The Promise – 19

Taejoon tries to weasel his way out of the problem while Gyungwan begins to find out that there are bigger issues than just Yookyung’s approval hanging on this wedding.


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Nayoung stands to the side a daze when the current housekeeper brings her inside. She walks in and the memories overwhelm her… She has to go to the bathroom to wash up and calm her nerves before she gets to work. She looks in the mirror and tells a memory of Sejin announcing that she won’t lose anything to Nayoung that she will not give anything to Sejin either.


At the same time, Sejin picks up Taejoon from work. Gyungwan has to leave after and is alone when Eun-Bong texts that the wedding between Sejin and Taejoon will make three people miserable. The text asks Gyungwan to stop it. He, in turn, asks an employee to look into the number.


Yookyung comes home to find Nayoung in her kitchen. Nayoung’s young age makes Yookyung pause and she asks Nayoung if they haven’t met before… Nayoung avers until Yookyung asks about Nayoung’s family. Nayoung answers that her mother ran a side dish business and she learned cooking from her mother. This calms Yookyung down and she happily comments to the cooking.


Then Sejin arrives alone as Taejoon stopped by to get cake. Nayoung is introduced as the kitchen help. She quietly bows her head and walks out where she runs into Taejoon.

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He assumes that she came to tell Sejin about everything and angrily pulls her aside. He then yells at her demanding to know what Nayoung told Sejin. Nayoung smiles that she told Sejin about everything. So, he grabs her and yells in frustration.

Nayoung looks at him in shock and disgust. She tells him that she did not tell Sejin anything but she does not know how Taejoon fell this low. She turns to walk off and Taejoon tells her back that Sejin has his child… He adds that he knew about this child before Saebyul as if this would make a difference.

At the same time, Gyungwan sees Taejoon and Nayoung. He tells his driver to let him off.

Nayoung yells at Taejoon that Sejin’s child does not make a difference in that he’s still Saebyul’s dad… He cannot throw away their daughter. But again her reasoning falls on deaf ears since all Taejoon thinks is that it’s not about the kids… He’s not choosing his unborn child with Sejin; he’s choosing Sejin.

Nayoung grits out through tears that she won’t let him leave their child. Then she dismisses him to go to Sejin.

Nayoung walks off and Gyungwan calls out to Taejoon. They go to Sejin’s house where Sejin happily shows her love for Taejoon, putting food on his spoon. Yookyung is annoyed but Gyungwan doesn’t mind one bit.

At the same time, Nayoung cries over her daughter and broods over Yookyung’s earring. She wonders if it was just a horrible coincidence that Yookyung had the same earring. Her thoughts are interrupted by Manjung who calls her over for the next day.

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Gyungwan hears back from whoever looked into his anonymous text. That it’s a reporter at a magazine Femme Fatale… a/k/a Eun-Bong ^^

Eun-Bong? She’s off babysitting her future loverboy. He tosses all these expensive herbal drink packages crying that his mother gave it to him while she was off frolicking with a longer guy. =_= She gets tired and tosses a few into the trash which gets him to be all defensive and take all his packets into his room to sob.

Eun-Bong then gets a call from Gyungwan. She just tells him that she’s not a direct party so it would be best for Gyungwan to ask Taejoon himself.


Gyungwan gets worried and goes off to drink some liquor himself. In this mood, he sees Sejin happily come down. The girl has no worries in life. She asks her father if she’s annoying since she’s so happy and notes how happy she feels. She asks her father to speak with her mom so that they can speed up the wedding instead. Her biggest issue in life.


The next day, Hwi Kyung goes off to join the other coworkers for lunch. He listens as they complain about how it was better before Baekdo acquired AP Foods. He tries to ask them if the company is actually thinking about AP Food’s future but all of his coworkers are unconvinced.

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Youngsook and the CEO worry about Hwi Kyung’s blind date that evening. But they don’t have to worry. Dohee goes off to meet Hwi Kyung at his worksite all dressed up with some strong makeup!

However, Hwi Kyung’s first response is to wonder if he hasn’t seen Dohee before since he remembers Nayoung….


Poor Nayoung… She’s off meeting with Manjung who prepared a full meal for Nayoung. As if the meal is enough for all of Nayoung’s effort/time/love?!


Switch back! Dohee is on a roll. She compliments Hwi Kyung’s looks before going straight into asking him if he is a player and that is why he got a divorce. Hwi Kyung reflects her attacks by noting that she’s kind of a brat and he does not appreciate her interviewing him. Dohee offers her hand and introduces herself as the witch Dohee. But Hwi Kyung does not take her hand. He gets up and tells her that he wants a proper introduction. So, Dohee responds that even though she likes him in this state better, they can meet again at dinner.

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Meanwhile, Manjung kneels before Nayoung. She asks Nayoung to let Taejoon go.


Ah, when life rears its more demanding head and orders that you give it ALL of your attention.  You can try to ignore it but that would just prolong the problem…Sometimes, it’s better just to acquiesce to life’s demands and deal with the issues at hand…  This week was one of those weeks and so, I fear that I have fallen too far behind! >_< Expect some catch up doublecaps to post next week.

Generally, this episode was one that set the stage for future conflicts.  I have to give props to Lee Yoori for her double performance.  She manages to give both girls a spine even if they have distinct characters.  Again, feeling like I like Dohee better than Nayoung but since Dohee has the heart condition, it is probably like that Nayoung is lady vengeance.



RECAP by Mia Danielle |Copy & Paste Guidelines – Always put a link back to the source.

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