The Promise – 24

Nayoung fakeouts Gyungwan and Taejoon by showing up to cook their meal.  But then Sejin finds out and Nayoung loses her only hold on Taejoon – the secret truth.



Yookyung and Sejin are in the kitchen when Gyungwan and Taejoon arrive. But they are not alone. Nayoung is there, too. Nayoung quietly helps them with the meal and refuses to leave when Gyungwan dismisses her. Hahahaha! Total fakeout when Nayoung says that she cannot leave. Sejin pipes up that Nayoung is also preparing dessert.

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After dinner, Taejoon pulls Nayoung into the park. Nayoung tells him all about Gyungwan threatening her with Saebyul. Taejoon tells Nayoung that she loves him too much to tell Sejin that would harm him. He tells her to go and make a fresh start.


At that moment, Sejin walks over and she has heard everything. She realizes that Nayoung is the girl from the past and freaks out. She calmly but frantically invites Nayoung for drinks now that she knows about the child. But, Taejoon comforts Sejin with the promise that he will fix everything.


Sejin sends Taejoon to walk Nayoung home. But he chooses to follow Sejin instead. He sees Sejin fall in front of the house and picks her up.

Sejin tells him the only thing he can do is continue with their plans and not look back. She confesses that she is stressed about the child but she will work on it…


Sejin goes into her room where she remembers her childhood when Nayoung came to live with them and she first had to share things with Nayoung. She screams and throws all of her stuff on the floor. Gyungwan walks in at that moment and tells her that he will make sure everything goes to plan. Sejin replies that she will never give up on Taejoon.


Meanwhile Nayoung goes to the river where she talks to Eunhae. She asks Eunhae why she had such an uncool daughter… One who would try to hold onto a guy who is already leaving. Her words turn to tears.


As for the side plot, Se Kwang takes Geum-Bong for drinks. He tells her a story about how his father was always busy and his mother was always empty and sad. His mother ended up leaving him and doesn’t even recognize him. Geum-Bong falls for the story and hugs him close.

Se Kwang gets a call from Manjung and walks to the side. They agree to go get x-rays done. He threatens to put her in jail if she is just faking it.


That night, Nayoung looks at three account books and put them into an envelope…Next is her ring. Then she turns to a sleeping Saebyul and apologizes for being unable to give Saebyul her dad.


Lest we forget Hwi Kyung, he’s hard at work when his superior confronts him about being the son of the CEO. Hwi Kyung confirms it and jokes that the superior is in trouble for being so harsh. The superior angrily answers that Hwi Kyung better work hard and not make life harder for those who are earnestly working for their survival.


The next day, Dohee starts investigating Hwi Kyung’s ex-wife. She even follows the woman back to her apartment and finds the woman go into an apartment with another man… Unlike what the woman said in her interview about being devastated and betrayed by Hwi Kyung, Dohee finds out from the security guard that the woman has been stopping by the man’s apartment for over ten years! That would mean that the woman was with this guy before the marriage and during…


So, Dohee goes to Hwi Kyung’s house and plays shogi with the CEO. She even wins! Youngsook happily asks Hwi Kyung if they are actually dating but he denies it.


At the same time, Nayoung gives the three account books to Taejoon. She saved all of the money he had sent her. She explains that the money symbolized their dream but now that they are not dreaming the same dream, she is returning it. She also adds that she was wrong in trying to force him to become a dad to Saebyul when he was not ready. She will raise Saebyul. The only thing that she asks from him is to openly be a good and proper dad to Saebyul when Saebyul goes looking for her dad.


Well, the fight lasted all of one episode and now Nayoung is back to being the angel. I’m disappointed. I feel like while she is coolly taking the high road, Taejoon has not suffered enough for his actions of betraying his fiancé and daughter. I wouldn’t feel so empty if Nayoung had at least told him that he would never see Saebyul again. But, then, I guess Nayoung would not be such a foil against Sejin who only thinks about herself.

While there is not much to say about Sejin, I think the writer did a good job in creating a solid character. To Sejin, the fact that the other woman was Nayoung is more infuriating than the fact that Taejoon had another woman. Why? Because, Nayoung was the first person Sejin could not win in her comfortable life… So, to know that Nayoung even had Taejoon before her… That technically Sejin stole Taejoon from his rightful fiancé – Nayoung – would be hard for Sejin to accept.

Now that Nayoung has given Taejoon space. Let’s see what his conscious says when it kicks in and he’s no longer on the defensive.


Finally, I thought the part where Nayoung talks to Eunhae at the river was nicely done. It goes back to the fact that this series circles around Heaven’s Promise… Does that mean its the promise between Eunhae and her child Nayoung? Or is it the promise between a bitter Nayoung and Taejoon? Or will it be a promise between Nayoung and her twin?  We are almost a quarter of the way through and it’s almost time to find out what exactly the promise is.



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