The Promise – 31

Sejin refuses to accept Yookyung’s disapproval and begins to do everything she can to keep Taejoon.



Nayoung wipes the water off of her face and welcomes back the Sejin from the past. Sejin smiles that she can go all the way back if Nayoung wants. Nayoung answers calmly that it’s no longer necessary as she already let Taejoon go; and, there’s nothing that is forever as she found out herself.

Sejin’s voice continues to rise and she begins to speak faster. She tells Nayoung that she will take everything from Nayoung including custody over Saebyul. At the last sentence, Nayoung throws her own cup of water at Sejin. Nayoung stands up and tells Sejin that she’s getting stupid threatening a mother with her daughter and leaves.

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Taejoon stands in front of his uncle’s restaurant and we see how his aunt contributed to his insecurity. She had tossed him out several times, forcing him to go make deliveries instead of studying on the grounds that he’s from the slums and that will never change.

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He finally goes home where Sejin arrives and asks him to go to America with her. She cries that she won’t let him go.


Meanwhile, Yookyung turns to alcohol. Even though Gyungwan tries to stop her from drinking, Yookyung is adamant. She screams at him for putting Taejoon in Sejin’s life.

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On the side, Mrs. Baek texts an apology to Nayoung and offers to pay for her services anyways. Nayoung declines and Mrs. Baek asks Nayoung to end all contact leaving Nayoung confused as to whether she did anything wrong.


The scene changes to Manjae and Youngsook. He wonders how long they have lived together and sighs that life isn’t that different, he should have just lived a simple and happy life with her. Youngsook tells him that she’s happy but Manjae continues his musings… He thinks aloud that if it weren’t for him, Youngsook would have met someone good… Youngsook’s voice shakes and she tells him to stop before running out.


Back at Sejin’s house, she finds Yookyung in her room. Yookyung tells Sejin that this is the only way; as long as Nayoung and her child are alive and together, the uncertainty and unhappiness will follow Sejin around. Sejin brings up her daughter again and Yookyung promises to figure something out as she leaves. Sejin tells Yookyung’s back that if Yookyung kills the baby, she will die as well.

The next morning, Malsook has a nightmare about Eun-Bong and decides to go check. Nayoung quickly calls Eun-Bong to give her the warning.


Eun-Bong wakes up and finds herself in her friend’s bed. It’s hilarious! The guy immediately asks how much Eun-Bong has seen and tells Eun-Bong to take responsibility for him… It’s like all of the men in this drama except for Hwi Kyung are switching roles with their wives.

At the company, Taejoon submits his resignation letter but Gyungwan does not accept it. Gyungwan orders that Taejoon fight for Sejin more and notes that he will only accept the resignation letter when Sejin also gives up.

Yookyung calls Taejoon out at the same time as Manjung calls Sejin out. The two pairs agree to meet at a cafe in front of Taejoon’s company.


Then Se Kwang drops by with some lunch and asks Manjung to borrow some money. He tells her that if he doesn’t repay it, he has to give up an organ.


The first meeting ends up being between Yookyung and Taejoon. Yookyung is clearly cold and tells Taejoon not to drink anything since she doesn’t want to sit at the same table. She continues that she wants Taejoon to cut it off since he has made Sejin lose her mind.

Taejoon goes to his knees and begs Yookyung for another chance. He agrees that he made a mistake and asks for a chance to make up for his sins by protecting Sejin and the baby. Yookyung sneers that he already abandoned one child.

Taejoon agrees that he already gave up one child and wants to protect Sejin’s child at least. Yookyung smiles and tells Taejoon that she will protect Sejin’s baby if he gives up. She throws an envelope of money on the floor and leaves.

Then the camera pans out and we see that Sejin was a couple tables away. She puts her drink down and leaves as well.


She goes straight to Taejoon’s studio and hands over two plane tickets. She explains that the flight is on the weekend and she would rather leave her mother than lose Taejoon.

Taejoon rips up his plane ticket and tells Sejin that he realized what is right. He doesn’t want to cowardly hold on to her heel and he’s tired of being treated like a bug by Yookyung. He tells Sejin to leave. She does, but only after she promises to make everything right.

Sejin’s solution? She calls Dohee and gives Dohee the news of her pregnancy. The article goes up shortly and the next stage is set. Everyone finds out.


Yookyung walks out into the living room as Sejin is walking out with her own bags. Sejin apologizes to her mom but adds that she cannot stay as her mom must be mad and she, herself, hates seeing her mom right now. Yookyung screams at Sejin’s retreating back to stop; Sejin can marry Taejoon.


Sejin’s crazy actually does not seem as crazy as I had actually expected.  It’s almost as if Sejin is actually afraid to start war on Nayoung.  She would rather just threaten and have Nayoung disappear voluntarily. In a way, it’s extremely naive but that does not surprise me.  For all of Sejin’s aggressiveness and willingness to step up to the fight, she has been sheltered her whole life by both Yookyung and Gyungwan.

In contrast, Yookyung manifests jaded crazy.  Thanks to dramaland’s coincidences.  Yookyung has first hand knowledge of living with the fear that the first woman/love would ever return in her husband’s life.  After all, Eunhae appeared back in Yookyung’s life and threatened to destroy it when Sejin had already been around  twelve!

Given that Sejin’s situation is a little different does not factor into Yookyung’s uncontrolled fear for her daughter’s happiness because all Yookyung can see is how bad her own situation ended.  However, Sejin’s situation is very different from Yookyung’s in one main way – Taejoon is different from Gyungwan.  In the parent’s generation, Gyungwan had no idea that he had children with Eunhae and Eunhae cut it off with Gyungwan.  In the present, Taejoon knows that he has a daughter who is over five years old and knows about her father.  Yet, he proactively chose to abandon his first love and his daughter for Sejin, her child, and everything that Sejin could bring to his life.  I wonder if Sejin’s life with Taejoon would not have been as extreme as Yookyung’s?

Sejin knows about Saebyul and Nayoung has stated that she already gave up on Taejoon.  Sejin might get jealous about Taejoon’s affections for Saebyul but it’s not like Taejoon can easily hand over all of his rights and blessings to Saebyul instead of Sejin’s child…Likely, whatever Sejin (and Taejoon through Sejin) inherits from Manjae may be tied to Sejin’s child.  The only thing that Sejin might still be worried about or jealous about would be if Taejoon loves Saebyul more than Sejin’s child.


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