Please Come Back Mister Episode One

Waking up in Purgatory or when a hangover is not just a hangover…

Meet Kim Young Soo: Currently a section chief for a local department store.  He is married and father but clearly the department store and work is his number one priority.  This episode starts with our department store manager snoring in a beautiful yellow field.  Butterflies are flying and the scene is picturesque. meet-soo

Upon waking, he doesn’t know how he got there or what happened.  He presumes this is a result of a night of drinking but suddenly remembers that he didn’t drink anything.  His wallet is missing along with his cell phone, so of course he must have been pick-pocketed.  He immediately notices a tree with its golden leaves on full display but wasn’t snow forecasted?


Suddenly he hears coughing and sees a man laying on the ground.  When Kim Young Soo tries to wake him with no success, there is nothing left to do but CPR.  After a few (and I mean very few) chest compressions,  there is nothing left mouth to mouth.


Thank goodness our mystery man wakes up before lips can touch..

Meet Han Gi Tak: Currently a chief and all around tough guy.  Upon waking, he immediately pins down Kim Young Soo and threatens him with severe bodily harm.  Since neither guy has any idea where they are, they get up and look around.  Young Soo spots a man dressed like a conductor.  This man doesn’t speak but does point him to a sign: a sign that reads PURGATORY, along with directional arrows that point to either Heaven or Hell.  (sign pic)  Young Soo is hit with flashbacks of what seems to be a fall.  Gi-Tak also has flashbacks of his own showing a car accident. Both men come to the conclusion that they died on January 25, 2016.


Cue the time travel music…

We time travel and land 48 hours prior to the deaths of both men. First up is Kim Young Soo.  Here we see Young Soo in his workplace zone!  He is making sure his staff is appropriated uniformed, making sure customers are completely.  He is also directed to a woman, who by his standards, is completely dressed in an outfit that is full of fashion don’ts.  It is only after the little girl who is with this woman turns around that he discovers that it is his wife and daughter. Quickly, ushering them out of the store, their daughter points out that no one could believe that her mother, who clearly is beautiful, would marry a man with such looks. Unfortunately, before they could get out the store, they run smack into president of the department store.  Clearly this president is a jerk as he wipes his shoes on Young Soo’s pants and then smirking at this wife and daughter.  Clearly it was a power play.


Later in the work day, a co-worker points out that it is his anniversary, which our department store manager completely forgot about.  He also didn’t make plans for their anniversary. (Double D’oh!)


Luckily for Young Soo, his coworker recommends the perfect restaurant for him to take his wife. He has bought her a beautiful necklace that he asks the restaurant to present with dessert.  While eating,  Young Soo is clearly distracted by something and we learn that there is a funeral for the owner of the company.  He feels he needs to be there but it’s his anniversary.  His wife,sensing his distress, tells him let’s go the funeral.  Before they leave, Young Soo notices the head chef, which brings us to Han Gi Tak..

Can you smell what Gi Tak is cooking…

Han Gi Tak is a chef with a tough exterior but soft heart.   He is caring and kind to his staff.  He thinks of his staff as family and even offers to pay for their college tuition if they get their GEDs.  Here we meet Song Lee Yeon.  She has just gotten into a scandal with a model three months after her divorce.  Her ex-husband is the president of the department store that Young Soo works at. (Is everyone intertwined in this drama?)  She proceeds to tell Gi Tak that she was set up by her ex-husband.  (After seeing her ex in action, I believe her). Clearing Lee Yeon is not a stranger to Gi Tak, he however is cold and indifferent to her.  Through a series of flashbacks, Lee Yeon and Gi Tak were high school sweethearts.  Gi Tak defended Lee Yeon against another male and for his heroism it cost him a stent in prison and his girlfriend, as she left him when he went to jail.  At this point, Gi Tak lets her know that he is not willing to spend the rest of his days in prison, like the situation before.  Before he gets up from their meeting, her son calls her and Gi Tak watches as she speaks with such love for her son.   It is apparent that she loves her son and would rather die then lose him in a custody battle.

Back at the funeral, Young Soo and his wife, Da Hye are humiliated. However, what makes matters worse is the fact that Young Soo does not stand up for his wife. The next day, things are very tense.  However, Young Soo has help to find out how mad his wife is, his daughter, Han Na. ( I like this kid! She is a straight shooter!) She quickly informs him that his wife is really mad, however she is going to help her father.

Returning to work, Young Soo is immediately attacked by an employee with a fire extinguisher, accusing Young Soo as being the reason she was fired.  Clearly Young Soo has no idea what she is talking about.  As he looks around the store, he sees that signs are being changed and the high-end department has a new look.  After speaking with the new high-end line head, he realizes that his wife innocently took home rice cakes (also known in Korea as a bribe).  He immediately calls her to bring back the rice cakes back to the store immediately.  Unbeknownst to him, the fired employee has recorded his conversation and has sent it to the press. Due to this bribe, he now has to work more.  Apparently his wife has heard it all before and is tired over being the understanding wife.  He tell her next time they will go on a trip. She lets him know that she is tired of his empty promises.  From there, things get escalates very quickly so much so that Young Soo raises a hand to her.  He quickly realizes his mistake but the damage is done.


Meanwhile our tough chef has began to threaten the model of the scandal.  The ex-husband is busy with the bribery news of the department store so our chef uses the time to his advantage.  He offers the model money to give up the ex-husband plan’s.

Young Soo is at a company business meeting.  While he has impressed everyone, he fails to impress the director.  The meeting fails and can’t stop the director from leaving.  At this moment, he receives a text from his daughter telling him to come back to life (how ironic) and he begins to run after the car at top speed.   When he finally reaches the car, the director is shocked.  Young Soo explains that he has failed his family, wife and everyone for this one shot.  Apparently, this struck a nerve with the director and gives him this one shot.

Back to Gi Tak, the model confesses and Gi Tak gives the confession to  Lee Yeon.  Should be a done deal right? Well, nope. He gets up to leave and she stops him. She breaks down and apologizes.  He gives in and hugs her tightly.  Clearly he still has feelings for this girl. However they are startled by a bright FLASH!!! Paparazzi have found them.  The worst part is the model has gone to the police and told them he was being threatened.  This is now a huge problem.

Young Soo is kicked out the taxi when it became clear that he was going to throw up. (Over exertion?)  He can’t even stand when his daughter calls.  She is now mad at him for being late and sounding drunk (apparently this is his pattern).  He is headed home when he spots the banner of his store with one end loose.  Apparently, this type A manager can’t wait until the morning to let those with a ladder handle this.  Of course he goes and tries to fix it.  (This over exertion has his brain loopy because no normal person would climb up there.)  Here we are shown several flashes of what happened to Young soo.  Clearly he is having some type of medical episode because he is sweating profusely and having trouble breathing and standing. During this episode, he loses his balance and ends up holding onto a ledge.

Gi Tak is in the middle of a high speed chase with the paparazzi but the van that is carrying the paparazzi stops suddenly.  Gi Tak swerves to avoid hitting the van but ends up hitting signs and cones and flipping the car.

Back to Young Soo is holding on to a ledge, barely.  A security guard arrives and asks if someone is there but due the medical episode he is experiencing, he can not speak.  He finally can no longer hold on and falls to his death.  At the same time, we see Gi Tak has survived the accident and is in the upside down car.  Unfortunately, before he can get out of the car, it is hit by a truck.

Back to the afterlife…

They get to the train station to get their tickets to the train of their afterlife, heaven or hell. Gi Tak is given a ticket to heaven, while Young Soo is given a ticket to hell.   It is explained that Gi Tak made up for his sins while it is stated that Young Soo has committed suicide.  However, Young Soo explains that he didn’t commit suicide and surely there must be someone, a manager, that he can speak with?  The manager turns out to be the conductor who didn’t speak at the beginning of episode.   The manager goes on to say that Young Soo was slowly killing himself with bad drinking, bad sleeping habits and other bad habits.  Upon hearing this, Young Soo immediately breaks down crying and apologizes.  At this point, we get a shot of ticket changing from hell to heaven.  The conductor explains that he is now going to heaven with a brain aneurysm.  As he is leaving, he wonders if his family believes that he committed suicide.

Both Young Soo and Gi Tek have boarded the afterlife train. At this point, they formally introduce themselves to each other.  Both are staring out of the window and we are shown glimpses of their life. These visions continue until the moment the train leaves the track and flies up into the sky. Young Soo is completely broken and demands that the train stops. He begins to rant about the things he still has left to do and his daughter, he can not leave at this time.  The guard is unmoved. Gi Tak takes notice to what is going on and stands up for his new friend.  However, our tough chef has met his match in this guard.  Back-up guards are called in and so our duo make a fast break for it. When they get to the last car of the Afterlife Express, they climb over the railing.  Young Soo decides whats the worse that can happen, they are already dead, jumps.  Gi Tek follows behind.

It is now morning and when Young Soo wakes up, he is a completely different person, literally! He has abs he has never had before, a new voice and new body!


Suddenly a phone rings with a video call from Maya. Who is Maya?  Turns out Maya is the ticket agent at the Heaven or Hell train station. Gi Tek also wakes up as well.   Gi Tek’s new body is completely different.  He wakes up female! At female that has a killer body!   Our duo is completely shocked with their new looks!



My two cents:

So far, I am loving this drama! I got a funny feeling we are going to be in for some big laughs with our tough chef as he adjusts to his new life with his feminine body. I wonder if he is going to try and get revenge on the model and the ex-husband.  It is going be interesting how they play out Young Soo as I can see him trying to fix the problems with his broken family.  His type-A personality is not going to let his family think for long that he committed suicide.



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