The Promise – 17

Taejoon decides on Sejin even after seeing his daughter.  Here comes the darkness before the shining revenge.



Taejoon lets Nayoung bring Saebyul into the apartment but the child is exhausted. Nayoung tries to cajole and then order Saebyul into singing her son for Taejoon but the little girl only begins crying. Frustrated and in a panic, Nayoung yells at Saebyul to start soon.


Taejoon finds that he can no longer stand the scene and stomps out to vent his frustration on the hallway wall… When he returns, Saebyul is asleep with Nayoung next to her in the living room. The scum had the decency to carry his daughter into his bed.

The movement wakes Nayoung up and she asks when he returned. Taejoon pulls her into the living room and demands to know why she’s changed so much… He repeats that this is all useless.


Nayoung falls to tears and apologizes. She tells him she did not tell him because she trusted him.

Taejoon smiles that he tried… But then he realized that he used to live in a slum after he jumped into the bigger sea. Nayoung asks if the girl that Taejoon is marrying is so amazing. He answers that she should have seen the news article about his wedding… He’s marrying Jang Sejin-the granddaughter of Baekdo group. At hearing Sejin’s name, Nayoung quickly notes thay they should both take some time to think and leaves.


Nayoung goes back home where Mom asks about Taejoon. Nayoung lies that he was happy to see Saebyul but they won’t be able to hold their wedding until Taejoon has some time to relax and unwind.


She goes into the bathroom where she remembers her bad times with Sejin and the tears begin to fall again. She asks herself why it had to be Sejin…


Taejoon meanwhile goes off and drinks himself into a mood before coming home to sob. But you know even the world’s smallest violin doesn’t feeling like playing at this point.


The next day, Taejoon triumphantly goes back to his team as the boss of the group. It’s an amazing time for Taejoon who had been the intern and errand boy to now be the head by meeting the right girl.


Meanwhile Hwi Kyung’s boss stops him from tossing boxes of food that were labeled as rejected. The supervisor directs Hwi Kyung to leave the boxes in the fridge so that the company can donate the boxes to charity and garner good will. Hwi Kyung refuses on the grounds that a company should not do such a thing as it can lose goodwill if something goes wrong.

At the same time, the CEO meets with Director Baek. The music alerts us to the fact that it’s not a normal meeting or a relationship between Director Baek and Hwi Kyung’s mom…


Then the CEO jokes around and even holds Director Baek’s hand to ask the director to look on Hwi Kyung well. The CEO sighs that other than a lack of ambition, Hwi Kyung is a good man and hopes that the director would consider him a match for his daughter.

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Director Baek agrees to do so and leaves. Once he runs into Hwi Kyung’s mom outside, he asks if taking care of the CEO is difficult. Unlike her normal smooth or cordial personality, Hwi Kyung’s mom is unduly harsh against the soft music. She tells him that she’s fine and walks off first.

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Meanwhile, Yookyung goes to meet with Manjung. However, she walks in on a fight between Manjung and the landlord. It’s a literal physical fight between the two women over some clothes that the landlord accused Manjung of stealing. So, Yookyung walks off quickly in shock.

She finds Sejin happily eating bibimbap and snaps that her daughter is so strong… Sejin realizes that her mom is angry about the wedding and goes after Yookyung to ask Yookyung for more understanding. Yookyung snaps that she didn’t actually talk to Manjung because she’s not worth it.


Sejin snaps back that Yookyung is pushing her off a cliff… She has no where to turn but to go back to the United States with Taejoon.

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Yookyung storms to Gyungwan’s office to accuse him of planning this out. He tells her that he saw Yookyung in Sejin’s face… For Sejin it could only be Taejoon and she needed him to pick herself up and heal again. He begs her to stop torturing Sejin.


So, Yookyung decides to try this understanding tactic and goes to tell Sejin to invite Taejoon over.

On the side, Geum-Bong has a bad part time experience as a living mannequin. A couple of young women walking by make fun of her belly before the dress rips when Geum-Bong breathes. She runs off and then stuffs her face back at her mom’s restaurant. But then her blind date arrives and she has to wear a hat and sunglasses and as the waiter.

Poor Nayoung calls Taejoon in front of his apartment and tells him that she will wait until he comes…

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In this mood, she answers a call from Yookyung about dinner the next day. Nayoung tries to decline on the grounds that she is not feeling well. But Yookyung insists that the work must be done and convinces Nayoung to prepare dinner for the next day.

Later, Sejin’s goes shopping and gets caught by Eun-Bong’s colleague coming out of the children’s corner. He immediately calls and tells Eun-Bong the same. Eun-Bong refuses to believe it since she’s too close to the parties involved…


Taejoon finally comes home and lets Nayoung in for tea. She quietly tells him that she understands him… It’s hard to be abroad in a foreign place until you meet someone familiar… It’s easy to be tempted by a pretty girl like Sejin…

With tears appearing, she asks him to think about Saebyul and not throw Saebyul away. This plea seems to get to Taejoon who looks away before answering that he came too far. He adds that he went too far.

Nayoung insists that nothing has gone to the point that it cannot be fixed. She even offers to meet Sejin. But then Sejin arrives and presses the keypad.


The music gets intense. Nayoung looks at Taejoon. And the end for this episode.


A less enthralling episode but good nonetheless. This episode let us calm down a bit as we begin to accept our own denial about Taejoon… The small voice in the back of our mind asking Taejoon to return to Nayoung even for a couple of episodes… So that Sejin turns into the antagonist and has to force Taejoon away. Because, otherwise, Nayoung us too pitiful for trusting Taejoon and doing so much for him only to be thrown aside so easily…

On a side note, the atmosphere was obviously suspicious between Director Baek and Youngsook (Hwi Kyung’s mom). Having watched a couple more episodes tonight because I had some spare time and I could not help myself…It turns out that Director Baek was Youngsook’s first love. WHAT? How is everyone so connected in this drama?

On a final note. Taejoon. Ah, even when I try to give him credit for trying to make Nayoung hate him more so that Nayoung can get over him faster…What he says sounds so honest and believable that I feel like I want to toss my laptop out the window…Of course, I would have to buy a replacement laptop so practicality is keeping me from accidentally harming an innocent passerby. BUT TAEJOON. Do you REALLY think that you won by marrying into a different pond? What happened to the deserving your position and earning your way up?

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