The Promise – 05

We say good bye to our kids after Yookyung has a fit over Nayoung looking through her stuff and Nayoung gets tossed unceremoniously to the orphanage.


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Nayoung recognizes Hwi Kyung’s motorcycle but Hwi Kyung doesn’t recognize her. She asks him if he wasn’t the bike that swerved by the market earlier. Hwi Kyung answers that he doesn’t remember the Mary as the neighborhood keeps changing and asks if there is anything he can help with. Nayoung cries that it’s not fair that the first kind words she hears are lies… Hwi Kyung doesn’t understand but then sees her bags and broken fruit. He realizes what Nayoung is babbling about and takes her back to the mart so that she can bring fresh fruit.


Nayoung returns to Yookyung snapping that Nayoung is late. She sees Nayoung’s knee and Gyungwan angrily notes that they should have delivered the fruit. Nayoung quips up that she volunteered and Yookyung agrees that she wanted to deliver the fruit but Nayoung insisted.

Taejoon sees Nayoung but Sejin brings him back to the room to continue their tutoring. Nayoung has to bring up cookies and Sejin even explains to Taejoon that Nayoung is a girl who works at their house.


Taejoon happily goes home to pick up the umbrella to return to Nayoung. He even adds some medicine for his knee and a note that he was too surprised to show that he knows her.


However, the next day, the CEO finds out who Taejoon’s father is and orders that they switch the scholarship student. The CEO is still angry about an accident that occurred while Gyungwan tries to note that the child is a victim too… But, the CEO wins and it’s Gyungwan’s responsibility to tell Taejoon… He gives Taejoon’s aunt some money as consolation but Taejoon sees the envelope. He returns it to Gyungwan stating that if he’s no longer a scholarship student, he doesn’t need their money.

On a quick side note, Sejin’s heart gets broken when she finds out that Taejoon will no longer be tutoring her.  Her calendar has marked his tutoring session with a heart…

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Yookyung stops by her father’s home. She tells Hwi Kyung’s mom not to be greedy by trying to take over the company through the new scholarship fund that Hwi Kyung’s mom convinced the CEO in making. It turns out that they were all classmates including Eunhae. Hwi Kyung’s mom smiles through all of Yookyung’s barbs and just asks of Yookyung spoke with Eunhae recently as the word is that Eunhae passed on. Yookyung lies that she has not.

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Meanwhile Nayoung is randomly cleaning Yookyung’s toilet when she sees part of her mom’s picture. She rushes off to look for her mother’s pictures and then finds the one side of the earring that Yookyung still has.

Yookyung arrives and accuses Nayoung of trying to steal something. Nayoung answers that she was just looking for her photographs and then asks why Yookyung only has one earring… She doesn’t explain that it’s the same one that her mother was holding on to as she died…


But, Nayoung goes to confirm that it’s the same earring. Nayoung refuses to open her hand and Yookyung throws all of Nayoung’s stuff on the ground. She tells Nayoung to leave.


Gyungwan arrives and asks what happened. Yookyung yells that Nayoung stole her stuff. Sejin takes her mom’s side and adds that this is not the first time as her stuff keeps going missing too.

Gyungwan tries to get Nayoung to open her hand but she refuses only repeating that she did not steal anything. Of course by her refusing to show what she’s holding, it looks suspicious. Gyungwan tries to force Nayoung and gets bitten in response.

This seems to be the last straw as Yookyung throws a hissy fit and Gyungwan gives Nayoung an ultimatum… Either open her hand or leave.


Thus, Nayoung leaves just as Hwi Kyung arrives with fruit. He notes that Sejin can enjoy the fruit with her friend but Sejin smiles that there is no other child… He leaves and sees Nayoung’s broken watch on the floor. So, he hears that the child went to the orphanage from the help.

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At the same time, Gyungwan arrives at the orphanage. He tells Nayoung that she still has time. But Nayoung replies that it’s her last sign from her mom… Gyungwan asks if her mother’s legacy is more important than her reputation. Nayoung does not answer.

Gyungwan promises to return for her.

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Two months later, the truck driver’s wife comes to meet with Nayoung. She cries and explains that she is the wife. She asks Nayoung to come with her as she cannot live like this… The woman begs on her knees for Nayoung to come with her.


The woman sobs are so sorrowful that it seems Nayoung goes with her. Next thing we know, Taejoon is about to run into the rain and gets shielded by Nayoung’s yellow umbrella.


Time jump! Fifteen years later, Nayoung happily arrives at Taejoon’s place to make breakfast. They are a happy couple unaware about the drama rushing towards them literally with the dramatic music.


Another well written episode. Even though the makjang elements are still there, you can’t argue against it. It doesn’t seem too far fetched that Nayoung would be told to help out by cleaning… It also doesn’t seem like an unbelievable reaction for a twelve year old to rush over and look through the evil auntie’s stuff to find her precious pictures. The circumstances literally cornered Nayoung into being kicked out and gaining her independence.

Additionally, I like how they made Gyungwan into a human even though we will likely have to hate him in the future.  He has “seen” Nayoung fight with Sejin and Sejin get hurt as a result.  This time, his wife, who is already being extremely understanding in allowing the daughter of his past love stay with them, accuses Nayoung of being a thief…And, to top it off, Nayoung refuses to prove that she is innocent by opening her hand.  What human would not be suspicious that Nayoung is reacting to her circumstances badly? That she is not just going through something and acting out to address her grief?

One thing that I was surprised about was how Nayoung finds a loving mom in the new step mom.  What role is the new step mom and the connection to the truck driver going to play in this story? Is it going to play anything at all? It’s an odd angle that I was not prepared for… AND WHERE IS NAYOUNG’S TWIN?!

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