The Promise – 15

Taejoon broods and broods while the rest of us wonder who he will choose.



It’s Eun-Bong! Taejoon turns around with watery eyes and goes to the side with Eun-Bong. There, she yells at him and asks if it is the truth that he’s the man who returned with Jang Sejin. Taejoon answers that it is him. So, Eun-Bong grabs his jacket and tells him that Nayoung knows nothing about it and orders that he break it up with Sejin.


Additionally, Mom sneaks into Nayoung’s room and lightly takes her cell phone. Awww Mom. She’s so right that even though she did not give birth to Nayoung, she’s Mom.

Taejoon goes home to take a shower in his clothes and ignores all his calls, including those from Sejin.

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In the morning, Sejin declines breakfast which has Yookyung up in arms. She gets even more prickly when she sees that Sejin was unable to sleep. But Sejin snaps back that she’s tired and needs rest.


At the same time, Nayoung goes to Manjung’s place for Taejoon. She declares that she is going to go to Taejoon’s office and Manjung lets it slip that this is why Taejoon might have other thoughts. Nayoung picks up on her slip since she is sensitive about the issue, the girl is not an idiot…Manjung pauses and explains that she only meant that Taejoon is a busy person and Nayoung should give him some space.

Sejin also freaks out. She goes to his studio and gets even angrier when it looks like he did not sleep at the studio. She screams that he cannot do this to her when her stomach pains her.

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The scum? He drinks himself into a fury near a beach as he replays all of the messages from frantic Sejin and the more understanding Nayoung…Nayoung’s voice quietly noting that she had a present to give to give him. Taejoon screams and runs into the waves although he does not go far.

Hwi Kyung is also pretty human on his first day at work. He tells the boss that he’s a bit unprepared for the job but the boss is blunt. The boss tells Hwi Kyung that other employees even have graduate degrees and tells him to work hard. So, Hwi Kyung sighs and gets to work.


Taejoon returns to Seoul and watches Nayoung pick up Saebyul from the playground. Before he can brood too long, he gets a text from teh hospital that Sejin is in their care. So, he rushes over and hears from the nurse that she has a chance of losing the baby.


Sejin wakes up and tries to pull the IV needle. She cries that he can return to the other girl if he’s so unsure. Taejoon pulls her into a hug and Sejin falls into a ball of tears. She sobs that she does not want to lose him.

Taejoon seems to have made up his mind and calls Nayoung to meet the next day.


Awww poor adorable Eun-Bong, she suffers the truth all by herself because she knows how much her little sister loves Taejoon. She drinks herself into a mess and gets joined by her colleague…He sighs that he only deals with her since she pays rent on time… Then Eun-Bong starts crying about how Nayoung is pitiful.

Eun-Bong’s colleague picks up on the fact that Sejin’s new guy must be Taejoon. He notes that there might be an article being prepared on Sejin and Taejoon…

For some comedic relief, Geum-Bong gets a bunch of texts from her date. He’s asking her all about what she’s doing and she lies that she’s resting at home while watching a sad movie. Then he asks her to come out for a few minutes since he’s right outside.


Geum-Bong rushes over and then hides behind a truck. She texts him that she has a cold and the date leaves a huge teddy bear in front of her door! KYAAAA! The guy has some moves alright >_< But… Geum-Bong loses the bear to the girl that actually lives at the house.


That night, Taejoon looks at his old pictures and his old couple ring with Nayoung. He even remembers the vow that HE made to Nayoung. He gets a look in his eyes…

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To give us all hope, we turn to Hwi Kyung. He happily smiles about Nayoung’s watch before putting it away. Then, he sees his wedding picture with his past wife…only she’s been ripped off. A flashback begins and we see Hwi Kyung bringing a bouquet of flowers home to find two pairs of shoes at his apartment’s door… He peers in as we hear giggles from two people…Then Hwi Kyung wakes up.


The next day, Taejoon and Sejin go to Gyungwan’s office. Taejoon is put back into his same department but as the head. His ex-team leader walks out muttering that the intern got ahead in life by getting the right girl. Ya think?!

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Eun-Bong is busy. She calls Reporter Bae (the twin!) and asks Reporter Baek to not publish the article on Sejin and Taejoon. Eun-Bong emphasizes that people may be hurt and the reporter has an obligation to only report on the truth. But Reporter Baek just smirks. (Awwww Twin Baek sounds so cool!)

Then all heck hits the fan! The article gets published and Mom finds out!

Nayoung is off walking toward Taejoon’s new studio? She rings the door bell to dramatic music as Sejin paces back and forth in her room…


Taejoon opens the door. Nayoung immediately hugs him and begins to cry. Taejoon also seems to tear up as his hand automatically goes her to head. AND THE EPISODE ENDS.



So, I can’t tell if I’m spazzing because Nayoung’s twin seems pretty cool… Or if I’m spazzing because everyone found out at once about what a piece of scum Taejoon is! In this state, I don’t even know if I want Nayoung to be the angel of vengence or if I want what seems to be the cooler twin to be the one who takes Taejoon down.

One interesting musing is that Nayoung’s twin identified herself as reporter Baek. At the same time, Sejin’s family’s company is called Baekdo Construction. I wonder if there’s a connection there or not?

Finally, because Taejoon’s character is most interesting to me as it is just so obviously human… I don’t think Taejoon is honest with himself. He told Sejin that she does not have to worry because he will do what he needs to even if it is distasteful to him. He was implying that he would choose her over Nayoung and clean up the relationship with Nayoung. Now that he knows that he has an older daughter with Nayoung the playing field is even. If Taejoon chooses Sejin still, he is not doing what he needs to. An objective evaluation of the situation would easily conclude that his duty would be to take care of Saebyul who is being cared for by a single mom while Sejin’s child will always have financial security. Rather, his choosing Sejin is because he wants an easier life and he thinks Sejin will give it to him. No excuses Taejoon dear.

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