The Promise – 04

Yookyung finds out about Nayoung being Eunhae’s daughter just as Sejin begins to give in to her own jealousy over sharing her father.



Dramatic music plays as Nayoung asks Yookyung why is holding her photographs. Yookyung just asks who the woman in the picture is. Nayoung notes that she knows that she’s living off of their goodwill but does not appreciate Yookyung going through her things. But Nayoung is not big enough for this fight yet… Yookyung takes the pictures noting that she doesn’t like the picture of a dead person in her daughter’s room and Nayoung’s mom wouldn’t want Nayoung’s crying over her pictures.

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Yookyung storms to Gyungwan’s office and asks what is going on. She asks if Nayoung is his daughter to see if Gyungwan knows. But he answers confidently that Nayoung is Eunhae’s husband’s daughter. This calms her down a bit. She turns to the fact that he’s not thinking of her feelings when Nayoung is Eunhae’s daughter… She asks him to kick Nayoung out.

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He asks for time until Nayoung gets over her mother’s death and Yookyung agrees. Yookyung goes home and rips up the photos which she tosses into the toilet. She notes that Eunhae probably lied to Gyungwan to save his feelings and it’s not a help to her. Instead, she orders that all of the blankets get washed and Nayoung helps the maid in washing the.

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Later, Nayoung finds herself looking longingly at Sejin’s piano. She plays it thinking she’s the only one of the family still at home. Gyungwan arrives and hears the music. He goes up thinking it’s Sejin but he sees the back of Eunhae instead… He freezes anf does not say anything.


Oh dear. Sejin comes home to find Gyungwan praising Nayoung’s piano playing. Sejin agrees that Nayoung is good enough to teach her. Nayoung answers that she’s not good enough to teach anyone. So, Sejin asks her father to give them some space since Nayoung might be nervous because of him. When he leaves, she slaps Nayoung and tells her not to touch any of her things and to stay away from her dad.


Things continue downhill. Nayoung brings up orange juice but Sejin puts a piece of her hair into the glass. Nayoung refuses to bring another round of juice and then Sejin’s friend trips Nayoung. So, Nayoung refuses to clean up the mess.


Sejin responds by pushing Nayoung and telling her that she does not have a choice as a motherless orphan. Nayoung slaps Sejin in response crying that she still has the pride her mom gave her… But a fight occurs and when Nayoung notes that Sejin can never best her, Sejin steps on a broken piece of the glass and cries for her mom.


Yookyung brings Sejin home and then slaps Nayoung several times. She also tells Nayoung that it’s her job to endure whatever Sejin says or does.

Then Yookyung tells Gyungwan that Nayoung shoved Sejin in front of her friends. The friends even supposedly agreed that it was all Nayoung.

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Gyungwan does not seem to believe it. He goes to Nayoung and asks her to tell the truth. She apologizes and says she must have been too sensitive… Then she asks to be sent to the orphanage. Gyungwan responds that it must be hard for her but to give him some more time.


He also goes to tell Yookyung that they should be more understanding, that they should consider it time needed for adjustment.  Yookyung glares back and tells him that Sejin’s probably sensitive as well since she now has to share her father.  Gyungwan sighs and answers that he will try to be nicer to Sejin.

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So, Nayoung moves in with the housekeeper and finds that she has an easier time missing her mother there since the housekeeper is a heavy sleeper.  Nayoung takes the earring that she found in her mother’s clenched hand an a flashback explains just how she got it… Nayoung cries at her mom’s side to return but Eunhae does not move…Instead, Nayoung sees the earring.

At the same time, Yookyung seems to suffer from guilt as she also ponders the earring.


The next day, Nayoung has to help the housekeeper set the table.  Yookyung comes in and finds out that they don’t have any fruit.  She refuses the housekeeper’s suggestion that they deliver the food and orders that Nayoung go pick out the fresh food and bring it back.  Nayoung smiles and happily runs off to complete the errand – literally missing Taejoon in seconds.  To add insult to injury, a motorcycle clips Nayoung on her way back with the heavy bags and she drops all of the fruit that she had carefully picked out!


Taejoon joins the family for dinner.  During the time, Gyungwan and Yookyung ask Taejoon if he would not tutor Sejin.  Taejoon agrees to consider it and Sejin invites him to her room to test out the relationship.  Taejoon awkwardly goes with her to her room but gets distracted by her piano.

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Sejin asks cautiously if Taejoon is interested in the piano.  Taejoon answers that he cannot play the piano but enjoys listening to it.  Sejin frowns and declares that she cannot play the piano but she now wants to learn.


During that time, Hwi Kyung arrives.  Turns out Yookyung is not a magnanimous sister as she refuses the housekeeper’s offer of tea.  Instead, she firmly notes that they can all grab dinner together another day when Hwi Kyung schedules the event in advance.  She also turns down Hwi Kyung’s request to see Sejin and he good heartedly leaves.

But when Hwi Kyung walks out, he finds Nayoung staring at his motorcycle to dramatic music.


Four episodes in and I have to admit that in addition to the weird narration in the beginning of the episode, the music producer needs to have an office conference with the other members of the team.  There is something incredibly makjang and jarring about the choice of music.  It’s too dramatic for the story line.  The story line seems to weave in makjang concepts but focuses on giving us a fun tale that is not just purely makjang.  In contrast, the music is JUST MAKJANG even if the tension in the scenes do not call for such makjang musical tension. Le sigh.

As for the plot, looks like all of the main characters are introduced.  Sejin met Taejoon and finds herself interested enough to suggest that he tutors her in math and invites him up to her room.  It’s unclear if Taejoon returns her feelings when I’m sure Taejoon is not used to girls so prim and proper as a Sejin.  After all, even though he saw Nayoung beautifully playing the piano, Sejin’s clothes are girlier, better fitted, and quite pretty.

Now for the orange juice and stepping on glass incident. A part of me is not surprised by how Sejin reacted.  She is a little princess and, in her mind, she has been more than magnanimous with Nayoung.  However, all Sejin can see is that Gyungwan is spending a growing amount of his attention on this newcomer and she does not seem to acknowledge it at all.  Additionally, if Yookyung’s father is rich enough to marry a woman his daughter’s age, I assume that the students at Sejin’s school are aware of how privileged she is. I am told that children these days are quite calculating. It would not surprise me if Sejin is already surrounded by naive sycophants but sycophants nonetheless due to her privileged background.  If so, it would make the situation with Nayoung even more unacceptable to Sejin.

So, what should a delusional child do when something seems to be so wrong emotionally? She does the only thing that she can think of – get sympathy from her mother and father by getting hurt. Her reasoning is so clear that this does not even seem that makjang to me. Makjang would have been if Nayoung and Sejin attended the same school and Sejin made Nayoung into an outcast.  This situation is just child’s play.

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