Witch’s Castle – 01-05 Weecap

Witch’s Castle .

(Episode 1-5)


It starts with a beautiful dream in which Gong Jun Young dreams of walking to the attic with his beloved Oh Dan Byul. The woman he has loved from his childhood and proposed.


Dan Byul is an orphan girl whom Jun Young’s mother  Yang Ho Deok brought up like her own child. Jun Young could not resist Dan Byul’s innocence and simplicity and fell in love with her. He wants her to have best bridal dress for marriage but she is frugal and thinks of budget and decides to have something simple and cheaper .


Dan Byul is still haunted by her childhood dreams of a house fire and how Ho Dyuk saved her and took care of her . She is grateful to Ho Dyuk for her benevolence and is hurt that she has not been accepted as daughter -in -law by her own mother- in- law


Ho Dyuk is depressed and frustrated. Her son is marrying the girl she had been taking care . She does not approve of Dan Byul’s and Ho Deok’s marriage. She feels that Dan Byul does not deserve to marry her educated lawyer son. She loves Dan Byul but could not approve of her marriage with her own son… She loves Dan Byul as a daughter…not a match for her wonderful son.


Moon Hee Jae returns from foreign. Her father, CEO of the family run company assigns Shin Kang Hyun the general manger of the company to groom her for the company. Hee Jae is a spoilt heiress who is used to bullying and dominating people.  She does not like Kang Hyun’s high attitude and they both have constant clashes.   Instead of focusing on the present, she continuously checks her phone for some contact from Jun Young.  He turns out to be her friend from college with whom she is in one sided love. But Jun Young never returned her love and is currently busy preparing his marriage with his childhood love Dan Byul.


On her marriage day Dan Byul fatefully runs into Kang Hyun.  She sees him being hit by a bike and rushes to help him and makes sure he is taken to hospital.


Kang Hyun wakes up but does not remember anything.  He remembers Dan Byul and tries to find her whereabouts. His memory loss problem stems from his childhood trauma. Due to which he lost all memory from childhood and tends to forget accidents. He hides this weakness by being professional, ambitious and emotionless.


Dan Byul and Jun Young get married and move to their new apartment. Due to her own childhood trauma and fear from fire, Dan Byul is unable to cook food for her husband. But Jun Young consoles her like a loving husband.


Hee Jae sees Dan Byul working at grossery shop and is disgusted to realise Jun Young left her for Dan Byul who is nothing but an assistant in a grocery shop.


Hee Jae is further shattered to know Jun Young is married.  She still does not give up and tries to hire him in legal team of her own company just to be near him and have him back. Shin Kang Hyun finds out that Hee Jae conspires to hire Jun Youn and rebukes her saying that the  legal team cannot have members whom company employee know personally. So, Kang Hyun and Hee Jae clash again.


Gong Se Sil, daughter of Ho Dyuk also returns from Italy after divorcing her husband. But she is afraid to go home and ends up living at public bath/ sauna.  She is has run out of money and is selling her Italian panties to earn money!!


Se Sil has a son who is sick. She wants to go back to her mother but does not know how to explain her divorce and broke situation. The innocent face of her sick son breaks her heart.


Gong Nam Soo, Ho Dyuk’s husband is having an affair with Seo Mil Rae.  Mil Rae is a crafty two faced woman who is using him to pay her debts. She forces him to divorce Ho Dyuk. Nam Soo is sixty and is bored with Ho Dyuk.  He thinks that his wife is too old to add spice to his life and wants to restart his life with Mil Rae.


Ho Dyuk finds out that her marriage is in shambles… that her husband Nam Soo has been cheating on her. The old lady has no idea what’s going on.  What happened is that he comes home drunk and asks for divorce. She suddenly finds out his infidelity in this unceremonious manner and his mistress too.  Unfortunately, it’s already too late. Ho Dyuk is shattered.

Shana’s Few Cents

Witch’s Castle is about Ho Dyuk Se Sill and Dan Byul  who end up living together  marred by misfortunes. But I find these ladies nowhere witches.  Instead Mil Rae and Hee Jae are the real witches. Mil Rae enticed Ho Dyuk’s husband Nam Soo into love just to pay her bills. Hee Jae love was unfulfilled but the ways she is using to get it back is witch’s way not an angel’s.

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