The Promise – 35

Saebyul survives her fall but is unconscious.

[audiotube id=”5iSlfF8TQ9k” bar=”no”] Breathe by Lee Hi only because this is a sigh-worthy episode.


We get a rehash of the last minutes and see that Saebyul’s leg gets caught on itself as she falls. Nayoung remembers Gyungwan’s words about going abroad and runs off.


At the same time, the doctor tells Yookyung that there’s a high chance of a miscarriage so they have to be careful. Sejin sits up and tells her mother that she was pleasantly surprised. She had expected Yookyung to half want the miscarriage but seeing Yookyung wholeheartedly worried about the baby made her feel better. Yookyung tells Sejin that it’s the baby so Sejin should have known better.


Sejin looks at her cell phone and finds messages from Taejoon asking about Saebyul. Sejin calls Taejoon and yells at him that she was not able to get Saebyul home because her own baby was at risk and she’s in the hospital. Sejin then angrily hangs up the phone but fails to get rid of the knot of frustration in her chest. She pulls her IV out and tells her mom that she just feels so angry and she doesn’t know why… I know! Because Manjung screwed you and Taejoon over… And Taejoon decided to be an opportunist coward like his mother!


Taejoon goes down just as Dohee gives up and visits Hwi Kyung. She’s adorably confident. She tells him that he should be thankful she visited when he was waiting for her call. Hwi Kyung asks how she could be the way she is, he doesn’t find her charismatic at all. Dohee smiles that she knows he is falling for her.

Hwi Kyung smiles in response. Dohee leans back and asks for food; something that Hwi Kyung picks out for himself.


Hwi Kyung goes down as requested and manages to see a scene on his way back. Nayoung screams for Gyungwan who comes down because of a meeting. But, he doesn’t stop the guards from holding Nayoung.

Nayoung screams at him to return Saebyul and takes a nearby person’s coffee to toss at him. In the end, she gets dragged away.


Meanwhile, Yookyung and Sejin return home to find Saebyul sprawled on the stairs. The doorbell rings and Yookyung tells Sejin that their story is Sejin had contractions; Saebyul had been sleeping so they went to the hospital only to come back and find Saebyul on the ground.

Taejoon sees Saebyul and shouts what happened to her… Next thing we know, Nayoung is in a holding cell for making a ruckus at the company while Taejoon is in the ambulance with Saebyul.


The worst person in the world packs for Japan happily. We should have known since Manjung had been weird and lying from the beginning… A person needs values and Manjung doesn’t have much…

Malsook shows up and asks if she took Saebyul. She’s about to pull Manjung’s hair when Eun-Bong pulls her off. She tells Manjung to confess or she will call the cops since they know she took Saebyul…

Sejin decides that she has to go to the hospital, so Yookyung calls Gyungwan first.


Meanwhile, Mr. Baek and Mrs. Baek visit Manjae and Youngsook. When Mrs. Baek introduces herself, Youngsook is visibly uncomfortable but the dinner continues. Manjae is ecstatic, he asks the Baeks if they can marry the kids off soon. Mr. Baek agrees to marry them but Mrs. Baek only agrees to speak with Dohee.

Then, Mr. Baek accidentally spills his water and Youngsook jumps up to clean it. But she and Mr. Baek tries to wipe it up at the same time. They end up holding hands and Youngsook turns away first.


Nayoung is freed by Gyungwan and she hears from Geum-Bong that Saebyul is in the hospital and rushes off.

At the hospital, Gyungwan shows up and comments on Sejin’s tired face. Taejoon agrees and asks him to take Sejin home. They leave as a nurse comes out and informs Taejoon that the surgery is getting long.

Nayoung arrives and she’s frantic. Taejoon tells Nayoung to calm down for Saebyul. Nayoung seems calm for a few seconds but then she explodes on Taejoon and asks if this is what he wanted!

Malsook also arrives and she grabs his hair. She threatens to not let this go if anything happens to Saebyul…Eun-Bong also calls Dohee and asks for help stopping the marriage between Taejoon and Sejin. She offers to meet.


Back at the hospital, Nayoung only remembers how she got mad at Saebyul for whining about pizza. Then the surgery ends. Saebyul is still alive but she’s unconscious as her brain is still swollen…

Taejoon also follows Saebyul to the hospital room. He tells Nayoung that Saebyul will be fine. But his words only aggravate Nayoung. She tells him to leave.


He tells her that it was all an accident. Sejin had an emergency as well. Nayoung explodes. She pushes Taejoon out for being there defending Sejin instead of looking after Saebyul.


Taejoon. I have no words for how much I hate you and your mother. You messed up Nayoung’s life, taking away her chance at education. You messed up her life by making promises you can’t keep. And your mom messed it up because she cannot provide for you so she went ahead and screwed over Nayoung instead. Now, you can’t clean up your mess and your daughter is in danger as a result of your incompetence. Great!

Since, I want to be semi-fair to the characters, let me also comment on Yookyung and Sejin’s responsibility. They dropped the ball here. Sejin fails as a new mother-to-be… I don’t think she has been taking parenting classes and since all she seems to do is sit around at home, it might be worth her going. As for Yookyung, what the heck? She’s already raised Sejin. She should know better than to leave a traumatized four/five year old at home alone… If this was America, this would have been cause for child protective services to be called for a report to be made. But, then again, you all know how I feel about the whole convent two fall plots.



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