Taejoon introduces himself to his daughter for the first time and says goodbye. Yeah, he fell that low.



Now that Nayoung has basically told Taejoon that he can ignore his daughter, he goes to see Saebyul at her daycare. She’s shy because she’s seeing him for the first time and hides behind Nayoung. Nayoung quietly encourages Saebyul to embrace her father since he’s going to America and will not return for a long time. She does and Taejoon begins to cry.

What Nayoung and Taejoon don’t know is that Sejin had also come over with a present for Saebyul… A large teddy bear and she sees him with Nayoung and Saebyul.

Nayoung tells Taejoon that it’s enough and he THANKS her. Nayoung bristles and tells him that she did not want to hear his thanks… Saebyul glares at what looks like a family reunion and calls Taejoon but he ignores her.


Sejin throws a tantrum in her car. Then she stops Nayoung and Saebyul. She introduces herself as Nayoung’s friend and explains that she wanted to give Saebyul a present. Saebyul accepts it but is shy while Nayoung is noticeably cold. Sejin smiles and promises to see Saebyul around.


At the same time, Hwi Kyung angrily brings Dohee into his room. She asks if she made a mistake as she only came because her father told him about Hwi Kyung’s father wanting to see her. Hwi Kyung reminds her that they are putting on a show so they shouldn’t overdo it.

Dohee asks if he loved his wife that much… He loved sincerely loved her but the woman used his sincerity and turned it against him when she betrayed him. Hwi Kyung tenses and denies it. He accuses Dohee of looking into his background and ends their contract dating. But Dohee is not phased. She looks him squarely in the eyes and tells him that she wanted to end their fake dating anyways because she is sincerely interested in him now. With that amazing statement, Dohee leaves.


Meanwhile, Manjung and Se Kwang eat barbecue. Se Kwang angrily fumes the whole time and accuses her of ripping him off with meat. Manjung surprises us all when she replies angrily as well. She yells that she has a son around his age about whom she doesn’t even know his appearance…she gets up and leaves money for the meal explaining that she wanted to pay for it in the first place.


Back at the office, Gyungwan tells Taejoon that Sejin must have been traumatized. He tells Taejoon to be careful since Sejin has suffered enough. Taejoon answers that Nayoung agreed to back off.

screenshot_2016-03-17-19-22-17-resized-640 screenshot_2016-03-17-19-22-04-resized-640

Sejin paces in her room before she gets a text from Manjung. Sejin realizes that it’s a chance and goes to Manjung whom she asks for help because she’s so worried. Manjung tosses the orange juice and then tells Sejin that the expiration date had passed. She adds that Nayoung and Saebyul are the same to Taejoon; they are past the expiration date.


Then Manjung goes to Nayoung’s house. She refuses to leave until Nayoung arrives. When Nayoung arrives, Manjung announces that she will drink a bottle of Medicine and die if Nayoung does not leave Taejoon alone. Malsook tells Manjung to just drink it but Nayoung stops her. Nayoung explains that they already ended it.


Malsook kicks Manjung out if the house and then thanks Nayoung. She hugs Nayoung that she hated seeing Nayoung hurting so she’s happy that Nayoung us standing up again.


Meanwhile, Taejoon comes home to find Sejin attempting to cook in his house. He angrily pulls her out of the kitchen and shouts that she shouldn’t try to be someone else; she should just focus on herself. Sejin cries that he wasn’t picking up the phone so she got worried.

Taejoon pulls her in close and tells her not to worry as he finally cleaned up his mess. He explains that he went to see Saebyul and Nayoung anf ended it. Sejin tells him that she’s thankful but will not thank him since he did what he was supposed to. Taejoon smiles and offers to go buy a bottle of wine when Sejin asks to just have one glass. Sejin looks into his stuff and finds the account books that Nayoung gave him.

At the same time, Dohee’s mom brings her medicine. Dohee asks what would happen if there was someone that looked just like her. Her mom bristles that Dohee is speaking nonsense.


At Gyungwan’s house, Yookyung finds the $1 million dollar check in an Manila envelope within Gyungwan’s desk. She also finds the pictures of Nayoung and Saebyul…


It’s also really cute that Nayoung’s whole family goes to karaoke together to help Nayoung get over her bad day. I’m so happy that Nayoung’s adoptive mom is so amazing. The family deserves a prize for being so lovely! And… Nayoung burns all of her pictures with Taejoon in a sink.


Heaven’s Promise Episode 25 was another building block episode. As such, it was calmer than other episodes since we all need to relax a bit so that the emotional hits are more effective.

I think the writer is doing a great job with the storyline. It’s pretty expected that the person who is left holding on to an empty relationship will try her best to make it work not understanding that the other person is no longer on the same path. What the author did exceptionally well was that she did not drag it out and let Nayoung deal with denial and anger before showing us Nayoung’s decision to Move On.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, Sejin’s battle has only started. She’s already dealing with pregnancy but now she just found out that Taejoon has a child with his ex, who is Nayoung. She has to deal with anger about the fact that Taejoon has a living emotional tie to Nayoung that will never go away, the fact that Taejoon will always be tied to Nayoung (her enemy from the past), and the fact that Taejoon betrayed her by not breaking up with Nayoung when he promised to do so. Each of those issues alone would be difficult to deal with but the fact that she has to deal with three at once? Taejoon royally screwed over both Nayoung AND Sejin. I expect a bit of crazy to remain for a few more episodes.

The sad part? Sejin’s remaining crazy is inevitable as she needs to get it out of her system to fully accept the changed circumstances around Taejoon. Yet, Sejin’s crazy will only aggravate Nayoung’s own situation prolonging the negative cycle. Conclusion? The crazy from Nayoung and the crazy from Sejin to come are not their faults. Rather, it’s Taejoon’s fault for betraying the both of them and Manjung’s fault for screwing over her son by not telling him about his daughter in the first place. Yep, sorry Manjung, but in the end, you caused Taejoon to fall, hope you’re happy that you’re such a great mother!

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