Everything Will Be OK – 99

We’re nearing the 100’s so that means Heejung has to start her final scheme and Ki-Chan needs to get hurt because of Heejung again.



Things move fast as Heejung calls a police officer to confess. She hands over the USB where Jindo accused Hyunjoon of being the masterbind of the stolen katsu sauce…


Meanwhile Jung-Eun and Jingook go off to war with Ki-Chan’s pictures of the garbage in front of Kayoon’s cafe. ^^ They start a cyber attack and Hyunjoon immediately calls Kayoon to accuse her of being behind the posts. She does not deny it but rather warns him to keep things civil or she won’t stay quiet as well.

Hyunjoon offers to switch their sauce to a Japanese sauce and approaches the CEO about it. However, the CEO refuses to pay the royalty fees of 0.05% or $300,000. Hyunjoon pretends that he’s trying to find another method to save his wife from going to jail. However, the CEO is not convinced.

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At the same time, Dongsook decides that she cannot wait any longer. She tells Mansoo that she’s going to move in since she has no other place to go. Kayoon and Jingook approve. Dongsook then goes to Grandmama who approves but notes that since she’s Mansoo’s wife’s mother…She will move out. Dongsook asks her to stay but Grandmama refuses.

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So, Dongsook goes to tell Mansoo what Grandmama said. Mansoo replies by noting that he refuses to marry if that would mean Grandmama would move out since she’s like a mother to him. Dongsook then goes back to ask Grandmama to agree to live with them, if not as a mother-in-law than as her own mother. Dongsok notes that she knows she cannot ever replace Kayoon’s biological mother but she would be grateful if Grandmama would agree. Then she falls into tears thinking about her own mother and Grandmama relents.


Later, Jingook and Jung-Eun go back home but Jingook also begins to sob when he cannot bring himself to tell Dalja the truth about Minwoo.


Ki-Chan to the rescue! He hears from Young-Tae that a food program requested to film Kayoon’s restaurant before going to Home Shopping. There, the representative tells Kayoon that he’s not sure if he can promise a slot to Kayoon. But Ki-Chan interrupts to note that Kayoon’s katsu can become more famous through the food program and the representative agrees that he would be able to get her a slot on their program if she comes out on the program.


Then Heejung deletes her recording files in front of Hyunjoon. She asks him if he would protect her if she gets investigated. Hyunjoon tells her that he will protect her so that she would be able to avoid jail by paying a fine.


Heejung calls someone to tell the person that she will meet the person in the same place. But, she gets followed by Jindo…Heejung hands over a USB telling Kayoon that it’s a USB of the recording of Jindo as well as Hyunjoon’s company’s slush funds. Heejung explains that she’s handing it over to Kayoon for self-keeping as she’s going to turn herself in to test to see if Hyunjoon will come and protect her. Jindo is in the back but it’s unclear if he hears it all.

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Time for Heejung to meet with Jindo. Except he sends someone else to grab the bag of money instead of him and the police catch the not-so-innocent accomplish. The police tell Heejung to go home and she does. Luckily, she’s not alone.

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But Jindo goes to Kayoon’s restaurant and demands that she hands over the USB. Kayoon takes it out of the register but tosses it on teh ground to call the police. Jindo throws her to the side but Ki-Chan arrives and gets stabbed in Kayoon’s stead. He makes sure that Kayoon is alive before running out after Jindo.

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Ki-Chan manages to hold Jindo until the police arrive…Ki-Chan gets taken to the emergency room.


Well that starts to wrap up some of our loose ends.  We get to see that Dongsook and Mansoo get together.  Additionally, looks like Ki-Chan will be forgiven by Kayoon’s family.  After all, what says I love this girl more than getting stabbed on her behalf by a robber?!

Returning to Heejung, I thought her actions were very in character.  She’s obsessed with Hyunjoon as much as he was obsessed with Kayoon.  She wants more than anything to find out if he actually loves her now that they are married since he keeps dropping hints that he does.  So she gives Kayoon her back-up files for revenge before turning herself in to see if Hyunjoon will step up to the plate and protect her or if he will let her go to jail…

My only concern? I thought it took a whole year of marriage before Hyunjoon could legally sue for Minwoo becoming his “biological” child for purposes of the law.  Maybe Heejung was too hasty.  After all, if Heejung gets jailed, Hyunjoon might have to return Minwoo to Jingook who is currently Minwoo’s “biological dad” under the law.  Additionally, we all know that Hyunjoon does not have a good case for suing for his parental rights when he’s already asked Heejung to get a divorce thanks to the nifty earlier episode where Hyunjoon’s lawyer explained the same.  Wouldn’t that suggest that Hyunjoon has an incentive to keep Heejung out of jail so that he does not have to return Minwoo to Jingook? Just saying.

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