The Promise – 37

Nayoung naively threatens Yookyung and Yookyung has Nayoung committed.



Yookyung finally comes out and notes that she is worried as well. Nayoung tells Yookyung to hurry up and wed Sejin to Taejoon because she will make it a day to remember; she will let everyone know what the family did. Nayoung explains that this is one last warning.

Yookyung smiles that Nayoung can do whatever she wants… People hold on to their money and power for a reason. Nayoung can try her best.


Nayoung continues that thanks to this incident, she remembered one more thing… The earring. Why did the earring from her mother’s accident show up in Yookyung’s room? Nayoung looks at Yookyung and asks if Gyungwan knows as well.

Yookyung pauses and gets up. Her smile fades away and she announces that she’s tired. She tells her housekeeper that Nayoung is leaving. Then, before she goes into her room, she warns Nayoung that if she gets tired, Nayoung will be hurt, too.


Yookyung goes into her room where she unwraps the earring and the flashbacks start again. I wonder why she doesn’t just toss it.


Later that night, Yookyung tells her husband that Nayoung is getting crazy…that she threatened to make tell the press everything to ruin Sejin’s wedding. Gyungwan sighs and tells Yookyung that he will stop the presses.


At the same time, Nayoung hands over the earring to Eun-Bong. She tells her sister that it was the last legacy from her mother and asks Eun-Bong to take care of it for her.


The next day, the Team Leader hands Eun-Bong her article and announces that they can’t publish the article so Eun-Bong needs to scrap it. Eun-Bong protests that she rewrote it so that it is only reporting facts but the Team Leader responds that the top stopped it so Eun-Bong needs to give up… There’s a difference between the top and small fish like them.

Eun-Bong’s colleague (Joonbae) stands up for her and then gets sacked. Hahahah!


They go to eat but Dohee calls. Eun-Bong offers to meet immediately but Dohee wonders if she should meet the individual first. Eun-Bong agrees as her own article was blocked.

Then, Nayoung calls Dohee. Dohee asks to meet right away. Oh no! Why am I so nervous?! They tell each other that people who need to meet will always meet…


Nayoung goes to Saebyul and asks Saebyul to wake up again. She tells Saebyul that she will come back in just a little bit, so Saebyul should wake up at that time.

Mom had come in at that moment and hears it. She asks Nayoung why Nayoung seems to be so serious about her goodbye. Nayoung grabs her mom’s hand and asks Mom to take care of Saebyul.

Mom feels that something is off and asks Nayoung not to go until later. But Nayoung smiles that it has to happen and leaves.


But, then, Nayoung runs into Taejoon and Sejin. Nayoung refuses to let them see Saebyul. Sejin isn’t willing to accept Nayoung’s answer but Taejoon backs off. He hands over a lunch box with porridge and asks her to have some.

Nayoung grabs the box and tosses it at Taejoon. Yaaaaaaasssss. She screams that they should bring dirty sewer water next time and leaves.

Sejin tells Taejoon to wash up and runs after Nayoung. She tells Nayoung to think about thinks clearly… After all of her emotions fall away, Nayoung will need money. Sejin takes out her envelope and hands it over.

Nayoung thanks Sejin for strengthening her resolve. Then Dohee calls and Nayoung answers by saying, “Hello Reporter Baek Dohee.” They agree to meet and Sejin demands to know why Nayoung is meeting a reporter.

Nayoung explains that she is meeting a reporter to let everyone know and leaves. Sejin calls her mom who promises to fix everything. Ominous music!

Yookyung calls someone and then asks them to start right away. Manjung drinks something and hands over money to her taxi driver. They see Nayoung and they are off!

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Hwi Kyung texts Dohee and she answers that she is waiting for someone very important. He asks if it is his ex-wife. Dohee answers that it’s someone who needs her help and promises to call after the meeting.


Sigh… What is going to happen? Another filler scene! Manjae is happy to see the spring. He sighs that he doesn’t have that much time to see the spring so he is that much happier about the spring. Youngsook tears up and angrily notes that she will give him the scarf next year since he will be there then.


Nayoung arrives at the cafe when Manjung suddenly appears. She tells Nayoung that Saebyul is in a critical situation and takes the cab. Nayoung asks why they aren’t going to the hospital. Manjung lies that they had to move to a bigger hospital…

At the same time, the hospital calls because Dohee’s exam results for her heart is in. She asks them to text the report but the nurse asks her to come in.


Back in the cab, Nayoung tries to call her mom and Manjung grabs the phone. She tells Nayoung that this is not the time to call her mom…

Flashback. Yookyung explains that this is the only way and it will only be for one week.

Dohee continues to try to call Nayoung but the phone is off.


Nayoung and Manjung arrive…but at a mental institution and Manjung hands over Nayoung to the waiting male attendants. Omg.


GASP! Heaven’s Promise.  You. Went. There.

So, here I am dutifully riding my subway to work like the responsible citizen of society and then I see the final scene. I see the betrayal.  I watch as I think to myself…Why didn’t Nayoung stop to call Mom?  Why isn’t Nayoung suspicious since Manjung has never been the helpful type anyways, she would never be the type to have the foresight to go get Nayoung…Why? Why? Why?! SO CLOSE TO MEET DOHEE SO WHY? And then, the episode ends and I have to walk into work while all these FEELS are warring inside of me.

This episode totally nailed it on the ajumma scale of makjang feels. It’s like you sit there glued to the screen wanting to skip ahead but afraid to do so. And then it ends and you’re like WHAT? HOW? COME ON CHARACTERS – TO WAR. THE ATTACK THAT EVEYRONE HAS GEARED UP FOR IS HERE.  THOSE SMALL SKIRMISHES? THEY ARE NOTHING.  THIS IS WAR!

Ahem. Trying to return to a more reasonable voice, I applaud Heaven’s Promise for getting to the makjang thrust during a lull so that people can fully appreciate and reel from the makjang-ness. You want to throw Manjung out of that stupid cab but it’s not out of her character.  You want to smack Yookyung with a large pail of dung but a part of you knew that this was coming…And, to top it off, it made you believe that maybe…just maybe… Nayoung and Dohee would have a chance to meet before one of the twins went off to meet Eunhae.  Well done.  Well done indeed.



I’m not even sure I can provide a full and coherent commentary at this point just because I’m still reeling from the fact that Manjung and Yookyung went as far as committing Nayoung even though both are not evil yet. Yookyung rationalizes her plan by saying that it is temporary.  And, Manjung? Well, we all know by now that she doesn’t really think.  And, just how easy is it to forcefully commit someone in Korea anyways? But, Heaven’s Promise, I will give you a pass for using the easy way out of committing Nayoung even though neither Yookyung or Manjung had legal authority to do so in the United States.  Because, you still managed to stir up the FEELS.


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