The Promise – 07

Taejoon runs into Sejin again and recognizes her but she does not return the favor.  As the two get acquainted through fate and Sejin’s father’s shenanigans, Nayoung opens her heart to Taejoon’s mother.


Unceremonious pounding results in Nayoung opening the door to Taejoon’s mother. She’s rude and annoying. She runs in and demands the bathroom before insulting Nayoung for being slow. Then she demands a drink. But, to her defense, looks like her husband has been physically abusing her.


At the same time, Taejoon goes to the cafe and finds out that each cup is around $5. He does not have enough money and asks for the carrier only. He explains that he’s an employee of Baekdo and needs to use a carrier…

Sejin was having a coffee at the same time and gets up at this point annoyed that Taejoon is being such a cheapskate while making it clear that he’s an employee of Baekdo.


They get into the same elevator and Sejin snaps happily at everyone to stop laughing since it would make all of her efforts to disguise herself moot. Taejoon laughs at her grit and Sejin assumes it’s at her. She drops her used cup into his carrier.

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Taejoon gets off on the same floor and tells her to toss it herself. But Sejin refuses and Taejoon grumbles that he will do it as his good deed. Sejin doesn’t lose and hands over fifty dollars as trash cleaning money, adding that he shouldn’t act so cheap since it’s embarrassing.


She walks into her dad’s office, where Gyungwan is in the middle of calling another department to prepare Taejoon’s study abroad process. What is this? The company prepares your application for you? I hope the drama is not implying that as that kind of situation would be fraud yo…

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Taejoon’s mom stuffs herself on Nayoung’s mom’s food while acting like a witch. My goodness! Her son is a useless coward and she acts like this? To give you some color, she accuses Nayoung of seducing her son as Taejoon would never have fallen for a girl who has only graduated high school if she had not been seductive… Then she asks about Nayoung’s mother’s employment and sighs to hear that she runs a small food shop. Uh, I thought the question should be whether the two can take care of themselves… Why reach up unless the child is useless and cannot take care of him or herself?

Nayoung takes it all in like an angel, including when Taejoon’s mom overreacts at Nayoung’s question about if anything is wrong. Starting to not like her as well.


Back at the company we find out why Sejin lied to the paparazzi’s that she did have an affair. It was the only way for her husband to agree to a divorce. (Remember Korea has fault divorces or both sides have to agree to a divorce. No way out without fault or unanimous consent.)


Then Sejin goes to her car where Taejoon follows and gives her back her $50.00. They are photographed by Nayoung’s sister and her coworker… Where it’s clear that Nayoung’s sister recognizes Taejoon.


As for the two being photographed, Sejin assumes that Taejoon is trying to play a jerk to get her attention. He coolly responds that he does not care if she is the daughter of his CEO since she’s a divorced adultress. The words get to Sejin who is understandably sensitive. She demands to know what he knows about her.

Taejoon smiles that she’s a rich little princess that played around in clubs all through her college years and needed to graduate after five years as a result. She pretended to be a good girl and marry the man whom her family chose but ended up getting divorced because of her affairs. He adds that everyone in the company knows this.

Sejin narrows her eyes but she doesn’t scream. Instead she responds calmly that he’s the same trash as everyone else who assumes that rumors are truth and fact, giving themselves a false sense of superiority to judge her by. She turns to get in her car. Then she turns at the last minute to return to slap Taejoon. She adds that she’s giving him a piece of advice, be careful about his words or be prepared to lose everything.


Sejin leaves with Nayoung’s coworker convinced that Taejoon is the other man. Nayoung’s sister angrily tells him not to assume anything since they don’t have proof. She also takes the camera’s memory card.

Then she goes to find Taejoon. It looks like they are on close terms. He calls her sister and asks to talk another time as he’s busy. She agrees only after he confirms that he’s still on good with Nayoung.

Later, Taejoon goes home and pulls the blanket off of his mother. He grits out that she has no right to be there reminding her that their relationship ended four years ago… When she threw him away as a child.

For our benefit, he adds that his mother took the money that Nayoung had saved up by working all these different part time jobs… And she took it. (I assume it was Nayoung’s college fund…)


Taejoon’s mom apologizes and confesses that she was wrong. She tries to explain that she wasn’t thinking correctly because she thought if she did not bring the money, her husband would go to jail since he cannot settle without money.

Taejoon is not convinced and tosses her to the floor. Her sunglasses falls off and she notes that she broke up with the guy.

Taejoon just asks which guy it is.

So, the mom screams that she will just die. She takes her scarf and pulls as if it would do anything. Nayoung rushes to calm the mom down from her show but Taejoon tells her to do whatever and leaves. Nayoung follows him and tells him to calm down… He screams his frustration at the wall before crying in her arms.

After all is said and done, Taejoon returns to place a blanket over his mom.


Nayoung tells the same thing to her mom. Nayoung’s mom is on my side as she tells her daughter not to go back to that apartment or see Taejoon until he resolves the situation. Yes! Someone being freaking rational about adult children!

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It’s too early to think that Nayoung will get away from the upcoming tragedy. She follows her mom in and tells her that she wants to tell her mom one thing. She was really scared when she first met Mom but she followed Mom because she smelled her own mom’s smell from Mom… She adds that Mom does not know how happy Nayoung is because she met Mom. Then she asks her mom to give Taejoon’s mom another chance.

The moment passes when Nayoung’s younger sister texts to ask if their mother is sleeping. Nayoung quickly tells her mom to go to bed first since Mom wakes up early and opens the door for her wayward sister. The baby fox of the family! She’s all excited about her first date as he’s the son of a conglomerate! But she snips that he wanted to go to a hotel for third rounds so she left as sleeping with a guy on the first date would be too much.


Mom overhears and comes in beats her youngest. The youngest throws a tantrum that she’s sick and tired of her poor mom who always smells like food and runs upstairs.


Then Nayoung’s older sister comes home. Turns out she’s Eunsoo! She keeps faltering and tells Nayoung that she loves Nayoung so much. Then she tells Nayoung to be careful about Taejoon if she really wants to marry him.


At the same time, Gyungwan offers to send Sejin to Boston for additional studying or fun. He notes that she can help when Hwi Kyung takes over the company… Yookyung does not agree at first since Sejin did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to go into hiding. However, she gets convicted when Sejin can get another degree and maybe get some respect from her grandfather’s eyes. One thing to note… Sejin asks why her father is sending her to Boston when Hwi Kyung is studying in New York… Looks like he wants her to meet Taejoon?

At the same time, Taejoon considers the study abroad offer. What wasn’t noted in the last recap is that Gyungwan had asked if Taejoon is not married and is still single. I had assumed it was just because it’s easier to send a single man to study abroad but I’m no longer sure… Taejoon broods and the episode ends without makjang music! Yessss!


Can this be? Can this be a fun drama to follow and recap which won’t disappoint me by dragging or losing its sense of identity in the middle? >°<

Ahem. Still liking Sejin more than Nayoung because Nayoung’s too angelic for my tastes. Of course, I can’t wait to see how the writer takes Sejin’s character and makes her into the female antagonist since she is so likeable right now. Currently, she’s smart, opinionated and a little vulnerable. If I didn’t know better, it would be the makings of a main female character!

On the other side, Nayoung frustrated me a little bit because I don’t understand how her character went from having character to the neighborhood Candy. As a child, she was willing to stand up to Sejin and fight back. Now, she meekly takes in everything that Taejoon’s mom says and forgives Taejoon in minutes for lying to her about the company he got a job in… She’s become a pushover.

Finally, as for Taejoon… His character I like less and find less believable. A first year employee is really going to not spend his time showing face time in the office and instead is going to wait for the CEO’s daughter to return to her car? Um, yeah. Not likely. Additionally, if he’s as ambitious as they are painting him out to be with a proposal that the Board of Directors liked above all submissions including those of his seniors… The kid should have a little more social professional savvy. That is missing here and it doesn’t really make him into a swoon worthy male lead. Why? Because in the real world, if you can’t cut the corporate jungle jungle, you’ll never make it up to the top. When your fiancée has already given up her chance at education for you and your mother, and you have not paid her back by giving her an equal opportunity to go to college, you should be out there working late nights and chumming it up with your coworkers to get ahead. Just saying…Nayoung gave up a lot in materialistic and judgmental Korea when she gave up college. Koreans consider education one of their highest values and not having graduated in this generation will be a stigma following her around everywhere.

Finally, where is Nayoung’s twin?!

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