Heaven’s Promise – 03

Sejin tries to befriend Nayoung while Gyungwan and Yookyung’s father create a scholarship fund to savage the company’s public image – first beneficent – Taejoon.


The beginning makes us suffer through some random voice over narrative but in a couple of minutes it’s over.


Yookyung asks Nayoung for her name but does not recognize it. One hurdle passed! Nayoung and Sejin go up to Sejin’s room where Nayoung opens her bag and Sejin remarks off handedly that Nayoung should toss everything she does not need. Nayoung answers that everything is important to her. Sejin to her credit, quickly apologizes for being insensitive.

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But then Sejin sees Nayoung’s handkerchief and remembers how she got hurt in her father’s office once. He (Gyungwan) had paused before using the handkerchief with Sejin and even requested a tissue. That handkerchief and Nayoung’s handkerchief both have the same embroidery… Sejin asks and Nayoung’s answers that it was made by her mom.

The next day, Gyungwan is told to create a scholarship fund to save their reputation…

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As for the young boy (Taejoon), he meets his mother in the streets. She gives him some money as a birthday present and leaves. But then his aunt arrives and sees the money. She accuses him of taking money from the restaurant and beats him up…They get into a physical fight and someone takes pictures from a hidden place.

The uncle is called and he does not protect Taejoon. Instead, he orders Taejoon to return the money. Taejoon answers by ripping up the bills and walking away. He hears Nayoung’s piano playing but it’s just a tape.

Later, Yookyung asks about Nayoung’s parents and Gyungwan lies that Nayoung’s is the daughter of his friend.

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Nayoung looks over picture at night and sniffs. Suddenly, Sejin wakes up and tells Nayoung that she’s a light sleeper because she always slept alone. Nayoung quickly apologizes but trouble is on the horizon… Sejin spots Nayoung’s watch and thinks it’s hers… Then when she confirms that Gyungwan bought the same watch for Nayoung, repeats that there should only be one such watch from her father… Jealousy…

Gyungwan finds it hard to sleep and goes to the kitchen for a cup of water. He finds Nayoung sniffing in the kitchen and hugs her, telling her to cry out loud. Sejin came down minutes later to find Nayoung and sees this. She turns around crying and goes to break her watch.


The next morning, things get tense when Nayoung confesses that she cannot eat crab meat because she’s allergic. Yookyung remembers that Gyungwan is the same and begins to get suspicious. She asks someone to look into Eunhae’s daughter.

For some reason, Taejoon is looking at the hidden snap pictures of Taejoon. He then looks at a resume for Kang Yulden?


Next thing we know, Gyungwan and the CEO are at the school meeting Taejoon. Taejoon notes that he likes what he sees and hears about Taejoon. They decide to support him until he graduates from college.

The CEO even wonders about using Taejoon in an advertisement. Taejoon answers that it might hurt the kid’s pride. The CEO replies that everyone falls in front of money like Taejoon. Hmmm?


Time for the main male lead to show up! Hwikyung suddenly appears – he’s the son between the new mom and the CEO. Turns out he’s a but older than Taejoon as he’s in high school.

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Yookyung wakes up with a headache and goes to the kitchen to find Nayoung silently standing there. But then Nayoung turns around and it’s Eunhae! Yookyung wakes up screaming and gets a call from the private investigator. She runs to the girls’ room and tosses all of Nayoung’s stuff on the floor. She picks up the pictures and sees Eunhae.


A commenter to episode one noted that the producer answered that Nayoung will be the angel of revenge. I’m starting to wonder how that would be since it looks like Taejoon will enter Nayoung’s life again soon. Unless Taejoon falls for Nayoung’s twin because she looks like his first crush – Nayoung?

Speaking of the twin, it’s about time that the story focuses back on her. Either I’m not going to be emotionally affected by her suffering because I have not had the time to get emotionally attached or I’m going to feel apathetic to her being the angel of revenge. Even a short scene about her current life to let us get to know her more would be nice!

Finally, Sejin. The child actor playing her is quite good at pulling out the obsessive jealousy that an only child might feel when she first sees a rival for the affection she had been receive alone. It’s a good balance because there’s moments sprinkled in where you can see Sejin is trying to be nice. She offers to share her room and even comes down to check on the crying Nayoung. It’s just that at each turn, Nayoung is being comforted by Gyungwan.  This would trigger a jealousy reaction in any normal child.  How can we even judge this one as fortunate as she is?


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