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Hyunjoon tells Heejung who falls on her bed in shock and fear. At the same time, Mansoo and the family hear from the police about the attempted robbery. They rush to the hospital where it’s a cast reunion.


Everyone tensely waits outside until the surgery is over. Ki-Chan is still alive but in a critical condition…

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The police ask to investigate the restaurant where the officer finds it weird that nothing was stolen. Kayoon tells Hyunjoon who accompanied her about the fallback USB. Kayoon tells Hyunjoon that Ki-Chan better be okay or she’s going to hand it over to the police.


Back at the hospital, Mansoo finally opens up to Daeho. He explains that the day that he hung up on Daeho who was requesting settlement money… It was the day that his son had died and he had been at the funeral. Mansoo adds that Daeho has already gone through his share of bad luck so Ki-Chan will get better.

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The next day, the power play continues. Both Heejung and Hyunjoon pretend not to know that the other is scheming. Then Hyunjoon goes to the police where they are investigating Heejung and lies that he had no idea Heejung would steal Kayoon’s sauce. Heejung gasps ay the betrayal and the officer plays the recording of Jindo accusing Hyunjoon of being the mastermind.


They go to the hall where they accuse each other of lying and betraying. Heejung notes that she just wanted him to be sincere to Minwoo. Hyunjoon responds that all she had to do was tell him the truth… She instigated all of this. He sighs that he’s sick of her scheming and then walks off…after he notes that they decided to use a new sauce so the sauce stealing issue will go away.

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Heejung goes to check on Ki-Chan who is still unconscious but alive. She walks off to work but has issues breathing and falls unconscious. When she’s awake, the doctor notes that she needs further examination to diagnose why she has these issues such as her hands bloating and being unable to grab anything.


Meanwhile Kayoon goes to work and it’s time for the restaurant to be filmed. Kayoon tries her best to serve all of the customers and Heejung goes in for further exams…but Ki-Chan does not wake up. Soon-Im and Kayoon take turns watching out for him and crying.


Time to hear how the writer is going to resolve the Heejung v. everyone plot! She has a rare illness where her body is fighting itself as a result of stress. The issues that she has with her fingers will spread across her body…He advises that she avoid anything stressful. So she quits her job.

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Jingook goes home and finally tells Dalja the truth about Minwoo. Dalja expectedly freaks out and sobs on the floor. Then she throws on a coat to go beat up Heejung. Heejung just takes it but then falls unconscious. However, Dalja just assumes Heejung is just pretending and leaves after venting her frustration.

Hyunjoon ends up finding her a little later.

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Time for some angst! Kayoon remembers the rings that Ki-Chan had prepared. She runs back to the bench and by the luck of drama fate, no one took the obvious red jewelry box from the bench. She opens it up to see what looks like wedding rings and goes to put one on the unconscious Ki-Chan.


So, I was wrong. I thought that the series would span around 120 episodes but it looks like it will end with 102 episodes. This explains why the writer is literally dashing towards the finish line. Since there are too many issues involved with the feud between Ki-Chan’s family and Kayoon’s family, she pulls the he almost dies for the girl and Heejung gets a rare almost incurable illness.

Resorting to obvious drama cliches is quite disappointing. Then again, several arcs lacked the engrossing storylines and acting I had hoped for. Is it too much to ask that a daily drama keeps its audience engrossed? I mean the 50 episode dramas such as My Daughter is Geum Sa Wol manages and they are twice as long in episode time, so you would think a daily could do the same… Or is it KBS?

Time to return to Honey Pot and hope that it also does not fall stagnant!

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