja asks in response whether he got Heejung pregnant or if she has anything else on Hyunjoon. Hyunjoon answers that he will take the child since protecting the child was a condition of the marriage. Dalja refuses to let him and Hyunjoon reminds Dalja that Jingook does not have the right to take care of Minwoo… Jingook cannot even pay monthly rent. He adds that Dalja should stop bothering Heejung and leaves. So, Dalja runs to Jingook and tells him to give up since Hyunjoon is now on Heejung’s side.


Hyunjoon and his group hears about Kayoon’s broadcast. They decide that the only way to stop this is for the company to threaten to pull their ads. Hyunjoon tries by asking but the CEO is furious. The broadcasting network refused since the broadcast would be hit item of the under dog v. the big bad corporation. CEO Yoon demands that Hyunjoon stops Kayoon immediately.


Hyunjoon goes to the restaurant to ask Kayoon to stop. Kayoon answers that she will only if Hyunjoon drops the case against Jingook. Hyunjoon agrees and notes before leaving that Kayoon should be careful or she will lose her new dream – the restaurant.

Hyunjoon goes to tell Heejung that he let Jingook go free. He asks her one more time if she has anything she wants to confess. Heejung pretends that there is nothing and Hyunjoon let’s it go.

Meanwhile, Kayoon gets three picky customers who ask her all about the sauce and cooking method…Kayoon and her family wonders what is going on… But we find out that it was Ki-Chan. Thanks to his condition, the home shopping producers went themselves to check out the katsu.


Daeho then goes to tell Mansoo that he set Jingook free. He also asks Mansoo whether he should let Heejung marry Hyunjoon. Even cuter, Daeho laughs that they traded son-in-laws and he got the better son-in-law! So cute!


At the same time, the CEO calls Hyunjoon and Heejung into his office. He agrees to approve of the marriage as long as Heejung signs a prenuptial agreement. Heejung has to agree that she won’t get anything if there is a divorce… And, only Hyunjoon’s sons can actually inherit.


Heejung angrily snarls at Hyunjoon after the meeting. However, Hyunjoon answers that there is a way around it. After a year, he can adopt Minwoo and put Minwoo on his own family list so that Minwoo legally becomes the son of both Hyunjoon and Heejung.

Heejung is convinced. Hyunjoon quickly goes to get a ring out of his desk and puts it on Heejung’s finger. He notes that they should legally get married first to let the clock start. They then announce it to the rest of the team.


Heejung happily goes to her office to pet her ring when Hyunjoon tells the secretary his real plan. Hyunjoon hopes to lull Heejung into false sense of confidence. Heejung would work harder as the daughter-in-law of his family and Hyunjoon can start preparing blackmail materials against her. He also notes that he will kick her out when he adopts Minwoo since he does not need to forgive her if she never confesses.


On the side, Jingook gets released and he runs straight to Heejung’s house despite Jung-Eun’s protests. Soon-Im watches Jingook silently feeling guilty now that she knows everything. She even prepares a meal for him and it’s clear that she’s barely keeping her tears in. Soon-Im apologizes to Jingook for everything. Jingook smiles that this is between Heejung and him only, Soon-Im has nothing to apologize for.

Dun. Dun. Dun! The next crisis hits! Ki-Chan and Kayoon hear that YB Foods bought their building. They both know this means that Kayoon needs to move her restaurant.


At the love triangle angle, Hyunjoon and Heejung go home together. They find Jingook at home and Hyunjoon orders that Jingook leaves. Hyunjoon explains that he is living with Heejung from now on so Jingook needs to leave. Heejung looks surprised at first but happily agrees that this is the only way with how crazy Dalja is.

Jingook stalks off and Hyunjoon runs out after him. Hyunjoon asks Jingook to go grab a drink with him.


Omo! Is he going to tell Jingook everything? My money is on that he will not. That would make the plot development too fast for a drama even if it’s a daily drama!

On the side, the angry Jingook is more fun to watch than the weakling Jingook. He has more of a presence which makes it better when he and Hyunjoon share the screen. It would be nice if the drama can keep up this tension without going bat crazy makjang more than it already is. Right now seems like the right amount of tension and suspense! I can’t wait to see the next episode (and draft a recap) because I want to see what happens! Additionally, since the crazy makjang elements were established early on, I don’t feel apathetic because of how crazy the current plot twist is! All is well indeed!

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