The Promise – 27-28

Sejin begins to go crazy in order to deal with the Taejoon/Nayoung relationship but Nayoung does not betray the secret to Yookyung.  However, Yookyung finds out anyway thanks to Manjung!



Gyungwan comes home to find Sejin worried about how moody her mother has been. Gyungwan decides to check in on her and Yookyung explodes. She throws the pictures of Nayoung on the bed and demands to know why Gyungwan has the pictures with an envelope of money. She jumps straight to the conclusion that Gyungwan has been secretly in contact with Nayoung.

Gyungwan denies it and answers that he found Nayoung when she helped them with meal prep. He prepared the money just because he felt bad for her.

Yookyung asks again if that is it and Nayoung did not return to seek revenge. The word “revenge” surprises Gyungwan who asks if Yookyung did anything. Yookyung pauses but gets out of the situation by lying that she doesn’t know how Nayoung would react to how she get kicked out of the house.


At the same time, Nayoung finds Saebyul only playing with the teddy bear from Sejin. She reacts immaturely by trying to take the teddy bear away from Saebyul who decides to sleep with her grandmother instead.


Comedic relief! Geum-Bong comes home angrily drunk. She cries to her mom that Mom is making her into a horrible person for not being rich…She asks Mom why Mom didn’t make any more money. And I sit here wondering what Geum-Bong did to get out of her situation other than jumping from part time job to part time job? Hmmmm?

But, Mom is hurt, nonetheless. She stays awake cursing her daughter for being heartless.

The next day, a public service announcement is posted that Hwi Kyung is being brought to headquarters as a director. Taejoon gets worried when he sees it but he pretends not to care to his Team Manager.


The CEO (Manjae) angrily calls Gyungwan to ask about it. Gyungwan asks Manjae to trust him but Manjae is hurt that Gyungwan did it behind his back… When Yookyung drops by, he decides not to see her because he’s in such a mood.


Youngsook goes out instead and happily meets Yookyung. She hands over an envelope explaining that Manjae wanted to help with Sejin’s upcoming wedding. She also adds that Gyungwan promoted Hwi Kyung.


Yookyung goes from being pleased to being furious. She runs straight to Gyungwan’s office where Hwi Kyung had been telling his brother-in-law that he is not ready. But when Yookyung angrily shouts at Gyungwan that actions like this where people who are not prepared get a promotion for no reason, other people who worked their way up and deserve their positions like Gyungwan and Taejoon get insulted as well. (Did we conveniently forget that Taejoon was an intern who only rose up so quickly because he married Sejin? He didn’t actually surprise everyone by flying through an MBA and a PhD in econ did he?)


Meanwhile, Dohee surprises Hwi Kyung’s ex by waiting for her in the hallway. The ex snaps back that Dohee should have put something sharp in her mail so that she could call the cops on Dohee instead. She roughly pushes past Dohee.


We can’t forget Sejin! She arrives at Taejoon’s place with food and begins to joyfully tidy up. But then under some dirty clothes, she finds a box with Saebyul’s scarf. She asks if Saebyul was at the house and snaps that the family must have had a fun time enjoying the house.

Taejoon nicely asks her not to worry about it since nothing happened and he was going to send the scarf back by mail.

Sejin screams back that she cannot deal with this. Taejoon decides to yell back at her to stop. But as Sejin cries, he calms down and asks her not to hate the child who is just a victim. So, Sejin sobs back that she is a victim as well. She didn’t do anything but she feels so angry all the time several times a day…A furious fire in her heart! You tell him Sejin!

Sejin turns to walk away and Taejoon pulls her back. He hugs her close and tells her not to worry as he will take care of things…


However, Sejin is not going to leave anything to chance. She decides to take the stuff to Nayoung herself. Nayoung lets Sejin in (albeit coldly) and Sejin honestly tells Nayoung that she is having a difficult time. She ask Nayoung for help…She explains that she knows logically that everything is over but she’s worried and asks Nayoung to turn Taejoon away if he decides to come back for Saebyul.

Nayoung answers that she does not care as it is between Sejin and Taejoon.. She asks Sejin to leave before the rest of the family arrives.

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Then the day passes and Hwi Kyung happily goes to work where he finds flowers from Dohee. He’s all smiley until his ex-wife calls. She warns him that he knows better than anyone that he should be worried if she decides to act. Hwi Kyung calms her down that he will take care of things and calls Dohee to meet.


At the same time, Yookyung decides to go meet Nayoung. They go to a cafe where Yookyung gets straight to the point and asks why Nayoung came to her house. Nayoung responds that Yookyung was the person who decided to call her first.

Yookyung agrees but asks why Nayoung came back the second time. She asks if it’s because Nayoung needs money as a single mother. Nayoung responds that she was nostalgic.

Yookyung then asks what the father does and who he is…How can a person just leave a child and disappear? Nayoung calmly asks if Yookyung is curious. END EPISODE ON A CLIFFHANGER?

Have no fear as this is a doublecap!

Yookyung answers that she is also a mother of a daughter and she wants to know. Luckily for Taejoon, Nayoung answers that Yookyung cannot help as her daughter’s father is dead. Nayoung gets up to leave.

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Yookyung hands over the envelope and tells her to take it since Gyungwan seems to be worried. Nayoung takes one look at the envelope and sighs. She still continues to take the high road and does not tell Yookyung the truth…Instead, Nayoung tells Yookyung to use it on Sejin’s wedding.


Yookyung returns home and angrily tells Sejin about meeting Nayoung. Sejin gets obviously upset and demands to know what Nayoung said. Yookyung notes that Nayoung suspiciously answered that she was nostalgic.

Sejin calms down and snaps back that Yookyung shouldn’t meet Nayoung anymore. Yookyung adds how Nayoung ended up becoming a single mother like it’s gossip. But, Sejin jumps and asks if Yookyung met Nayoung’s daughter. Yookyung looks at Sejin and asks how Sejin knew that Nayoung’s child was a girl. Sejin lies that Nayoung mentioned it when she was helping with the meal prep.


At the same time, Taejoon gives a presentation to the board of directors on expanding their tourism department. His solution to the funding issue would be to sell their AP Foods branch. The directors seem to be convinced but Hwi Kyung sighs and notes that they cannot abandon a child just because it’s weak…The company needs to take care of its own.


Sejin calls first her father and then Sejin about the new crisis that Yookyung found out about Nayoung being the help. Taejoon tells Sejin not to worry since Nayoung wouldn’t out them…However, Sejin only hears Taejoon taking Nayoung’s side…

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Sejin hangs up when her mother walks in and Hwi Kyung arrives on the roof. He tells Taejoon to think of him as a friend as Taejoon will be like a nephew to him after the wedding.

Sejin had hung up earlier because her mother came in. Yookyung asks how Taejoon knows Nayoung. Sejin answers that Taejoon noted that he knew Nayoung from the past before defensively accusing her mom of eavesdropping…


Turning to side plots. Eun-Bong finds her friend going through her underwear. He stutters when she accuses him of being a pervert who is interested in female underwear. But, then it turns out that Eun-Bong had one of HIS boxes and he had come to get it back!

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Then Dohee tries to contact Eun-Bong for information again. She invites Eun-Bong for a drink but Eun-Bong refuses immediately. Eun-Bong explains that she holds grudges. So, Dohee sighs and notes instead that she’s going to recommend the meal prep help to someone she knows after hearing that it’s Eun-Bong’s sister.


At the same time, Se Kwang visits Manjung for lunch. Manjung brags about her son marrying into a rich family before Se Kwang asks her about the son she mentioned who is around his age. Manjung sighs that he must be stubborn and useless if he took after his father. She continues that she was smart to stick with the right son now that she’s about to be rich. When she turns around after getting the rice, she finds Se Kwang gone. He had left after declaring that Manjung will regret it once he marries Geum-Bong. OMG ANOTHER guy who wants to change his life by marrying. Fast forward through him deciding to put on the charm in texting Geum-Bong.


Later, Hwi Kyung comes home to find Dohee sitting at his parents’ table. He waits through dinner before pulling her into his room. He asks if this was the reason she had bailed on their date.


Dohee apologizes but explains that Manjae had asked to play Korean chess (jangi). Hwi Kyung tells Dohee to stop looking into his past and leave his ex-wife alone. Dohee answers that she wants to know the truth behind him and maybe his innocence.

Hwi Kyung grits his teeth and tells her that he does not want to go back to the guy who had fallen to the bottom back in the past…He asks if Dohee can’t just drop it. Dohee smiles and asks if he’s asking the favor from Reporter Baek or the girl. Hwi Kyung answers that he is asking the girl who has become interested in him. Dohee relents and then asks if he is confident that he won’t fall for her ^~


Meanwhile, Dohee’s mom shows Eun-Bong’s article on Nayoung. However, Mr. Baek is cold and tells Dohee’s mom off for being so supportive of Dohee’s writing, which leads to Dohee continuing her writing. He mentions that Dohee was kidnapped because of her zealous writing in the past. Dohee’s mom sighs that Dohee is smarter now and won’t go around dangerous issues.. But, Mr. Baek isn’t convinced.

Mrs. Baek changes the topic to how Dohee wanted a large meal for her birthday and had helpfully tabbed this page. Mr. Baek agrees before leaving Mrs. Baek to sigh that their life would have been so unhappy without Dohee. She then calls Nayoung.


Nayoung agrees to do the meal prep and then turns to Saebyul whom Nayoung was getting ready for bed. Saebyul asks if she can sleep with the bear since Nayoung doesn’t like the pretty woman who gave Saebyul the bear. Nayoung realizes that she has unduly influenced her daughter and smiles that Saebyul can sleep with the bear all she wants.

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Then Naeyoung gets called out by Taejoon. She meets him in the neighborhood park where she reassures him that she did not tell Yookyung. She adds that she told Yookyung that Saebyul’s father died and Taejoon does not have to worry anymore. Finally, Taejoon asks if Saebyul is doing well. Nayoung was about to leave when she pauses and smiles that Saebyul is doing great and loves his present (the headband)…

The next day, it’s time for the samgyunglae (official meeting of the parents). Sejin brought Manjung but then leaves to go into the private room in the restaurant when Manjung ends up farting a lot in the bathroom.


Then Manjung gets a call from Malsook who is asking for 10,000 in return for the $500 that Manjung had stolen from a long time ago. What Manjung does not know is Yookyung had gotten tired of waiting for Manjung and had gone to the bathroom to check on her makeup. She overhears Manjung snap to Malsook that she will pay Malsook the money as long as Malsook keeps Nayoung from ruining Taejoon’s marriage.

Finally, Sejin returns to check on her mom and Manjung comes out just at that moment.


Sorry guys, really tired so recap only. No commentary >.> <.< >.<  Happy Monday and hope everyone has enjoyed the morning story and has a great week!


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