The Promise – 26

In the midst of Sejin marking her territory, Dohee gets her first kiss from Hwi Kyung…



Yookyung broods over Nayoung’s photographs and remembers little Nayoung. She wonders if her husband has been secretly looking after Nayoung this whole time. But, her reverie gets interrupted when Sejin comes home.


Sejin also has a bunch on her mind as well. A flashback shows how she confronted Taejoon with the account books and insisted that she return them to Nayoung so that Taejoon does not see Nayoung again. He agreed but the incident left both of them with a bad taste and Taejoon turns to drinking again.


The next morning, Yookyung is in a mood and worries Sejin. However, Gyungwan assumes that it’s just menopause. When he goes into his room to get ready, Yookyung almost tells him but he gets called into the office.

Yookyung ends up engaging a private investigator to look into Nayoung’s background.


At the same time, Nayoung prepares a lot of kimbap for Saebyul’s class. Mom comes in and suggests happily that the family go to the park for a picnic. Nayoung is on the same page and the morning starts off great!


But then, Nayoung finds Sejin staring at Saebyul in front of the daycare. Nayoung immediately confronts Sejin who smiles and moves the meeting to a nearby cafe. Sejin hands over the account books and explains that she added all of her cash. She asks Nayoung to accept the money so that everyone can feel more comfortable as a woman needs money to raise a child without thinking about something else.

Nayoung quickly responds that she doesn’t want to accept the accounts just to make everyone feel better. Rather, she wants Sejin to live with her guilt and her anxiety that it might some day be ruined.

Sejin glares and asks if she can trust Nayoung’s declaration that she broke up with Taejoon. Nayoung responds that if she needs to take the account books to convince Sejin, she will. Nayoung then picks up the book and rips it apart.

Sejin doesn’t back down. She notes that Saebyul is really pretty and she’s beginning to think that she could raise Sasbyul. Nayoung turns back around and warns Sejin quietly to leave Sasbyul alone or Nayoung cannot guarantee her actions.


Meanwhile, Manjung comes home after getting a loan from loan sharks under Taejoon’s name. Se Kwang had come to visit and he mutters as he looks at Manjung’s laundry that she should have at least lived well if she was going to abandon her child. Then Manjung comes out and he hides.


Manjung happily pulls her laundry and then farts… When she goes in, Se Kwang decides that he will return another day.


At the same time, Gyungwan visits the CEO about two things. He wants to sell the AP Foods division and hands over Taejoon’s report for review. He also asks the CEO to bring Hwi Kyung back to the main company since Hwi Kyung’s talent is wasted in the branch division. The CEO smiles thay hr will wait a little longer if that’s how Gyungwan thinks.


Youngsook goes in afterwards to confront her husband about Hwi Kyung again. When she gets frantic, the CEO sighs and explains that he only made it to the top because he started from the bottom… Hwi Kyung needs to experience the bottom to learn perseverance as well.

As for Hwi Kyung, he gets a call from his ex-wife who accuses him of setting a tail on him. He denies it and promises to take care of it when he realizes that it’s Dohee.


So, Dohee arrives at a bar and finds Hwi Kyung with another girl. She dismisses the girl and Hwi Kyung begins to treat her like a prostitute. Dohee looks Hwi Kyung straight in the eyes and tells him that she sees through him. Right now, he’s not a man, he’s just a scared little boy who got called out by his ex wife and who cannot get over the scar from his first wife.

Her analysis hits a chord and Hwi Kyung angrily throws his glass against the wall. To prove a point, he pulls her into a forced kiss and Dohee slaps him. The slap pulls Hwi Kyung back to his senses and he pauses. Dohee glares that he’s cheating if he calls her when he’s already drunk. Hwi Kyung sits down as well and sighs that he was wrong this tactic does not work on her.


Dohee holds up a glass and adds that she knows he’s probably feeling awkward and embarrassed. She asks him to pour her a drink since they can start their date for real now.


Back at home, Mom realizes that it’s almost Nayoung’s birthday. She tells Nayoung that she wants to make seaweed soup. Nayoung grabs Mom’s hands and tells her that she understands Mom but she doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating on the day that her mother died.


At the same time, Yookyung gets the investigation report back. She finds out that Nayoung is Eunhae’s daughter but not the relationship with Taejoon.


Heaven’s Promise delivers again. I liked the fact that before we kill off either Nayoung or Dohee, we get to explore the individuals themselves. Namely, the relationship between Dohee and Hwi Kyung is quite interesting. I can see Hwi Kyung falling for Dohee’s charisma and sincerity.

Does this mean that if Nayoung takes Dohee’s place that Hwi Kyung will end up putting up a wall between him and Nayoung? After all, Hwi Kyung is quite the sincere guy as well. It’s taking Dohee’s full effort to get Hwi Kyung to open up. How will he feel falling for Dohee’s twin sister? Is it a betrayal? Does it make his own doubts about himself true that he’s not meant to be a family guy? I can see some serious angst as a possibility in the future.

On a final note, did anyone else love Nayoung’s bitter replies to Sejin? I love that she’s not some quiet and angelic female melodrama lead. She makes it clear that she does not want to take the account books (and the money) mainly because she knows that it will make everyone feel better and she doesn’t want them feeling better. She wants them to feel guilty and anxious. That felt so refreshing because that’s the truth. They all betrayed her or helped the betrayal, what right do they have now to ask her to help their consciences feel better?



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