The Promise – 30

Mrs. Baek meets Nayoung and Yookyung throws Taejoon out of her house.



Yookyung has a flashback where Nayoung had responded by asking Yookyung to return Taejoon to her. Sejin then comes in and Yookyung tells Sejin that she wants to invite Sejin and Taejoon for dinner the next day.


Meanwhile, Nayoung tells Mom that Yookyung was actually Sejin’s mother and Yookyung gets angry that Yookyung would have the audacity to come over to their house.


The next day, Yookyung drops hints that she has a big dinner planned but Gyungwan and Sejin just assume that Yookyung has finally come around. Yookyung just tells Sejin that Sejin will be thankful to her in the end.

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At the same time, Hwi Kyung gets into the office and begins to look through the comic books that Dohee had given him. Then he gets a text from Dohee asking if he’s still in bed. Hwi Kyung answers that he’s already in the office and Dohee tells him that he must be reading the comic books then. HAH!

Hwi Kyung gets surprised and Dohee then asks him to come over later that evening. Always the polite young man, Hwi Kyung worries about bothering the parents. Dohee snaps that it won’t be a problem since she has hired help and Hwi Kyung just sighs.


Later, we see Manjae got worse. He had not woken up so Youngsook had called the doctor. Though Manjae eventually woke up, Youngsook gets scared and the doctor tells her to prepare her heart as these incidents will continue in the future.


We then turn to Dohee’s mother who is excited that the meal prep helper has arrived. She happily lets Nayoung in but then she freezes when Nayoung puts down the boxes. She drops her cup and ends up stumbling back into the master bedroom after asking for a minute.


Mrs. Baek falls to her knees in front of her dresser where there’s a box. She opens it and finds a baby towel that has embroidery saying “My daughter…” She then falls into a flashback. The younger Mrs. Baek had lost her own baby during birth…


The younger Mrs. Baek sobs to her own mother to do something. So, the mother had figured out a solution – Mrs. Baek would adopt another baby who had been born just at the moment her own baby had died. The baby had been one of twins but the mother was poor…And one of the babies needed immediate heart surgery. Mrs. Baek’s mother who is a pediatrictan agreed to operate on the baby on the condition that the mother put the baby up for adoption.

Mrs. Baek returns to her senses and manages to walk out. She begs Nayoung to leave and cries that she will explain another day. Nayoung is shocked but agrees to leave.


Hence, Dohee takes Hwi Kyung to a barbecue place where they joke around over bbq. But, then, Hwi Kyung’s ex comes in and spots the couple. She sneers that there was an ulterior motive behind Dohee’s investigation and storms out.


Finally! It’s time for Yookyung’s dinner. The four happily eat the amazing meal in front of them before heading to the living room for dessert. Yookyung begins a story about a small but smart fish that was born in the slums…The fish then wanted to go into the bigger waters and found a pretty fish in the ocean to help it. But, the problem was that the fish had a wife fish in the slums… and, a baby fish.

Yookyung glares at Taejoon and throws her water on Taejoon’s face. She stands up and tells Taejoon to leave and go back to the slums that he was from. She also yells at Gyungwan and Sejin for keeping it a secret from her.


Taejoon leaves with Sejin following. He tells Sejin that he needs some time and leaves her at her place.


At the same time, Yookyung tells Gyungwan that they have to continue on this path to fix the situation. Sejin comes in and Yookyung stands firm that they have to get rid of all of their contamination so that their family can go back to normal.

Sejin turns to her mother and reminds Yookyung that the contamination that Yookyung is referring to is her baby’s father. Creating the perfect family is getting a father for her baby and she does not understand her mother anymore. Yookyung snaps back that she will figure something out and Sejin would understand if she just thought about it a little more.

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Sejin storms out and calls Nayoung. She demands to meet. Nayoung refuses at first but Sejin threatens to go to Nayoung’s house if Nayoung does not come out.

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As Taejoon walks back to his aunt’s and uncle’s restaurant, Nayoung and Sejin meet up in a cafe. Sejin sneers that Taejoon had wanted to trust Nayoung until the end but she betrayed him. Sejin throws her cup of water at Nayoung and screams at Nayoung to do whatever she wants.


Plortwise, who would have thought that Yookyung would be Nayoung’s ally?  Gyungwan sees something of himself in Taejoon and so approves as most people are inclined to like people who remind them of themselves.  Sejin is smitten as Taejoon was her first love and the one who got away…The one she ended up winning after five years of trying to woo.  But Yookyung has none of these handicaps and sees Taejoon for the trash that he is.  No rational woman would want a piece of trash like that as the husband of her daughter…He already threw away one love of his life and his own child for another woman with better material prospects.  Who’s to say that he won’t later get tired off his wife and throw her away for someone younger?

Additionally, so that is how Mrs. Baek ended up with Dohee! Oh my goodness!  Interesting plot twist, I would not have expected that Mrs. Baek coerced Eunhae to give up her baby.  I’m not sure about Korean law but under American law, that contract would not have been upheld in court since Eunhae’s assent to give up her child for adoption was unduly coerced.  Likely, Korean judges would have agreed…Which is probably why Mrs. Baek hid from Eunhae all of these years…

On a random side note…WHAT IS UP WITH SEJIN’S COORDI?! Hello?! The girl supposedly is extremely wealthy enough that her family is the subject of paparazzi magazines and is part of the chaebol families in Korea.  Yet, the competing heir to the company and the only granddaughter of the CEO dresses the way Sejin does?  Wasn’t there any other way that they could dress Sejin that would be more elegant even if Sejin has to start opting for maternal clothes?  Case in point – this dress.



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