The Promise – 11

Hwi Kyun returns to Korea… Taejoon and Sejin have also returned and poor Nayoung has no idea that she’s about to betrayed completely.


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After minutes of the annoying narrative, we quickly return to Nayoung picking up Saebyul.  The little girl is ecstatic about her father returning from the United States the next day.  They go home together where Saebyul’s aunt bought her a doll.  Eun-Bong (the older sister) leaves after her mom nags at her for not getting married when she’s 33.  But Nayoung runs after Eun-Bong to give her the side dishes that Mom prepared for Eun-Bong.


In the streets, Eun-Bong tells Nayoung that she’s disappointed at Nayoung for not telling Taejoon about his daughter for four years.  What if he changes his mind about her.  Nayoung smiles that she is not worried since if Taejoon loses her, it’s his loss.  She also adds that she didn’t understand her mother-in-law at first but she now feels like she made the right choice since she does not want Taejoon to stop his studies because of their daughter. (WE ARE ALL FORGETTING THAT A MBA TAKES TWO YEAR PEOPLE!!!)

Background on Eun-Bong…She’s living with her coworker who is kind of OCD while Eun-Bong is the opposite.


Meanwhile, Geum-Bong (the younger sister) is part of the new generation.  She tells Nayoung that she would rather do different part time jobs until she makes it as model instead of suffering as part of the corporate organization.


Then the scene changes and the music turns ominous. Sejin wakes up alone and starts looking around for Taejoon who is in a different part of their hotel room? OH NO! She back-hugs him and invites him to a glass of red wine.  She notes that she understands his feeling as long as he grabs his heart fiercely…He laughs that he might want to run if she keeps telling him this. Sejin smiles that he can run because sh will come after him…However, he needs to prepare himself since they are surrounded by enemies.


Taejoon grabs Sejin’s hand and tells her not to worry about anything as he will take care of everything.  Sejin smiles that this is what he loves about him and she’s so glad that they spend this time in Korea together without telling anyone… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT HAS STARTED.

The next day, we see Hwi Kyung’s mom doing the 108 bows while Yookyung is off at a salon to get her hair done.  Her chat with her hair dresser lets us know that Yookyung also has not seen Sejin in like five years as Sejin would not let Yookyung visit in the United States… Then Yookyung randomly sees the article in a magazine about Nayoung’s business of home meal preparations.  Yookyung calls Nayoung and they agree that Nayoung will come over and prepare dinner for Yookyung’s daughter in two days… Both of them not aware of the other being the mortal enemy.


Random? Is this Hwi Kyung? Awkward young man in first class with a crying baby.

Saebyul ends up being sick so Nayoung leaves her at the day care and rushes off to the airport.

It is Hwi Kyung! He lands and finds out that his father is better.  He hand over the baby.  It turns out that the baby is of another woman who fell sick so Hwi Kyung was taking care of the baby for her…


Nayoung rushes in and ends up bumping into Hwi Kyung.  Her dress gets caught in Hwi Kyung’s luggage and runs off.  Hwi Kyung follows her and takes off his sweater so that Nayoung can cover her bum.  She rushes off to the visiting gates but Taejoon never shows.


She calls Taejoon after a while but he’s off in the waiting area of the GYNO?


I knew that this would happen but now that it’s happened, it still frustrates me to no end.  I don’t blame Sejin since it was up to Taejoon to stop her from coming no to him as he promised marriage to another woman.  What happened abroad that he would let himself stay double the time and then return with another pregnant woman?! THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

Well, I guess if he was dying in the United States somehow because he got caught in the middle of a gang fight and Sejin through herself in between him and a knife or a bullet so that he would be saved. Then for some reason the company did not pay for insurance and Taejoon had no idea about medicaid so they had to nurse each other back to health and fell in love…Then MAYBE… MAYBE… he’s not the worst piece of scum on earth. But otherwise? He promised a girl that he would love her forever and then goes off to take 3 extra years to finish a simple MBA program… AND HE COMES BACK WITH ANOTHER WOMAN.  WHAT HAPPENED TO INTERNET PHONES? EMAIL? KATALK? VIBER? VINE? GCHAT? ANYTHING?


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