The Promise – 10

Nayoung plays the noble idiot and lets Taejoon go abroad without knowing about the baby. Taejoon ends up spending 5 years there and we have a time jump!



Gyungwan asks Sejin how she is doing. She smiled that she’s doing fine but she’s a little nervous about starting over in an unfamiliar environment. Gyungwan tells her not to worry as he has everything planned out.


Meanwhile, Nayoung looks at her ultrasound picture and says softly that she’s sorry… She loves her child and welcomes the child but the timing is awkward. Taejoon joins her and Nayoung avers about not having anything on her mind… By the time that she gets her confidence to tell Taejoon, Gyungwan calls him up.


At the same time, Taejoon’s mom calls her over. She’s all nice words and tears in hopes that she can stay and live in the rooftop studio. Nayoung reassures the mother that she agrees.

Then Taejoon’s mom tells Nayoung that she prepared some soup and Nayoung jumps up to finish the preparations… Because in Korea, that’s what is expected. But then she smells the soup, which triggers her gag reflex and has to run to the bathroom.

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Taejoon’s mom sees this as an opportunity to get some extra cash and clumsily grabs at Nayoung’s bag. The bag drops to the ground and the ultrasound picture falls out… Cue mother-in-law hysterics accusing Nayoung of getting pregnant as if she can do it alone. She also orders that Nayoung not tell Taejoon as Taejoon would decide against going to the United States if he knew that he was a father. Or she suggests that Nayoung tell Taejoon after he returns from his studies.

At the same time, Sejin happily thinks about studying abroad with Taejoon and her father sees the pictures of Taejoon with Nayoung…


Nayoung goes home in a gloomy mood and Taejoon assumes that it is because of his mother. He grumbles that he’s going to kick his mother out. But Nayoung pulls him into a hug and notes softly that he finally feels like he’s leaving and it is hard.

Taejoon tells her that it’s her last chance. Tell him not to go and he won’t. But Nayoung pulls alway and tells him to go and succeed for both of them as she is invested in him, too.

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Taejoon grabs her and takes her to a church where they exchange rings. He declares that he takes Nayoung as a bride and will only love her forever. Nayoung replies the same vow for him… He cups her face and pulls her into a kiss… Thanking her for coming to him… Ahhhh! It is hard to watch this knowing that he will betray her!…

Then it’s time for the flight and temptation begins from the airplane where Taejoon’s seat is right next to a smiling Sejin.


Woa, time jump of 5 years. Wait. Pause. What just happened? A MBA is either a one year or two year program. Just what in world needs 5 years of study?! That is the time needed to develop your thesis, defend and gain your doctorate in a hard science! Grrrrr… Promises to return as soon as he can were lies.

Nayoung happily and heartily haggles with a lady in the market. Then the scene changes and Nayoung has prepared a full table for some lady in a nice apartment.


At the same time, Nayoung’s mom has to turn away customers because they ran out of chicken. The customers sigh that they took over an hour to come to the shop but Mom really doesn’t have any chicken left.


As for Taejoon’s mom? She’s caught dancing with another married man by the real wide. Poor Nayoung is called and runs to the marketplace where the women are physically fighting.


Nayoung gets bitten when she tries to calm Taejoon’s mom (Oh Manjung) down and Mom run in to yell at Manjung… GOOD!


The scene changes and it’s Yookyung and Gyungwan rush to the CEO’s room. He suddenly lost consciousness… Yookyung snipes that her mother-in-law has time to put on makeup. The mother-in-law snaps back that her husband yelled at her for not putting on makeup like she’s already a widow with him passed away.

The fight continues inside the room where Yookyung gripes at Hwi Kyung not being around while his father is unconscious. The mother-in-law yells back that Hwi Kyung is stressed as well…


When Yookyung walks out, she sighs that she hurts seeing her father looking like that.

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We turn back to Nayoung who is reassuring her mother that Taejoon will be a great son-in-law once he returns tomorrow… She then runs to pick up her daughter Saebyul.


It is soooooo hard to not want to grab Nayoung and shake her while yelling that Taejoon is going to betray you! Her actions make sense without knowing about the ultimate betrayal that turns this into a revenge melodrama. But, with it, it’s like watching the lamb go up for slaughter.

One question that kept haunting the back of my mind is whether Taejoon is confused about his first love. Did he have two? He loved Nayoung for her comforting and beautiful piano playing while his younger life fell into shambles. But, he also fell for Sejin? The part about Sejin is unclear. However, I can see an argument being made that the last meeting with Sejin left a deep impression and lack of closure in Taejoon’s life. He’s young and he is barely about to stumble on puppy love but then there is this girl who is so out of his league who is willing to stand in the rain crying for him. Would he have entertained regrets about turning Sejin away because of his pride? Did the regrets turn into a quiet and latent obsession?

Other than that, I am ready for the main conflict to occur. Now the stakes are high. Nayoung has waited five whole years for this guy while raising their daughter. We need to know what sparks the split and the resulting revenge!

Finally, where is Nayoung’s twin?

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