The Promise – 29

Mainly, Yookyung finally finds out for certain after a rocky meeting between Sejin’s parents and Manjung.



Sejin calls Manjung mother-in-law and Yookyung freezes with shock and anger. Manjung laughingly introduces herself but Yookyung just pulls Sejin out…Manjung blinks a couple of times and wonders if Yookyung overheard the conversation… But, she decides that Yookyung couldn’t possibly know Nayoung’s name.


Outside the restaurant, Yookyung confronts Sejin about the conversation. Sejin lies that Taejoon knows Nayoung because the mothers are friends and convinces Yookyung to return to the meeting.

The meeting begins as planned.

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Meanwhile, Nayoung comes home to find Eun-Bong in their room. Eun-Bong and her apartment mate are seeing how long the other would go until he calls. Eun-Bong’s apartment mate has a nightmare that a cockroach shows up but Eun-Bong appears to kill it and tease him with it. Then he wakes up and sees a cockroach again!


Back at the dinner, Manjung makes a mistake and notes that Taejoon is a real man, making another child like that again. Yookyung suspiciously picks up on the nuance even though Manjung back pedals that she just meant that it’s hard to make a child.

Yookyung compliments Manjung for her honesty and begins that this won’t be Sejin’s first marriage. Manjung laughs that such a thing isn’t an embarrassment in these times; she agrees to answer whatever Yookyung is curious about. At this point, Taejoon gets nervous and tries to take Manjung’s wine glass and spills it… Causing Yookyung to yell at him for getting involved in an adult’s conversation.


At the same time, Taejoon and Manjung return to her studio. He asks Taejoon to leave Seoul for him if she’s thankful.


The next morning, we switch to the Baek family. Se Kwang is part of the family as he eats with them and everything. Mr. Baek asks Dohee how she’s doing with Hwi Kyung. She responds that she’s interested in him and Mr. Baek offers to invite Hwi Kyung over. When Mrs. Baek complains that she cannot prepare with such a short notice, they agree to call the meal prep.


Meanwhile, Gyungwan tells Hwi Kyung to prepare a proposal on how to save AP Foods. He reassures Hwi Kyung that even if Hwi Kyung is unprepared, his efforts will be better than no efforts before selling the department off.


Hwi Kyung returns to his office where Dohee is waiting for him. She brought him a present of comic books to read when he gets bored. She also asks him to leave dinner the next day open and promises to tell him more details the next day. Hwi Kyung agrees but asks her again to leave his past alone as he will let her learn about him slowly.


Then Malsook comes home where she runs into Yookyung. Yookyung lies that she is Nayoung’s friend’s mom and thanks Malsook for raising Nayoung so well. She also takes the opportunity to ask Malsook about how Saebyul’s father died. Malsook looks surprised and asks if that’s what Nayoung told Yookyung. When Yookyung confirms, Malsook quickly confirms that it must be like that before going in to prepare tea.


Yookyung goes to see Saebyul. As they talk, Yookyung looks like she’s about to pull a couple of hairs from Saebyul when Sejin sends a picture of her and Taejoon. Saebyul sees the picture and calls out that it’s her dad.

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After all this, Nayoung arrives. She dismisses Saebyul and asks why Yookyung visited. Yookyung answers that she wanted to ask Nayoung a question but no longer needs to ask. She also adds that she will help Nayoung – the father that Nayoung killed off, Yookyung will revive.


In episode 29 of Heaven’s Promise, I thought that the timing was perfect for Yookyung to find out. Any longer and it would have dragged. After all, we still have to run into the crisis where Nayoung is cornered and Dohee ends up disappearing.

On a side note, wouldn’t it be amazing if Dohee just disappeared to a hospital or something in a coma? And during the time that Dohee came back to, Nayoung conveniently takes Dohee’s place. Then, after the Revenge is over, Dohee can return and the twins can actually spend some part of their lives happily together!

The alternate ending would mean that Nayoung might not end up with Hwi Kyung but I think that would be fine. Maybe Nayoung grows up and doesn’t need a guy. She already has Saebyul and her family. Additionally, if Nayoung becomes successful, she would have her business to tend to. Plus, nothing would stop her from meeting new people.


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