Everything Will Be OK – 97

We are beginning to race towards the finishing line.  Secrets are coming out left and right! Will the underlying issues get resolved in time?


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Soon-Im finishes with the explanation that since Heejung married Hyunjoon, Hyunjoon is now family. She tells the two that she does not want to see family fighting and so the kids can make a decision… Stop fighting or break up.

Kayoon and Ki-Chan discuss Soon-Im’s prosposal after she leaves. Kayoon agrees with Soon-Im but Ki-Chan does not see how their ending the fight will solve anything when Jingook’s still screwed over… They sigh and decide to leave it as a moot issue.

But then Ki-Chan gets a call. Home shopping has decided to pull their broadcast due to pressure from YB Foods. Kayoon is ready to back off but Ki-Chan is not.


Jingook goes home and tells his mom about Jung-Eun asking for a divorce. She sighs that it must be because of the kid. She turns to Jingook  and proposes that they let this fight go since Minwoo can be much more spoiled if Hyunjoon raises Minwoo. Jingook breaks down and screams in response.

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Jung-Eun begins her fight by going back to the office and downloading the stuff that she had on home shopping. When she happily comes home, she finds Jingook there kneeling. He apologizes that he submitted their divorce papers; he never had a right to be their son-in-law. He confesses to taking the bribe and for being the reason that Kayoon began to fight back, which caused Hyunjoon to take away their shop each time.

Poor Heejung. She comes home to find Minwoo ecstatic about his new car… He even has glow in the dark stars on his ceiling! She thanks Hyunjoon for being so nice to her son.


Hyunjoon drops by and hears that Kayoon did not take Soon-Im’s proposal. He runs into Jingook in the hallway, and Jingook takes Hyunjoon’s questions as condescending insults before going into the restaurant. Jingook confesses to almost killing Heejung but realizing that he cannot kill her.

Then he tells Kayoon that he us considering leaving for Africa since everything would be best if he leaves. He also asks Kayoon to forgive Heejung for Minwoo’s sake.

Kayoon realizes some thing is wrong and asks if Jingook  knows. He confirms. He notes that he found out through Hyunjoon and sighs at how different Hyunjoon is from him…in the end, he asks Kayoon once more to stop fighting Heejung.


At the same time, Hyunjoon offers to put Minwoo in an English school. Heejung asks him why he’s even marrying her. In response, Hyunjoon kisses her and pulls her back into the room.

Kayoon calls Ki-Chan after Jingook leaves and tells him everything. They wonder if there’s no reason to fight anymore if Jingook has forgiven Heejung. Kayoon gets up and kisses Ki-Chan, telling him to give her their couple ring.


The next day, Jung-Eun pours over the materials she kept from home shopping. Kayoon tells Jung-Eun to let it go because Soon-Im promise to give them their restaurant if Kayoon stops fighting. Kayoon asks her father if it’s okay and he agrees that all he cares about is their happiness.

Soon-Im calls Heejung and she tells Hyunjoon. Heejung confesses that she feels nervous because everything is going so well. But Hyunjoon tells her that she deserves to be happy too.

Then Heejung gets a call from Jindo…She goes into her room to take the call and Hyunjoon listens in.  Is he on her side or is he going to use this against her?


At the same time, Dalja barges into Jung-Eun’s house and demands to know where Jingook is.  The whole family looks blankly back at Dalja like the crazy woman that she is.  Only Grandmama is able to talk; she reminds Dalja that Jingook made his decision for reasons he knows even if the others do not.  Dalja falls to the ground crying while Mansoo sighs and goes into his room to avoid the crazy lady.

However, Jingook is off taking a nap in his car in front of the river again.  As he wakes up, he remembers what Hyunjoon said when they were drinking together about getting revenge on Heejung for making him let someone else raise his son.  Jingook runs over to Kayoon’s restaurant and confides that Hyunjoon declared that he would take revenge…


Kayoon rushes to tell Ki-Chan.  Kayoon offers to help fight Hyunjoon.  But, Ki-Chan tells Kayoon that they need to stop as they cannot help each other.  He tells her how his informant told him that Jindo is back in town.  Once Jindo is caught, Heejung would be caught as well…It would not help her case that she is with Ki-Chan.

Kayoon tears up as she understands that they are broken up again – they are family enemies since the buried problems will have to come back to life. Ki-Chan pulls out the couple rings and puts the box on the bench.  He notes that they weren’t expensive and gets up to leave.  Kayoon does not pick up the box as well… Instead the two part ways AGAIN.


The first thought is why does Ki-Chan and Jingook not warn Heejung? By warning Heejung that they know about Hyunjoon pretending not to know that Minwoo is his biological child, they might give her something to stand on.  However, I can see that Heejung has a blind spot when it comes to Hyunjoon.  Just as she is irrational when it comes to Minwoo, Heejung is incredibly naive when it comes to Hyunoon.  She WANTS to believe that he loves her.  Hyunjoon can easily get out of the situation by lying that he originally wanted revenge but fell in love with Heejung in the process of preparing to be “married.”  Heejung would totally buy that… 🙁

On the other hand, I felt that the final breakup scene between Kayoon and Ki-Chan was forced.  Just because their families will become enemies again does not mean that they have to break up.  Nothing has really changed since their families have always been enemies whether it was because of the Mansoo/Daeho situation or the Kayoon/Heejung situation.  It felt more like the staff needed some kind of emotional tension as a last “hurrah!” on the Kayoon/Ki-Chan love line and decided that they will break up again.

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