Pied Piper Episode 3 RECAP

Myungha begins to realize that Sungchan doesn’t negotiate for the common good just as Sungchan’s conscious begins to develop.  At the same time, another crisis hits for the Crisis Negotiation Team and hints of the Pied Piper being connected to the police arise.



There’s trouble in paradise as Myungha angrily vents her frustration about Sungchan betraying the hostage holder. Sungchan replies that the important thing was to save the innocent lives and they achieved that.

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When the police bring in the hostage holder, a police officer whistles the Pied Piper’s tune. It turns out it was not the news but the viewer. The hostage holder looks scared as he looks back.

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Meanwhile, Sungchan tries to get time to interview the hostage holder. He explains to Myungha that he’s after the Pied Piper who is manipulating everyone from the shadows… Getting his actions done without doing anything himself. As an example, he notes that the bank hostage situation was too planned for an amateur like the bank robber. The robber knew to make all cameras useless and obstruct the general view. Myungha remembers the whistling when the bomb threat was called in but she asks Sungchan if he’s basing his whole theory on a melody.


Sungchan asks the Team Leader for a chance to interrogate the bank robber but gets refused. Myungha has to put him in confinement instead since Sungchan went around pretending to be a police officer. Before she leaves, she asks if Sungchan wouldn’t join their team as a police negotiator. Sungchan immediately refuses on the grounds that he would be too institutionally restrained.

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Then the next crisis hits! A mentally ill man drives his car into the CEO’s casino. The Crisis Negotiations Team is off while Sungchan is released. Myungha runs to ask him to join them and help. But, when Myungha admits there was no whistling, Sungchan walks off coldly.


However, Sungchan gets called in by the CEO. He asks Sungchan for help as compensation for when Sungchan confessed to everyone that the company only gave him enough money for one hostage…that lost the company a lot of goodwill. Sungchan asks why the CEO is so obsessed with the casino. The CEO answers that his strategy was changed by a young intern back when the company was redeveloping some apartments.

Sungchan seems unconvinced. But then the CEO coughs up blood. He notes that he needs to leave the company in a clean state for his son… Sungchan guesses that the CEO is going to use the casino as a money laundering center to avoid taxes and refuses.

As Sungchan gets up, the CEO gives him an offer. If Sungchan helps, the CEO might be able to help Sungchan find whoever he’s looking for.


At the same time, the uncle (brother-in-law) of the CEO meets with Heesung. He tells Heesung that there is a connection between Sungchan and the CEO…that Sungchan was the one who resolved the bank robbery crisis and Sungchan was called in again to resolve the casino crisis by the CEO. This is enough for Heesung to decide that something might be up.


At the same time, the Team Leader successfully pours fire in the already irate protesters. He begins nicely by asking them to think about the circumstances in which they protest but ends up implying that the car driver might have been a protestor that turned violent. The protesters erupt in anger at the insinuation and decide to charge the police.

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Meanwhile, the driver gets more and more unstable… Even to the point of trying to light a match. Myungha is ordered out of the building but she stops when she hears the driver cry for his mom.


Sungchan also arrives and deals with the protesters effectively. He just tells them the truth that the car might explode which may harm the protesters and they run as soon as they hear about the bomb.


He then goes to Myungha. He gives her a paper with more information on the driver and then slips in the flyer that the CEO asked Sungchan to plant into the car. (The flyer is anti-casino and would imply that the driver is an angry protestor.)

The driver continues to mutter excitedly about how his mother was killed because she found out the evil hotel’s secret. Myungha asks if he wants to expose the truth and the driver immediately agrees. He asks to speak with a reporter… Luckily, the reporters have arrived and Sungchan recognizes Heesung as the type of person who would risk his own safety to get a story. They ask and Heesung agrees to pretend to film the driver and return the tape afterwards.

Then there’s a moment of growth for Sungchan. He pulls Myungha to the side who tells him why she’s so determined to make things work as a negotiator. She asks him if he knew what happened at the hotel grounds 13 years ago… He nods and she continues that the tragedy might not have occurred if a skillful negotiator had been present. She wants to be such a skillful negotiator like Sungchan. The last words make Sungchan pause.


Heesung goes to the car where the driver is going crazy. They pretend to film him. The driver continues that the people behind the casino are conducting illegal psychological experiments and his mother found that out. So, they killed her off.

Myungha continues to talk comfortingly and the driver agrees to lower his window. Heesung puts his camera in and sees the flyer…

Back in the base, the Special Task Force gets ready to go in but Sungchan convinces them to wait to see if Myungha can diffuse the situation…

Myungha has succeeded. She gets the driver to admit that he has an illness but he stresses that he was a responsible person as a driver… But then he begins to cry because he did not drive his mother to work on the day she got in the accident. Myungha tells him again that it was not his fault.

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Since the driver seems to want to cry and pour out his heart, Heesung leaves and walks into Sungchan. Heesung notes that he doesn’t believe that Sungchan is helping the police out of the goodness of his heart. Sungchan fires back that Heesung is not as dedicated to the truth over climbing up the ladder himself. And, Heesung glares that he is trying to gain the power to be a proponent of the truth. Stalemate.

Sungchan begins to walk alway when Heesung brags that he got a great news article. Sungchan pauses and turns around to see the picture of the flyer. He quickly reminds Heesung that the driver was not right in his mind and could not have been a protestor. But Heesung answers that people want a story… Instead of hearing that both the Queen and King died,people are more interested in the story that the Queen died because the King died. Plus, the flyer was in the car.

Sungchan glares and confesses that the flyer had not been in the car. Heesung laughs gleefully that if the flyer was not originally there, that could only mean that Sungchan tampered with the evidence. He reassures Sungchan that he does not care about small stories but if Sungchan is being bought by the CEO, he will find out the story behind it.


At the same time, the fumes finally get to the driver who passes out. Myungha calls in for emergency assistance but then does not even think about breaking in the window. Sungchan suddenly shows up and cracks the back window to open the door so that Myungha can get the driver out. Then, as Myungha tends to the unconscious driver, Sungchan remembers Myungha’s worda that he came so he must want to help as well. After a few seconds of wavering, he takes his planted evidence and then helps Myungha carry the driver.


Later, Myungha pulls Sungchan aside and it looks pretty steamy. But, she just wants to see what Sungchan took from the car. He grabs her wrist to stop her and she backs off. Instead she asks if he’d join their team. Sungchan answers that he can see that the team needs him.

Myungha interrupts to tell him that if he’s joining just for revenge, she cannot help him. Sungchan replies that he doesn’t care what she thinks as he only does things that are beneficial to him and walks off…He goes back into his car and crumbles up the flyer.


A flashback. Thirteen years ago, sungchan was a spry intern and he interrupts the meeting about how to deal with the protesters blocking the construction project. Sungchan notes that the company has to pay up one way or another so the company might as well be firm and calculate if compensation would be cheaper than economic profit losses. Notably, the brother-in-law was Sungchan’s team leader and had suggested that they negotiate a better alternative with the protesters… Anyone else think he might be the Pied Piper?


The next day, Sungchan calls Heesung out and tells him that the flyer was taken back out so Heesung shouldn’t broadcast that the driver was a protestor. Sungchan even notes that he would confess planting the evidence if Heesung goes on air with the lie. But, Heesung is not convinced and answers that he wants a story.

So, Sungchan continues that he is looking for the Pied Piper, the one behind all of these crises. He adds that he needs Heejung’s help. Then the scene changes and Heesung is calling the police head. He requests an interview with Sungchan and Myungha since he has evidence that a civilian took control over the negotiations…


Their plan works. The police head calls the team leader and Myungha in. He tells them to let Sungchan join the team since they need experience.

At the same time, the CEO finds out from the news that Sungchan betrayed him. The news broadcast is that the driver was neither affiliated with the casino or the protester…

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Back in the station, the bank robber looks like he’s considering confessing everything. The officer in charge of questioning notes that they should eat before they continue. Food is brought in and it has a note to the bank robber to keep his side of the bargain.


So, I watched another one and thought it was worth recapping ^^

The drama Pied Piper begins to develop its characters so that the viewers would have a deeper connection to the story.  We learn that there was a time when Sungchan was an enthusiastic intern rather than a calculating business man.  He just wanted to look good in front of the CEO of his company and he made a huge bet by proposing a bold plan.  The CEO liked it and took notice of the intern who grew into this powerful negotiator.  Could it be that the early success influenced and shaped Sungchan as the negotiator that he is now?  Also interesting to note is that he seems to be regretting his actions in the past now.

The flash back also posed the question of what role does the brother-in-law play in all of this mess? Is he the Pied Piper?  He was there from the beginning, so he would have seen the corruption take hold from the beginning.  He could easily be the Pied Piper… I feel like there is something here.

Additionally, was anyone surprised that Myungha had the traumatic past?  It’s clear that the strike that we saw in the beginning of episode one is connected to Myungha’s past.  It explains why even though the drama implied that she was talented enough to get into the Special Tasks Force, she decided to join the Crisis Negotiations Team instead.  It also explains why she feels like she needs to listen to each crisis individual’s story.

All in all, a pretty interesting episode.  It was over before I knew it.

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