The Promise – 08

Nayoung starts to gag randomly as Taejoon makes his decision to study abroad in the United States. Meanwhile, we see that Sejin has always been dismissed by Grand Daddy for being a girl and reminding him of her mother.


Ahhhh! The makjang music and the narration is back!

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Then it turns to Taejoon telling Gyungwan thay he will accept the offer to study abroad. Gasp! Gyungwan hands over an admissions letter to Hansol School in Boston…The company committed a fraud and prepared all the applications on behalf of Taejoon, signing on his behalf! Lies!

No one in the room seems to be as shocked about how the company wrote Taejoon’s freaking essays for him such as his future goals or personal statement. Not to mention somehow Taejoon has his GMAT scores just lying around? OK, I’ll get over this huge plot hole that Taejoon somehow got into this business school with fraudulent essays written by the company and no GMAT scores…

Gyungwan tells Taejoon that he knew Taejoon would accept… And Taejoon goes to look over his papers happily to dramatic music.

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Meanwhile, Nayoung gives the implying gag… Omg she might be pregnant! She then goes to drop off her next delivery at an Academy. But the front desk lady lies that they never ordered the food. Turns out another teacher ordered, confirmed and then found a cheaper option. Nayoung either hears or figures out what happened and leaves the food there saying that they made it for the teachers so it’s on the house.

Her cell phone rings as its the lovely mother-in-law to be… She’s at home doing nothing but she wants Nayoung to bring food….but she’s semi-reasonable. When Nayoung says she has to go trade off shifts with her mom, dear mother-in-law is off to get food at the restaurant where Nayoung works.


Then we get a gratuitous scene where Taejoon speaks some English and his staff compliments him for speaking so well. No comment.


Nayoung covers for her mom so that Mom can take a lunch break. But she keeps gagging again. Pregnancy? Or disease?

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She works hard and misses Taejoon who stopped by to confess about studying abroad… He walks off just as mother-in-law (Manjung) comes along putting on airs. She bumps into Mom who glares and asks if Manjung does not know her from their time at a sock factory. Manjung denies it and has to run off! Turns out that Manjung had borrowered around $500 from Mom with the lie about a family surgery and ran off.

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At the same time, Sejin and her mom enjoy a massage when the Grandfather calls. Sejin agrees to go see him… His proposal? That Sejin apologizes to her horrible in-laws and beg for one more year. He explains that they had a great deal that is one signature away from executing the deal. He notes that Sejin needs to act like the granddaughter that she is.

Yookyung gets up to leave. However, Sejin stops. She proposes that she will take his offer and carry through with the deal in exchange for the Baekdo company. The grandfather laughs and then tells her that she takes after her mother more than her father… Yookyung also had more ambition than she had the skills or talent to handle… He snipes that there were many victims because of Yookyung’s greed and tells Sejin to think hard about whether she truly believes she can take care of the company.


Back at the company, Sejin’s ex husband and father-in-law meet with Gyungwan. They note the deal is over and hand over a legal summons for defamation and spousal support since Sejin caused the divorce because of her affairs. Gyungwan calmly turns to ask Sejin’s ex if he agrees and the coward confirms.

So, Gyungwan pulls out a voice recorder where one of Sejin’s ex-husband’s ex girlfriends complained about how the guy is a jealous and possessive psychopath… That she had been happy he was finally getting married since he would even go through a person’s trash to find proof of an affair and then blame it on the girl. Gyungwan notes that he’s only letting them listen since his fellow in-law should know what his son is really like. He encourages them to file the suit since it gives Sejin a chance to rehabilitate her own reputation.

The other guy backs down and compliments Gyungwan for being more prepared and scarier than he looks. Gyungwan just responds that it’s not him but Sejin who is, implying that Sejin has more on the kid.

Taejoon invites Nayoung to meet him for dinner and adds that he has something to say. But then he gets a call from Gyungwan…

Some random scenes of Sejin shopping? Not sure what happened here other than to contrast her with Nayoung who even refused to wear her little sister’s new dress because the date had bought it for her.


Over drinks, Taejoon receives his airplane ticket. Gyungwan notes that the plane leaves next week and the company will provide living expenses… Taejoon responds that he understands that Gyungwan is expecting something from him and asks what it is.


The scene changes and we find out that Taejoon made Nayoung wait because of his drinks with Gyungwan. He texts Nayoung that he will be late and she’s ever supportive… Then Gyungwan wakes up to find Taejoon patiently waiting for him in the car… The kid drove after drinking. Really wise. Really.

Gyungwan goes inside and Taejoon looks over at the large house. Then… Sejin arrives.


What a not informative episode! It was thirty minutes of hints and no real information. Is Nayoung pregnant? Is she ill? What is Gyungwan’s request to Taejoon? Does he just want Taejoon to be a good influence over Sejin or does he think that Taejoon would be good match for his daughter since he sees so much of himself in Taejoon? And… Where is Nayoung’s twin?!

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