Pied Piper Episode 5 RECAP

The Pied Piper targets the broadcasting station.  Meanwhile, Myungha and Sungchan are forced to really evaluate whether they are living the lives they want to be living.



The police commander presses the button. As everyone holds their breath, all we hear are cackles. Sungchan shouts that this is proof that that there is a mole in the police. The police commander shouts above Sungchan that Sungchan is no longer authorized to work with the police.

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Sungchan yells at Myungha to help. But she looks him straight in the eye and answers that he isn’t fit to work in the line of saving people’s lives. He has an ulterior motive and she has seen the connection between all of the crises that Sungchan bad been involved in… They all have something to do with Sungchan’s past company K Group. Sungchan stops when he hears this as this is not a connection that he, himself, had made.

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Strings are being pulled in the background. The CEO of K Group is speaking with the police chief as he had wanted the police to cut off Sungchan. Then Sungchan would return back to K Group.


After the meeting, Sungchan runs after Myungha and asks why she is so angry. Myungha answers that she is not angry. But, Sungchan overrides her denials…if she wasn’t emotionally compromised, she would not have fallen for the police chief’s trap. The police chief might have promised to keep the Crisis Negotiations Team safe but that will only be until he no longer has a use for the team…


We turn to the broadcasting station. A fired veteran reporter (Noh Kyungsa) holds a silent protest about the corrupt practices of the station. Heesung stops by to tell his sunbae that this is useless and won’t effect any change. Kyungsa challenges Heesung to find the old thirst for justice that Heesung had as they both know the station is corrupt. But, Heesung just smiles that if he had learned better from his sunbaes, he might not have lost his thirst.


This thinly veiled accusal sets Kyungsa off. He jumps Heesung and strangles Heesung until he is pulled out and tossed out. But, all is not as it seems… Kyungsa also took the time to swipe Heesung’s company ID card.


Heesung goes to his next meeting with the head of the station. Before the meeting gets far, the head gets a call. The caller whistles the Pied Piper’s melody and warns that a terror will happen at the broadcasting station.


Back at the police station, the head of the special task force comes in to awkwardly ask Myungha to join his department if the crisis negotiations team is broken up. The Crisis Negotiations Team Leader? Not so amused. But then The Special Task Force Leam Leader gets an emergency call about the threat to the Broadcasting Station. When he repeats the report about whistling, Myungha decides to follow to the crime scene.


Sungchan is about to give over his police badge when he hears about the crisis and the whistling from the caller. He rushes into the police chief’s office and makes a deal. He will happily give up if the threat turns out to be empty but he is certain that there will be something to this threat…. Myungha manages to get in to help and calls Sungchan. Sungchan tells her to try her best to find some kind of evidence if she wants to save the Crisis Negotiations Team as the police chief promised to keep the team in place if this is not just an empty threat. He also suggests that she finds someone who knows the place well to take her around – cue her and Heesung working together.

While the police run around, Sungchan and the police chief face off quietly. Sungchan tries to convince the police chief that the Pied PIper might be harmful to them as well. The police chief then makes a verbal mistake when he asks if the voice recorder that was in Team Leader Oh’s pen is related to this. Sungchan looks up in concern since the recording had been erased…So why does the police chief take it for granted that there was a recording when the investigations board did not?

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We switch back to the broadcasting system where there is a huge emergency. There was a suspicious luggage bag and the bomb squad came in…Until… one of Heesung’s junior reporters comes in sheepishly to let everyone know that it’s her bag. She felt that work was getting too difficult to manage so she left a bag of extra clothes. The weird looking thing in the bag through x-ray? It’s a clothes hanger.

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Everyone breathes a sigh of relief but minutes later, all of the screens are controlled by the Pied Piper. A timer shows up counting down to 71 hours. The members in the broadcasting station cannot take control over their own monitors. Even the police chief has to concede that this is not an empty threat. He has the Special Task Force and the Crisis Negotiations Team get to work to solve it… In the background, the police chief gets worried and calls the CEO of K Group. He asks if the CEO knows what the Pied Piper is after…Since, it would be troublesome for both of them if something from the past surfaced…


The next day, the Crisis Negotiations Team interview different employees to ask about Kyungsa and other suspicious members. Everyone notes that they don’t know why such a gentle employee would turn against the station. And, most of the employees are pretty jaded. One even smirks that she knows less than the employees that worked closely with Kyungsa… Also, people seem to agree that Kyungsa was fired using a trumped up charge.


When it gets to Heesung’s interview, they realize that Kyungsa must have taken his ID Card and might be in the building. In fact, Kyungsa has prepared some molatov cocktails and has stun gunned the head of the broadcasting system. Just at this time, Sungchan and Heesung brainstorm about what the Pied Piper might be after… Heesung guesses that it’s the secret blackmail files that the company holds on each of the more powerful and successful employees to keep them in line.


They are right. Kyungsa and the head of the department (Mr. Lee) are in the Records Room. Mr. Lee shouts that Kyungsa had never been the just type…Kyungsa had happily folded stories when he was told to. Kyungsa shouts that Mr. Lee should just continue. He then calms down and gets a crazy look. He asks if Mr. Lee remembers the incident about the So-Eun Construction Bribery case. Kyungsa had drafted an article about all of the bribery issues and allegations about faulty construction. Mr. Lee had ordered that they fold the article. So, Kyungsa had. But, then the tunnel had collapsed and innocent people had died. Kyungsa frantically announces that they killed those people and a bodily fight ensues.

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Mr. Lee and Kyungsa fall into the hall where Mr. Lee looks up at a random painting. Kyungsa realizes that the documents are in the safe behind the painting and demands that Mr. Lee open the safe. Mr. Lee denies knowing the code and the Special Task Force Team Leader and Myungha arrive. But, Kyungsa gets even more anxious. He tosses the gasoline on the floor and holds a lit molatov cocktail to Mr. Lee. He shouts that everyone should stay away as he will leave as soon as he just takes the files.


Sungchan arrives and asks if Kyungsa is sure about the files. Mr. Lee continues to deny knowing the combination number. So, Sungchan asks Kyungsa if anyone else would know the number. Kyungsa smirks that it would be the CEO of K Group. Sungchan then takes out his cell phone and calls a colleague but pretends to call the CEO. He explains the hostage situation and asks for the code. But then, he hangs up and announces that the CEO of K Group doesn’t care about Mr. Lee and refuses to give the code. He smiles reassuringly that Mr. Lee should know the code and offers an exchange. Mr. Lee opens the safe and gets freed while Kyungsa keeps Sungchan as a hostage.

This seems amenable to everyone and Mr. Lee is forced to open the safe, which contains all these documents and cds. As Mr. Lee loads all of the stuff into a bag, Sungchan asks Kyungsa if the Pied Piper asked him to take out the files. He notes that the Pied Piper is using Kyungsa. However, Kyungsa laughs that he knows more than Sungchan thinks he does. For example, he knows that Sungchan lied when he said he called the CEO of K Group. This is news to Mr. Lee, who realizes that he wasn’t betrayed. When Kyungsa looks away to pour oil on Sungchan, Mr. Lee gets his sense of loyalty back and pours oil on the bag full of documents as well.

We turn to the police station where the police chief is conferring with the CEO of K Group’s brother-in-law. He asks that the documents get brought in no matter what… As he’s looking after K Group, which the CEO is planning to give to his young son who doesn’t know enough to run the group….


Back to the hostage situation. Kyungsa walks Sungchan out carrying the bag. Myungha tries to convince Kyungsa that no one wants to die… They need to live first to see if they can change anything. But, Kyungsa gets crazier. He lifts his homemade torch and Myungha remembers how her own father had been screaming at the police to let them live as violence erupted. Kyungsa shouts that Myungha has no idea what it’s like to be a powerless person. Myungha answers that she lost her parents in the New Town Redevelopment case.

This hits Kyungsa but not in the way that Myungha wanted. He shouts that Myungha is just faking listening to the hostage holders…He knows because he used to live the same way… He let the real news articles get buried as he published stories to get ahead…

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Sungchan realizes that this is not going well and decides to move. He puts the bag in front of him as a hostage and uses it to get away from Kyungsa. The Special Task Force Team Leader shoots Kyungsa in the arm and disarms him so that Myungha can arrest him. As the Special Task Force Leader runs to get the bag, Mr. Lee kicks a piece of burning material toward the bag to set it aflame…

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Sungchan grabs Mr. Lee by his collar and accuses him of destroying evidence on purpose. Mr. Lee just smiles that it was an accident and walks off in relief. Meanwhile, Kyungsa is taken away in handcuffs shouting that they may think they have saved Kyungsa and the others…But this is not the end.

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Things go back to normal and corrupt people go back on their promises. The police chief goes back on his promise to let the Crisis Negotiations Team have investigation authority. And, Heesung asks Mr. Lee if the originals of the dangerous documents were also destroyed. Mr. Lee inadvertently looks up in surprise at Heesung’s mention of originals… There’s still a copy out there!

As for our main characters…They are both brooding. Myungha cannot forget Kyungsa’s accusations that she’s not really helping anyone and Sungchan realizes that he inadvertently caused Myungha’s parents’ deaths. He follows Myungha as she walks home and asks why she keeps trying to understand the villains. She tells him that she has to try. Sungchan gets frustrated and yells that it’s much simpler…There are bad people out there like he caused the deaths of her parents. That is the end of the story and there is nothing to understand.

Myungha loses it and cries out that she doesn’t know what to do then. And storms off.


Later Sungchan meets with Heesung to discuss the Pied Piper. Heesung tells Sungchan that there may be original copies of the documents.


Growing pains? Meh.  Pied Piper you disappointed me with this episode.  It was as if you were trying to do something great.  Really hit me in the gut with feels about how there’s this society out there that is suppressed and cannot do anything but squeak when it goes out with a spark…

The beginning of the episode dragged after we found out that the recording that been erased.  Additionally, some of the scenes seemed like useless filler.  While, it was cute. We didn’t need the Team Leader of the Special Task Force awkwardly inviting Myungha to join his squad. We already knew that Myungha is talented from the first two episodes where she chose the Crisis Negotiations Team over the Special Task Force.  Since, it was unnecessary, it just detracted from setting up the main plot of the episode – the Pied Piper’s first announcement to everyone other than Sungchan that he’s out there.

So, the tension only started to build by the second half of the episode. And it was nearly like three fourths done before I felt like I was sucked in.  Rather, I spent 75% of this episode wondering if the writers wanted to focus on the Crisis of the Day or if they wanted to focus on a baby-not-really-there-yet romance between Myungha and Sungchan.

Once we got to the crisis.  The actors definitely carried the day again.  I did feel myself hypnotized by the words thrown by Reporter Kyungsa. After all, who has not seen or felt the frustration of being belittled and powerless because you’re like a pebble hitting a cliff of stone? The world isn’t perfect and until it is, a lot of smaller and less powerful people get stepped on.  Which may be the Pied Piper’s rational for his existence.  It’s a flawed rational but the rhetoric is moving. And, here’s to hoping that the next episode is better.

Last note – new hair style! Much more flattering for Officer Myungha!


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