The Promise – 9

Fate sets the stage for Taejoon’s temptation as fall as Nayoung’s stakes raise.


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We suffer through another narrative…

Then Gyungwan goes inside and Sejin arrives. Taejoon looks over curiously and sees that it’s Sejin. He frowns and begin to walk off.

But then, Sejin’s old mother-in-law and stupid witch of a sister-in-law arrive. They elegantly decide to pull Sejin’s hair and scream at her for no reason before leaving. Yeah, hope that car stalls somewhere and they deal with karma.

Taejoon walks over at the moment. Sejin asks how he could have just watched it all happen and not try to help her. Taejoon sighs that it would have been worse if the women thought he were her lover. But Sejin isn’t convinced.

Taejoon sighs that Sejin should go home since it’s late. His tone triggers a memory and Sejin remembers the younger Taejoon. She grabs his arms but then the paparazzis are back! Sejin pulls Taejoon into her car and away they go!


Meanwhile, Nayoung gives up and goes to a nearby cart for some street food. The gagging continues so she goes to a pharmacist for some indigestion medicine. The pharmacist gives her a pregnancy test instead…


At the same time, Taejoon and Sejin share a drink. Sejin sighs that she had no idea and wonders how she almost died the last time he saw her… She had gone to his aunt’s restaurant to see him only to see Taejoon’s aunt and mom fighting…

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Taejoon comes back to find Sejin about to cry in the corner with her meal. He pulls her out and tells her to go home since he is no longer a scholarship student. Sejin cries that she thought they were friends and even gives him all of the money in her wallet. She promises to ask her father to pay him more for tutoring her but Taejoon accuses her of treating him like a beggar and leave.

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Sejin waits outside the restaurant in the rain before giving up at night. Back in the present, she explains that she had pneumonia and had to be seen in the emergency room. She asks if they cannot be friends now.

Taejoon replies that her confidence is charming but he has a girl friend. He offers to take her home but she tells him to leave first.


Nayoung cowards out at the last minute and does not take the pregnancy test before Taejoon calls her out. He smiles and hands over his account book. He explains that all of his money will be deposited into this account which he wants her to take care of.

However, Nayoung picks up on the weird atmosphere. She asks him what is wrong. Taejoon replies that he has been given an opportunity to study abroad for free.

Nayoung exclaims in happiness! Yet, Taejoon is still somber and asks if it is okay for them not to get married for another three years… Why not marry first me thinks… Is someone being tempted?

Nayoung answers happily that she wants him to go and succeed. Taejoon then asks her to take time off the next day so they can file their marriage first. Good!


As for Sejin, she finds plane tickets on her desk and goes to ask her father. She tells him that she has no confidence in herself going abroad… Gyungwan answers that he feels like he should have stopped the last wedding. Sejin tells him not to feel bad since she would not have consented to the wedding if she had not been attracted to him for his looks and specs.

Gyungwan smiles and tells her to try her best at a new start. Sejin thanks him and changes the subject to how she met Taejoon again.


Oh no! Nayoung tells Taejoon to have their marriage after he returns… She tells him that the company would expect him to be single and people might talk if he’s suddenly married. Taejoon asks if she’s not worried about him.

Nayoung answers that she’s been with him for fifteen years… She has filled up half of his heart already so half of him is hers as half of her is his. Taejoon laughs.

Taejoon goes home to find his mother fighting with the landlady. The landlady gives him an ultimatum… Either kick his mom out or leave with her. Taejoon apologizes for his mother and promises that it won’t happen again.

The lady goes off tsking at the mother-son duo. Taejoon’s mom thinks it’s over but Taejoon then takes all of her stuff and leaves it outside. He tells her to go on her way and ignores her pleas through the door that she’s his mother… He even turns on the old recording of Nayoung’s piano to ignore his mother’s cries.


Then a flashback shows us what Gyungwan had said. He confessed that he feels responsible for Sejin. He had secretly hoped that Sejin would just marry her ex-husband because that would secure the deal for his company. He now wants to send Sejin to the United States – Boston. He asks Taejoon to take care of Sejin.

Taejoon apologizes that he already has a fiance. Gyungwan laughs that he was not asking Taejoon to marry Sejin – he just wants Taejoon to be friends with Sejin so that she’s not lonely in the United States… Hmmmmm… But emotional confidants are just another way of saying lovers if you ask me.

Taejoon seems to worry about his wavering as he looks at his drawer where he has the umbrella that brought him and Nayoung together.

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As for the stupid mother-in-law. She grits her teeth and declares that she does not want to leave. She had gone to a shaman that had told her that she will never find another spouse… Then the shaman had told her to stay with her son whom she had abandoned if she wants to live well in her old age.

Taejoon also comes out at this point. He tells her that she has one week since he’s moving out and giving the deposit back to Nayoung as it was her money to begin with. OMG he’s been living off of Nayoung and then he’s going to betray her?! I HOPE HE GETS A BAD COMEUPPENCE.


At the same time, Nayoung decides to have a midnight snack. She takes a few bites before her stomach is unable to hold down any more. She goes to throw it up and then thinks about the pregnancy test. Yep, it’s pregnancy.


It’s so hard to watch the drama set the stage because we know that some how Taejoon is going to betray Nayoung.  However, in this episode he really did nothing especially wrong.  Theoretically, there is a chance he could go to Boston and manage to keep himself from bonding with the only other familiar face that he sees…Or sharing the emotional connection that he has because Sejin will also be new in an unfamiliar territory.  But, let’s face it. He’s human and he’s a weak human at that. For someone to be able to not be tempted by the emotional connection of someone familiar in a completely strange and challenging environment, they have to be either narcissistic or highly independent.  Taejoon seems like neither.

It also does not help that Sejin seems to have made a deep impression on him since he remembered her.  He remembered the company that offered to sponsor him and turned away.  Even though he knows that his current fiance and his mother-in-law hate the company, he still chose to work hard to apply and get hired by that company.  He has an innate obsession with the company and Sejin’s family indirectly as a result.  Either way, if he were truly conscientious, he would not take the offer to go study abroad when he is specifically asked to take care of Sejin.  But then we won’t have a story would we? ^.^ So, onward we march toward Taejoon and Sejin bonding as outsiders in Boston while Nayoung lives under the illusion that Taejoon is being faithful.


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