Happy Together – Villain Edition (3.24.16)

What have our lovely but selfish villains from dailies been up to? Well, Um Hyun Kyung (Kang Heejung from Everything Will Be OK) has become an emcee on the popular variety show Happy Together. And, to top it off for DRAMAFEED readers, this week’s episode centered on villains.  So, KBS decided to round off their guests with Park Hana (Sejin from DRAMAFEED’s Korean obsession – Heaven’s Promise.)

Park Ha Na discusses Heaven’s Promise on the show and confesses that she was excited to be working with Lee Yoori since Yoori did such a good antagonist in her prior drama. But, she sighs that she and Yoori feel like the drama has not toned up the tension yet as neither girl has gotten to slapping the other.  Nice to know that Ha Na and Yoori agree with our evaluation that Heaven’s Promise has far to go for the revenge and action ^.~

Going back to the beginning, Park Ha Na notes from the beginning that she wants to have fun on the show…and maybe take over Hyun Kyung’s position.  From their words, it seems like Hyun Kyung made an impression when she first came on.  Ha Na clearly declares that she wants Hyun Kyung’s position and they switch seats.

But then! The focus shifts to Nam Koong Min because Hyun Kyung and Koong Min both came out on X-Men and made Jaesuk’s life difficult.  Jaesuk and the other emcees switch the focus back on Ha Na and we return to the battle.

Ha Na announces that she can dance as well as Hyun Kyung and we get a direct dance battle!

Hyun Kyung announces that she’s not going to just let it go…She wants to dance a non-comic dance since she’s a good dancer. The emcees are knocked down because Hyun Kyung’s dancing looks hilarious no matter how you think about it. And, Ha Na stands back up to dance…

It’s not long before Hyun Kyung gets up again and we have a direct dance battle that Jaesuk has to calm them both down.  ^^

Watch the rest of the episode to see each of the “villains” take turns discussing their villainous roles… It turns out that the role can be hazardous as Ha Na was hit over 40 times in one scene in Apujeong Baek Ya… Ha Na jumps off of that introduction to note that she can slap people so that it makes a huge sound but doesn’t hurt… The male emcees stand up to test it out and the verdict is….




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