The Promise – 36

Dohee finds out the truth about Hwi Kyung – that he’s just the near perfect man.  Meanwhile, Nayoung has to deal with Sejin encroaching upon her “mom” territory over sick Saebyul.



Hwi Kyung’s ex wife smiles a victorious smile that Dohee cannot publish the article about her without hurting Hwi Kyung. Dohee sits quietly through it and then thanks the ex for throwing away Hwi Kyung. Dohee adds that the ex made the biggest mistake in losing one of the best men in the world letting her get a chance with him.


That night, Dohee deletes the article and flushes the only copy of the same (a USB) in the toilet. She waits for Hwi Kyung in his office and tells him that she wanted to tell him that she really likes him.


At the same time, Mr. Baek stops by with tea from his mother. He gives it to Youngsook and gets ready to leave when he hears that Manjae is asleep. Youngsook stops him and asks him to have some tea before he leaves.

Over tea, Youngsook thanks Mr. Baek for seeing Hwi Kyung well. He answers that being able to spot good people and products is essential to being a good business person… And that he and Manjae seem to share the same perspective. He wonders how interesting fate is since they are now in a position to share children.

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Unbeknownst to them, Manjae is awake and eavesdropping. He also agrees that fate is unstoppable… At the same time, Mrs. Baek looks at Youngsook’s picture and cries that Mr. Baek is too cruel to allow the relationship that ended forty years ago to get reopened like this… She also confesses to the air that the only thing she did wrong to him was lie that Dohee is their biological child as she was afraid he would leave her if he found out that their baby had died.


Taejoon goes to the hospital but Nayoung refuses to let him enter. In fact, she stands with her eyes closed and refuses to look at him. She tells him that she doesn’t even want to see him and yells at him while looking in another direction for him to leave.


Sejin arrives and interrupts that it’s not Taejoon’s fault…that it was an accident. Nayoung snaps that the accident would not have happened if Sejin and Manjung did not kidnap the child. Sejin refuses to back down and Taejoon shouts at Sejin to leave.

Sejin does not budge. She looks at Nayoung and announces that she wants to clear the air. She notes that Manjung brought Saebyul over to introduce her to the Jangs. Then Sejin had sudden stomach pains and she and her mother panicked in going to the hospital without Saebyul. Sejin apologizes for that and only that.

Nayoung refuses to look at Sejin as well. Still staring at the end of the hallway, Nayoung quietly responds that she will believe Sejin since Sejin is pregnant and a mom shouldn’t lie with her child in her. But she asks Sejin to leave as she’s tired and Taejoon pulls Sejin away.


Outside the hospital, Taejoon asks to postpone e the wedding until Saebyul wakes up. Sejin refuses as they already circulated their invitations. Sejin reminds them that if they don’t marry right now, Yookyung might not allow then to marry.


Then it’s Gyungwan’s turn to visit. He asks Nayoung who is with her mother about Saebyul. Nayoung freezes and asks her mother for some coffee so that they can have privacy.

Nayoung asks why he’s there. Gyungwan answers that he wanted to apologize. Nayoung glares and asks if that is all or of the family is taking turns to see if Saebyul died. Gyungwan snaps that Nayoung goes too far but Nayoung ignores him and walks toward the room.

Gyungwan tells Nayoung’s back not to worry about Saebyul’s hospital fees. Nayoung stops and turns around. She tells him that if anything happens to Saebyul, she will make sure to stop Taejoon and Sejin’s wedding.


The next thing we know, Manjung is distributing invitations which Geum-Bong finds out and tells her Mom. Malsook rushes over to confront the heartless witch. Manjung doesn’t even understand what Malsook is angry about and tells Malsook to look carefully since it’s a rich person’s wedding invitation. Malsook blows up and goes for Manjung’s hair reminding Manjung that she kidnapped Saebyul under the law.

Manjung confesses that it was all Yookyung’s plans. So, Mansook tells Nayoung.


Nayoung asks her mom to watch over Saebyul and goes to visit Yookyung. But Yookyung tells her housekeeper to Nayoung wait.


Gah.  Another episode where I wonder why are there Manjung characters out there?  Skipping over her…to Sejin.

In this episode of Heaven’s Promise, I was further disappointed in Sejin and began to truly hate her. Sejin knows that she and her mother messed up with respect to Saebyul.  They should never have left a crying and distraught child alone in their house.  They could have easily just brought Saebyul along to the hospital but they did not take the extra precaution.  So, one would think that Sejin would be contrite towards Nayoung.  Yet, Sejin puffs up into this rude little brat whenever Nayoung spits at Taejoon like the wounded cat that she is and Taejoon backs down. Something about Sejin’s selfish focus on Taejon in spite of the unconscious child makes me wonder if Sejin would even be a good mother…Either way, she’s perfect for Taejoon. Let Manjung leech all she wants from Sejin and let Taejoon run the company into the ground until Hwi Kyung has to swoop in and save everyone.

Other than Sejin’s slow but steady fall out of the viewer’s (or at least mine’s) graces, I thought it was interesting to note that Gyungwan felt guilty enough that he would drink alone but he does not explain the same to Nayoung.  Instead of sincerely apologizing to Nayoung for what happened to Saebyul at his house and taking responsibility on behalf of Sejin and Yookyung, he tries to throw money at Nayoung…It’s like the writer wants to color the horrible relationship that Gyungwan has with Nayoung so that it’s more traumatic when he finds out that he was cruel to his biological daughter on behalf of his adoptive daughter.  The only thing is…I hope that KBS does not forget about this plotline and Gyungwan has the chance to realize the depth of his stupidity before he gets killed off or the series ends… KBS does not have a good running record with respect to resolving all of their plots so this one worries me.



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