Everything Will Be OK – 98

Heejung also finds out that Hyunjoon knows…Time for her decide what to do.



Hyunjoon sneers to his secretary that its weird how easy Heejung believes him when he’s just a little bit nice.  The secretary asks if Heeding does not really love Hyunjoon but we don’t see whether he answers.

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At the same time, Ki-Chan tells Heeding that Hyunjoon and Jingook both know.  Heeding falls back into her couch in shock at the news but determines to live with the lie for one year until Hyunjoon makes his move.  She then goes to Jingook.  With tears in her eyes, she tells him that he was the first person that she felt she could manipulate.  She explains that he offered her help when she had gone days without eating because of morning sickness and she could not refuse his offer of help…She also adds that she did not expect to be so cruel to him with the divorce but Minwoo would not give up on him as Minwoo’s father…

Jingook yells back that he does not want to hear her explanations or apologies and goes into the back room.  Kayo comes out instead and Heejung confesses her worries again.  She notes that Jindo is back and wonders if Hyunjoon would protect her when the dirt hits the fan.  She even muses that she kind of looks forward to seeing what would happen so that she can find out if Hyunjoon would also forgive her on the basis that she is Minwoo’s mother.


Investors in Restaurant K come to the restaurant and interrupt the meeting.  They identify themselves as investors and ask Kayoon if it is true that Restaurant K truly stole their recipe.  Heejung confronts them and tells him that it’s all a lie; she also turns to warn Kayoon to stop using the media play or be prepared for a lawsuit for damages.


Heejung goes back to report to Hyunjoon.  He offers to deal with Jindo first but Heeding refuses on the grounds that it’s too dangerous for Hyunjoon to deal with Jindo directly.  Instead, Heejung offers to create another slush fund to address the issue.  Hyunjoon tells her not to get involved in such a thing again and Heeding walks away in gratitude.

Afterwards, Hyunjoon muses about changing their katsu sauce but tells the secretary not to tell Heejung can suffer a little bit.  Instead, they decide to go forward with the demolition of all of the other shops in the building with Dongsook and Kayoon to put pressure on Kayoon’s restaurant.


At the same time, Jung-Eun drops by the restaurant to find Jingook drinking while staring at Minwoo’s ultrasound picture.  Jung-Dun tears into Jingook for not being able to go back to Heeding when he obviously only thinks about Minwoo.  Jingook sighs and tells her and Mansoo the truth at Kayoon’s encouragement.


So, Jung-Eun stalks straight to Heejung’s company and slaps her.  Heeding glares back and tells Jung-Eun to keep her mouth shut or Heeding will kill her. Jung-Eun screams back that she will keep Heejung’s secret since Minwoo is Jingook’s son…However, she vows to show the truth on everything else that Heeding did.


Then Jingook meets with Ki-Chan who gives him all of the documents Ki-Chan prepared for Kayoon’s entrance back into Home Shopping.  Ki-Chan explains that he can no longer take care of it so Jingook can continue with Jingook’s master’s in economic. (Lest we all forget that Jingook is technically not an idiot.)

Jingook brings the materials home and tells Kayoon’s family.  Jung-Eun also offers to help.  He then calls Dalja to tell her that he’s canceling the divorce with Jung-Eun and will not return home until they sell the house and move into a different place.

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Before the end of the episode, Heejung meets with Jindo.  She tells him that she can only bring another payout if Jindo promises that this will be the last time.  Jindo asks who ordered Heejung to do this and is financing her.  Heeding replies that Jindo saw him the other day and Jindo guesses that it’s Hyunjoon, which is all recorded.


The next morning, we see the dramatic tension increasing.  Young-Tae was delivering to Kayoon’s restaurant for Ki-Chan when he sees that the demolitioners left the whole hallway a mess to make it harder for the holdouts.  Ki-Chan rushes over to clean up the hallway and Kayoon sees…


At the same time, the internal power play begins.  Hyunjoon asks to use Heejung’s laptop.  She silently goes into the kitchen but watches from the entrance to see how Hyunjoon look at her saved recordings before turning back to the internet explorer.  He did not delete the recordings this time but doubt has been planted in Heejung’s mind.


So different but so same…Jung-Eun and Heejung were so similar in this episode that it was scary.  Even though both of the two girls are reacting in different ways to dissimilar circumstances, their actions screamed out that both of them have a huge blind spot when it comes to the man in their lives.  Heejung is literally told by her little brother that Hyunjoon is out to get revenge on her but she goes asking Kayoon if Hyunjoon might not forgive her because she’s Minwoo’s mother…The most telling line was when Heejung mused out loud that she kind of wishes that Jindo would be caught so she can see how Hyunjoon reacts.  At the same time, Jung-Eun turns from wanting a divorce to hating Heejung within minutes, all for manipulating Jingook.  Jung-Eun is much better at judging Heejung and demanding that Heejung pay for her actions without expecting the same from Jingook for being stupid enough for Heejung’s machinations.

On the side note, the male characters fell behind the female characters in this episode again.  It was good to see that Jingook stayed firm in his decision to not seek revenge against Heejung for what she did to her but it felt like the male characters were only there to help the plot pitter on.  Hopefully, the next episodes will shine a greater light on the male characters before the finale.

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